They’re back

A humorous poster.

Another Fred Glass move: Bring back the old posters that were printed prior to each home game back in the 1980s and hung in the windows of dorms and local businesses, such as the one above.

About 400 of these will be delivered to IU businesses tomorrow, and they’ll also be spread around on campus.

If you’d like to get one, you can call the IU athletics marketing department at 812-856-0145.


  1. love em. hopefully the new kids will enjoy these. when in doubt, go with a class or throw back

  2. Speaking of bringing back the old stuff, who was that chumming with Bobby Knight during the Purdue/Minnesota game on ESPN2? I just love woody! Not!!! Do you think Bobby would get such a warm reception in WL as he did in ‘the barn’? Let’s try it and see. We could all wear our sweaters (over the top of our stomachs!)

  3. Awesome! Totally awesome! Alright, Glass!

    This is very cool! When rebuilding a once prominent program it’s best to go back to your roots of success! Fred is off to a flying start!

  4. This is so Cool! Mabe the “boys team” could support out Ladies and sit behind the bench at HOME GAMES.

  5. fans, many of the boys have been at the girls games. Dumes has been at every one of them and Roth and Jobe were there last week.

  6. Great idea! I still have my “Screw” Purdue Pete poster from 84 framed in my IU room. These grass root and affordable marketing idea’s will build the fan base with the students in b-town.

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