1. CK,

    I can talk to the recruit for you and see if you can get it set up. I’m sure he would be willing to grant you an interview in return for a happy meal.

  2. Reason #137 why the Scoop rocks: on-demand poll questions. Thanks!

    And for the record, I go to Mardi Gras because it’s festive; I go to Assembly Hall because I love basketball, banners, and Joe Smith’s hair.

    If it’s a festival the masses want, could we at least get a Johnny Cougar big head (circa ’82), or maybe even a full-body Mrs. Cougar (circa any swimwear edition)?

  3. Jimmy,

    Thanks for the link.

    The June 15th date has been the scheduled completion date since the begining of the project.

    I want to know if they are still on schedule to meet that date, or if they are behind or ahead of schedule. I don’t think Greenspan would tell us either way.

    I am hoping Glass is more open to answering reporters questions.

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