1. Yes, recruits are going to come because of a TRAINING FACILITY.

    Can’t we get a new basketball arena already? One that

    – Has a student section
    – Has wide aisles
    – Has unobstructed viewing from every seat

  2. IU has no money afer bailing out fired coaches and staff. So all IU staff suffer from the mistakes of the AD. We will have AH for another 100 years. Thanks!

  3. Yes, Assembly will be there a long time until IU figures out where to play games for 2 seasons and have fans come. I am one in the minority that would keep the place…just for the memories and man it can get loud in there.

  4. I guess I am lucky, I have been going to IU basketball games for 31 years (yes, since I was 2), and I can say I have never had a seat that my view was obstructed be anything other than another fan in front of me.

  5. IUfan, these practice facilities are important to recruits (why do you think so many schools have built them recently?). They will spend a lot of their time in weight rooms, film rooms, and on the practice courts. Kansas, Duke, etc have old arenas, but they are considered to have excellent facilities, because of their practice/training facilities.

    And if you want a new arena so bad, write a check for $150 million.

  6. Go to the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill sometime. Talk about some bad seats. There are 5000 seats in there worse than the worst seat in Assembly Hall.

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