Two Lawrence North sophs pick Louisville

Jody Demling of the Louisville Courier-Journal is reporting that Lawrence North sophomores Ryan Taylor and  Michael Chandler have both verbally committed to play for Louisville.

Both were targets of Tom Crean and his staff.

I talked to Tayler over the summer, at an AAU tournament in Louisville, and he said that Crean and his staff had been to a Lawrence North open run. He was told by his coach, he said, that IU was interested in him.

Taylor is a really athletic player who seemed to rely on his natural skills to make plays.

Both come off the bench for Lawrence North.


  1. Doesn’t sound like Crean was too strong on them. And based on the UL fan reaction, these kids are still far from 4/5 stars. I’m all for in state kids, but not at the expense of losing a top national recruit.

  2. How many scholarships do we have to offer anyways for this class?

    The freshman class in Indiana is going to be the one that Crean needs to clean up on with the N. Central frosh and Rapheal Davis out of Ft. Wayne

  3. I think Crean has 2 scholarships for 2010 and 2011

    Hope we can get Teague, that would be insane. That would be a loaded backcourt.

  4. When I read this stuff, I have to sit back and wonder if the NCAA needs to change rules.

    These kids are sophomores in high school. They should be enjoying playing the game, hanging out with friends, playing video games and things like that.

    They shouldn’t be making a decision that will effect the rest of their lives, hell most 15 year old kids can’t decide on breakfast.

    The NCAA needs to change things to where coaches can not have contact with or make an offer to a player (in any sport) until the end of their junior season.

    Let them be kids.

  5. Hey Grandpa P – should the kids be at the malt shop playing jacks too? Get with the times, old man. You “old fashion” fans are what’s holding back IU’s backetball program. You want the Gene Hackman type of Hoosiers instead of the ballers UNC and UCLA are winning with. Painter, Pitino, Gillespie, Matta and Weber aren’t going to wait for Crean to play catch up.

  6. Crean needs to spend his ever free moment working on Teague and Rivera. If those two come to Indiana, we will see the next great wave of Hoosier prepsters follow in their footsteps.

    I think that Derek Elston winning Mr. Basketball this season will also help. Even though Mr. Gordon was just here last season, it seems like an eternity ago with all of the new faces and makeup of the program.

  7. Aruss,

    Did I EVER say that Crean shouldn’t recruit kids the way these other schools do? Anywhere in my post can you find that I said anything remotely close to that.

    What I said was the NCAA should change their rules, and make it a violation for ANY coach in ANY sport to recruit until after their junior season. They are kids. Their first priority should be getting their high school education and enjoying their youth. When the real world comes calling, they will wish they did.

    Now, post something of value in your reply or just STFU and go back to peegs.

  8. It’s pretty clear to me that what’s happened with these kids not going to Indiana is what has happened over the years at LN. Until Kiefer is gone, he will steer all his players away from IU. He hates IU, although he would never admit it for all to see!

  9. NCAA “rules” left IU’s hoops program smoldering. Do you really want more rules? Ask any player in the NBA, at 15 they were all obsessed with hoops and thinking about which college will take them to the next level. Go to any AAU game and ask a 15 year old “kid” about college and you’ll understand.

    Like I said, don’t be naive. Your nostalgia can only hurt the program.

  10. well if they are from LN then they are tought to play basketball the wrong way.All ln is does is beat teams because they are more athletic and taller. No LN player has any smarts and if they do they’ve learned it from aau.

  11. Arsus is back, more clueless than before. Mike P said to change the rules, that means all NCAA coaches leave these kids alone. If they are top recruits, that wont change when they are upper classmen. Why not take a little pressure off these kids when they are so young. Then again, your buddy Sampson couldnt follow the rules, so I’m not surprised that you dont want any more rules that protect kids.

  12. Aruss,

    Again, I am waiting for ANYTHING of value in a post from you.

    This is an easy rule:

    No coach may contact or make a scholarship offer to any player until the end of their Junior season in the sport you represent.

    Cut and dry. If they are not a junior or senior, or they are a junior who has not finished their current season, DON’T CONTACT OR OFFER THEM!

    How easy would that be to follow?

    Yes these kids are thinking of what school they want to play for, they have coaches in their face when they are in middle school!

    All I am saying is get the coaches away from them, don’t put extra pressure on them to decide their future. Heck, 2 years from now this kid may want to play at UNC, but if he doesn’t honor his commitment he has already made, he will be branded a trader, and not trustworthy, and blah, blah, blah by people who don’t know him.

    I guess you are ok with people hating a KID for a choice he made under pressure while still going through puberty.

    Before you post again Aruss, read mine very carefully, I don’t want you to keep looking like a fool because you didn’t understand the concept.

  13. I think Louisville and Pitino are taking a huge risk. It’s one think to recruit young stars who are starters and another to take a chance on bench warmers. Sounds like he may have some insider info but when you use up all your scholarships on kids this young you will loose out on kids who blossom late. MJ did not play organized ball until he was a Junior. I think coach is recruiting very well. Just look at next years team! I wouldn’t want to second guess Pitino or Crean. As for Aruss I don’t think he is going away and debating with him is fruitless. So maybe we all should just ignore him. Mike P as a parent and grandparent when your kids start to get hounded by recruiter at age 14 and 15 it get old in a hurry so maybe some of these kids are making choices early to avoid being badgered. They can always change their minds later.

  14. Also, Jack Keefer is a punk. The brand of basketball at Lawrence North is like something from an AND1 Mixed tape video. Screw him and his Louisville loving ass!

  15. For those of you who think my posts are idiotic or without value, please explain how my views and Korman’s are exactly alike. For example, we both think Lynch should be coach next year and both dislike the way Crean treated former players like Bassett, Ellis and McGee. Just remember when you insult me, you’re basically insulting Korman as well.

    As for Mike P’s suggestion, do you know what a logistical nightmare it would be for coaches to have to wait until the end of the players junior year to make contact? The biggest advantage of getting commitments earlier is the ability for coaches to prioritize their targets over an extended period of time. My buddy, Bloom, is part of the aau circuit and knows how it works. We laugh at your suggestion because it is so uninformed.

  16. I think some of these coaches are gonna get bit in the butt for offering these guys scholarships so early in their careers. Some of these guys may not progress their game like the “experts” think they will. Look no further than Stephan Van Treese.

    Furthermore, “Gene Hackman Hoosier players” are very fun to watch and can still win games. I enjoy that game much more than the “ballers” from UCLA and UNC that. This is Indiana, not UCLA or UNC.

  17. Aruss,

    They would still be able to do that, no one is saying they can’t go to an AAU game, or talk with a kids coach, they just can’t actively recruit the kid person to person till the end of their junior year.

    You want to say it would be a nightmare? Football can’t start recruiting contact, other than 1 letter to let a prospect know they are interested until April 15th and have to stop on May 31st of a prospects junior year and then after September 1st of their senior year.

    Football coaches rely mainly on tape and camps to evaluate their players. Not to mention they are going after 15-20 kids instead of 4-6 every year. If they can do it with 4-5 times the amount of prospects, than why can’t a basketball coach?

    Again, you offer NOTHING of value.

  18. Aruss,
    I am a Purdue fan and halfway considered posing as a boosier fan and agreeing with your stupidity just to irritate IU fans, but not even I could bring myself to commend such ignorance. I would like to personally thank you for giving me ammo when myself and others dog on IU.
    Go Boilers!

  19. As you see, not even your imaginary friends like you. I doubt Korman will be comfortable with your comment.

  20. If you want to watch good “Hoosiers” Basketball…look no further than Bethel College in Mishawaka.

    Bunch of very solid ball players. They would most likely beat the Hoosiers this year.

  21. Jeeezus Aruss, way to lure Purdue fans over here…

    Man Aruss, Mike P offered a simple suggestion for recruiting(Which I happen to agree with), and you call him a nostalgic old man. Way to argue your side of the argument. The only reason recruits are obsessed with basketball is because their parents and their arrogant coaches decide to shove it down their throat every single waking moment.

    Quote from Aruss:
    Like I said, don’t be naive. Your nostalgia can only hurt the program.

    Your support of a coach that isn’t suited for a football head coaching position is hurting the program.

    Btw, I may not agree with Korman, but at least he debates like a decent human being.

  22. Hey Korman, some of us have a disagreement about the affects of Mike P’s new rule on recruiting and you’re the only one who help determine who is correct. Since you cover Crean’s radio show each week and have direct access to the man, can you ask Crean if he thinks Mike P’s suggestion would be positive and feasible next Monday? That way everyone can see the professionals agree with Bloom and myself.

    Thanks, buddy.

  23. Aruss,

    Grasping at straws now? A coach, who’s job is to get these kids and win ball games is not going to agree with putting more restrictions on how he can recruit. Give me a freaking break.

    You still don’t get it.

    This isn’t about the coaches, this isn’t about the Universities or their programs, this is about the kids.

    If you don’t think their pressure is to much pressure, you are even more ignorant than I previously thought.

    My son is 9, if it was up to him, he would play football in the fall, winter and spring basketball, wrestle, spring/summer soccer as well as swimming. His goal is to play D1 football as a middle linebacker.

    I have to force him to choose and take time off, if I didn’t, his time out of school would be spent on homework and at a practice somewhere. I want him to be a good player, but even more I want him to be a kid, and to enjoy life.

    If Crean or any D1 coach was to agree with me, I would be amazed beyond belief.

  24. Mike P
    by the time these kids are Sofm. they are near pro status with the way AAU does things. A freshman is more like what seniors use to be.

  25. These kids are sophomores. So, if their anything like Gainer and Gordon, for example, they’ll change their minds over the course of 2 years.

  26. I agree completely with Mike P. on this one. Recruiting needs to be curtailed. Period.

    Now, whether coaches would follow any new rules put in place remains to be seen. There are quite a few who don’t follow the current ones.

    And some even got caught.

    Finally, as Doug posted in another thread, I’d love it if I didn’t see words such as “idiot” so often in our comments. Let’s try to treat each other with some respect.

    Let’s face it: if you’re reading the Scoop, you’re obviously pretty bright.

  27. Doug T,

    Like Aruss, you are missing the point.

    These kids are conditioned physically as sophomores the way seniors used to be.

    At 14, 15 even 16 the brain and the ability to make rational decisions have not fully developed, that comes with age, like the body, the brain only grows and develops so fast. That same reason is basis behind the movement to change the minimum driving age to 18. That extra 2 years of mental development has been shown in studies to improve their decision making abilities in pressure situations.

    Look how many kids each year don’t verbal until the summer before their senior season, or sign in the 2nd signing period, it has to do with trying to decide between the schools who have offered, and what is the best fit for them. I know from the time I was 15 to the time I graduated high school, I changed dramatically in my outlook on life, my hobbies and what I wanted to do with my life. What I finally decided I wanted to get a degree in, my college of choice at age 15 (IU), did not, and still does not offer classes toward or a degree.

    If I was in these kids shoes, my upbringing and morals would push me to keep my commitment to the University, knowing that my time there would not train me in what I wanted for my future employment if I did not excel enough to become a professional athlete.

    Also, think about this. Whenever an college freshman or sophomore gets in trouble for missing a class or breaking team curfew, or they get in trouble for underage drinking, it is usually considered a lack of judgment and mistake based on them being KIDS! They are 3-5 years older than a high school sophomore, yet we still understand they will make some bad choices based on youth.

    So why not change the rules to take some of the pressure off them, and not force them to grow up and make adult choices at 15?

  28. Chris,

    You are right, there are coaches who don’t follow the rules now, and would obviously find a way to circumvent this, if it was a rule, trying not to get caught.

    That is another can of worms that the NCAA has opened.

    The NCAA needs to layout a punishment structure based on the violation. If you break a rule, this is the punishment you will receive regardless of what program it is.

    They need to get away from making the punishment based on the individual schools “situation”.

  29. MikeP, I agree with you to an extent, but I feel like it would be almost imposible to monitor something like this.. And do you put an age restriction, or do you say, you must be in 11th grade?

    And as far as punishments go, the NCAA has shown a complete lack of consistancy when dealing with violations. In some cases, they’ve just ignored situations completely. So what makes anyone think they will all of a sudden step up their game and hand out penalties in some sort of fair manner and with an outlined punsihment structure none the less?

  30. This has evolved into quite a debate. Some of the debate is really pretty good. Where should the line be drawn? Nobody seems to think that Knight was wrong to offer Damon Bailey before he was in high school (I think that’s true). It takes an official letter from the university before the commitment from the university becomes official. The high school student is not required to make it legal until signing day and that’s way it should be. How many letters are actually sent to these young players?
    The NCAA is often vilified for it’s meddlesome ways. Everyone hates the NCAA! College athletics need some form of guidelines. Years ago, all that was required to be eligible in the Big 8 (Big 12 today) and the SEC was a diploma. There were no predictors.
    I think it is naive to think that the NCAA can legislate a cure-all but I think that something needs to be done. What is the NCAA’s definition of recruiting?

  31. Steve O,

    It is a wishful thinking concept that they would step up and do the right thing. Remember though, what we now have as a reality was once a just a thought in someones head.

    No, there would not be an age restriction.

    It would be based on the prospects grade level as a player. Verbal contact with the prospect or the prospect’s parents/guardian and/or a scholarship offer would not be allowed until the end of the prospects junior (11th grade) season.

    Collegiate coaches would still be allowed to receive game film, talk to the prospects high school/AAU coach and travel to watch a prospect play, but could not have direct contact with said prospect until the end of their junior season in high school.

    It is a pipe dream that anything like this would ever become a reality, the NCAA doesn’t want to do anything that might have an adverse reaction on their revenue streams.

  32. I will meet you halfway Mike. I would say at the end of their 10th grade season. If my kid is a stud and Crean wants him, why not get it over with so he can enjoy the last 2 years of college. I agree but at the end of 10th grade for sure. If my kid is good and a coach calls him in 8th or 9th grade, I will have a FIT!!!

  33. Mike-

    Nice job on setting Aruss straight. I liked how he tried to defend himself by aligning his views with Korman, as if finding someone with similar views automatically validates one’s perspective. Something about Aruss makes me lose all discretion.

    Did you see that Washington hired USC’s defensive coordinator? They are now led by both the former offensive and defensive coordinators from the Pac 10’s 7 year reigning champ. Pretty awesome. YOu know what else? Holt, the D.C., is being paid substantially more than Bill Lynch. It says a lot when a school that was 0-12 last year is paying more money to a defensive coordinator than IU pays its head coach.

    Ready for a prediction? UW will win twice as many games as IU next year, even after an 0-12 season. REad it and weep, Jimmy and Aruss.

  34. J Pat,

    Valid point about getting it over with and then allowing.

    Like I said though, what if your son is good enough to play D1, but probably won’t be an NBA player. If he committed to IU at the end of his sophomore year, but then decided he wanted to become an Architect or Engineer when he is done with school, IU would no longer be the school for him. They do not offer those degree programs.

    As far as calling in 8th or 9th grade, I know a 9 year old who has already signed his National Letter of Intent to a Big Ten University (in red crayon) when he was only 7. 😉

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