What Kathi told Tony (Bennett)

For those of you wondering what kind of input former IU women’s coach Kathi Bennett might have had when brother Tony was among the hot prospects to replace Kelvin Sampson last spring, I asked her last night at Assembly Hall when she returned as a Wisconsin assistant. Here’s what she had to say:

“We talked about it. We talked, and Tony has his head on. He’s at a great place right now and it’s where he wants to raise his family.It wasn’t an issue of me being at IU or anything like that. He’s happy. He had other opportunities besides IU and he just … he knows what he’s about, and he’s not going to take a job because he’s afraid another one might not come along.”

Bennett added that she had “good things to say, very good things to say” about IU and Bloomington.


  1. Wes, I agree completely. What is funny to me is that IU did not go after Bennett because IU thought he was a better coach than Crean, IU went after him because they thought he would be much cheaper!

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