South’s Price verbals to IU

Aaron Price

Aaron Price, a 6-foot-4, 285-pound offensive tackle at Bloomington South, has verbally committed to play for Indiana next season.

Price had originally committed to play for Miami of Ohio, but Indiana offered and Price has accepted, said coach Drew Wood.

Price played left tackle for the Panthers, who had one of the more potent offensive attacks in 5A. He moves very well for a player his size and could gain some weight without losing that mobility.

He’s also a tough kid, playing both sides of the ball during the second half of the season. At defensive end in a three-man front, Price was a roadblock.

I am going to try to talk to Price tonight at the South-North boys’ basketball game.


  1. Lynch could turn Walter payton into a nobody, the real question is when we get a real coach can this can have a chance to be any good? FIRE BILLY ASAP

  2. Sounds like this kid has heart and a lot of physical ability. I’m looking forward to seeing the IU football team progress and grow over the next 1 to 2 years. If it doesn’t, then I’ll jump on the FIRE LYNCH bandwagon.

  3. Glad to see we’re still going after MAC-caliber kids. Does this staff not get it? We don’t win games because we have MAC kids on the lines who get dominated.

    Our talent is the worst in the Big Ten and rather than upgrading it, we recruit 2-star MAC player. Henry Conway is interested, a 3-star who we offered and is interested. Did we just concede to Michigan State like it seems we did with all the other recruits we targeted?

    How many of our committed recruits came to IU when they had an offer to another Big Ten school? 2? 3? 4?

    This staff is pissing me off. 3-9, blown out by everyone, losing the only decent recruits we get, and then rather than finishing strong like it seems everyone else does, we go after 2* MAC talent.

  4. Good point, but I’m sure the IU coaching staff saw the writing on the wall with Conway since he cancelled last month’s visit to IU and has subsequently scheduled January visits with MSU, UI, and BC – remember NLI Day is February 4th. IU is simply not going to sign Henry Conway. Simply stated, IU is going to have to finish the renovations to it’s facilities and make it to another bowl game before it has a chance of landing a Top 40 recruiting class.

  5. Bettor,
    take a look at the 2008 and 2009 classes (if the 2009 verbals sign) and you will see both classes are much better than the previous 5 IU classes.
    Are these two classes much better than MAC? NO
    but the previous 5 were by far the worst in the BT and at the MAC level.

  6. As far as I am concerned BL has had his chances already, he’s on opportunity number 3. 3 strikes and you should be OUT.

    He showed nothing last year.

  7. It baffles me to read posts demanding Lynch be fired. If it were a matter of just “Will Power!” to get recruits to come, Lee Corso might still be coaching at IU. Get real, there is so much more wrong with IU’s program than the head coach. Why do a lot of recruits chose programs like MSU over IU? Because IU has EMPTY STANDS. Yeah yeah, I’ve heard ad nauseum “Well, fans will show up when there is a good product on the field” Chicken, meet egg. We are finally seeing some commitment in terms of facilities. Time for the fans to step it up too. Mind you, we need to raise money to pay better salaries to get better coaches (assistants for sure, maybe head coach too eventually), but at the moment, all you get if you fire Lynch is YET ANOTHER coaching turn over and YET ANOTHER new system. Do we really want the 5th new head coach since Mal was fired? What coach in his right mind would ever come to a place where he’ll be underpaid, receive little support from fans, little support from the administration, and then will get fired after 2 or 3 years? Lee Corso famously called IU the Graveyard of Coaches. Firing Lynch will only strengthen that perception.

  8. Matt- This topic has been beat to death so many times. There may be a lot that is wrong with the IU program, but if you pay attention to the greater sports world, the way things happen these days is that the coach is held responsible. A new coach can come to symbolize a complete transformation of a program’s philosophy and direction, and I am not sure there is anything wrong with that. If you are a recruit, what is more important – for a school to stubbornly hold on to a bad coach, or take a risk on someone new and dynamic? I guarantee you that most recruits prefer the latter. Your tired old recipe of “continuity” belongs in the 1970’s, not the year 2009.

  9. Not that we are able to lure a top flight coach but football is the rare sport in which a premier coach can make an immediate impact. In fantasy world we get Nick Saban or Urban Meyer as coach and we would put a completely different product on the field almost immediately. All we need is total commitment and a hundred million dollars.

  10. Aaron is a very tough and solid player, not to mention he is one heck of a kid. He is a little slow off the snap, but has been training to increase his speed, and it is starting to pay off, but he is not forsaking strength to make that gain.

    He was offered preferred walk-on status from IU last summer. Miami (Ohio) offered him a full ride (first to do so), and he really liked the school and the previous staff, so he accepted their offer even though IU is where he wanted to play.

    I spoke with Aaron’s dad last night, and he told me Aaron was offered a scholarship spot in December. IU had only planned to take 3 lineman this year with available scholarships. However that has changed. I think Mike Stark (RS JR) underwent or will undergo surgery on his back, and after the incident with Zeilger, the staff decided they must take more lineman.

    Aaron has spent 4 years now going to summer camps with the Bloomington South football team at IU. The IU staff knows him very well, and what he can do.

  11. Matt,

    In one paragraph you twice used Corso’s name. That is an automatic removal of all relevance in your post.

    I am not going to climb back on the fire Bill Lynch soapbox at the moment. I said that as of yesterday, 1/9/09, the new season begins and I will support the coaching staff until they give me a reason not to.

    As for Corso, who cares what he says? He is a joke, he is the football world Dick Vitale. Coaches that couldn’t cut it, but have a high energy persona that engages people. Perfect for a TV personality.

    As for the graveyard of college coaches, that would not be IU, but would be the South Carolina Gamecocks. In over 100 years of football, they have had only 1 head coach leave there to coach at a different school. There has never been a coach to leave S.C. with a winning record, and tht includes several coaches who were previously National Champions before taking over there.

  12. Nevermind…I realize now that the exact same story is in both the hoosier hq blog and the quick hits blog

  13. Bettor, how exactly have we lost our only “decent recruits”? Wilson has some nice offers (Iowa, PU, UK, Wisconsin, etc) and is a 4-star on Scout. Replogle had offers from NC State, NW, Iowa, Illinois, Pitt, West Virginia, and BC. Louisville and West Virginia tried to get Wright Baker to decommit from us (also had offers from UK and PU). Barnett chose us over Michigan State. Rodkey chose us over Maryland, NC State, Minnesota and West Virginia. Ewald is the 3rd best kicker in the country.

    There have been plenty of things worth complaining about recently, but this is still our best class in a while.

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