The Barn is, well, The Barn

Venerable Williams Arena, home to Minnesota basketball, has been the site of many a bad memory for Indiana basketball teams and fans. A win by the IU men last season not withstanding, The Barn, as it is known, is probably not high on the list of warm fuzzy places to visit for Hoosiers.

It’s no different for the Indiana women’s basketball team, which will put a nine-game win streak on the line in Minneapolis tonight. At Tuesday’s practice, coach Felisha Legette-Jack was chastising her scout team for not playing aggressive enough defense, telling her team, “It’s not going to be that easy. Doesn’t anybody remember the last two years when they kicked out butts?”

Two years is all Legette-Jack remembers, but the Hoosiers’ have found The Barn uninviting for the last seven years. IU has not won in Minneapolis since a 79-76 win on Jan. 4, 2001, behind Jill Chapman and Heather Cassady. So while a win tonight doesn’t a season make, it may provide a barometer of just high this team is capable of going this year.


  1. This seems to be the first conference game where the hoosiers have height parity, but it’s still going to be hard to win there. If they can do this and win at PSU, we’ll really be ready for Purdue.

  2. I should have added that’s because MN and Penn St both have huge crowd support. But the hoosiers have already won through despite at MSU.

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