Your resolutions for IU

Rick Greenspan.

It happens at the start of each year. We all decide to try to do something that we could have just as easily started doing, say, Dec. 27 or 29 or whatever. Maybe we’re tricked by the supposed blank slate; maybe we really believe the new year won’t carry the problems of the old one.

But for Indiana athletics, this new year is unlike probably any in it’s history. I can’t imagine there’s ever been an athletic director switch like the one from Rick Greenspan and Fred Glass, both in terms of timing and what it means to the department.

I hope we’ve done a good job highlighting some of the good that Rick Greenspan has done (hiring Terry Hoeppner and Tom Crean, starting the building projects, etc.). And of course we covered the bejeesus out of his big mistake: having some sort of role in the hiring of Kelvin Sampson (even if it was just to agree) and then failing to sufficiently monitor his activities.Fred Glass

You can and probably have or will debate things in the above passage: Greenspan hired Hoeppner but then hired Lynch, the building projects were so overdue that any AD would have had to make them a priority, the financial recovery Greenspan is often credited with started under Terry Clapacs, Greenspan had Sampson foisted on him by then President Adam Herbert and some trustees, etc. Those parts of his legacy have yet to be sorted out.

What is undeniable is that Greenspan brought a new mood to Indiana athletics. He put many of his own people in top positions and led through his senior staff. His approach was direct and brash, and many were left in its wake. He was always aggressive in fighting for what he thought was right for his department.

No one seems sure how Fred Glass will lead. He’s never worked inside an athletic department, though his resume is otherwise full of things that make you pretty sure he’ll succeed.  And his approach certainly seems like it will be different than Greenspan’s. He’s signed on to be a vice president of the university (meaning he doesn’t have a contract) and pledged to be more open and transparent.

What are your resolutions for Fred Glass and the department he inherits? What do you hope to see this year?

Let’s try to be creative.

Don’t say you’d like to see Bill Lynch fired.

We’ve heard you. Fred Glass has heard you. It’s not happening now. You don’t need to keep repeating yourself. If Lynch has a terrible year and gets canned, we’ll give you all the credit you deserve for being so prophetic.

Don’t say you’d like to see a year with no major NCAA violations.

That goes without saying.

Put some thought into this one.


  1. Why is anyone really shocked? Indiana has always been seen as the worst athletic department in the Big Ten.

    The football team has never been good, the basketball team that you old farts claim to be “elite” has been sleeping for the past 2 decades, and all other sports are irrelevant.

    We’re the joke of the Big Ten in athletics, we’ve always been. People are acting like this is the end of the world. This is how the rest of the Big Ten has perceived Indiana my entire life.

  2. Why is the hiring of Tom Crean a positive for Greenspan? That was the result of a committee that he didn’t even chair. And really, how discerning an AD does it take to realize that given the situations, Terry Hoeppner and Tom Crean would be good hires? When I judge Greenspan, I always come back to one thing. Maybe he wasn’t the driving force behind Sampson’s hiring, maybe he was, I obviously don’t know. But following that, when the new allegations surfaced, it was entirely Greenspan’s decision to keep Sampson. There was no Adam Herbert working behind the scenes. That was Rick Greenspan’s chance to make the decision that would have saved his job, and he blew it. That always seems to be glossed over, doesn’t it? He had to go, and the fact he stayed on until now is ridiculous.

  3. It’s time you got the trustees (one specifically) and the faculty out of athletics, and the coaches and athletic dept out of academics. Too many self appointed cooks adding seasoning to the stew.
    Somehow you need to energize the FAN base, who cares about the out farts in the expensive seats and their antiquated ideas of Gipper sports with stripped letter sweaters and Cole Porter songtrack. Intercollegiate sports are for the athletes, students, and parents.
    It should be clear you aren’t going to win any sports the way you’ve been approaching it, and that is a detriment to the entire University. It should also be clear at this point that whomever is selecting the AD and coaches- don’t know how to judge horse flesh, you’ve been focusing on things that just don’t matter. Get rid of these people first.
    Minor sports do matter, IU used to win the Big Ten All-Sports trophy for decades, that says at one point this U had it together and knew what to look for. Things change, and you need to find someone with the vision and effectiveness to make it so again. The AD isn’t big enough to accomplish this at IU- he’s not in charge- its a matter of vision and will. IU has neither.

  4. BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT SOCCER OF MENS SWIMMING….. ONE Big10 FB Championship in 110 years………………….less than 200 B10 FB victories??????????????? thats how success is measured.

    Not by non revenue sports.

  5. Actually, many people do give a damn about soccer and men’s swimming and diving, not to mention track and field, cross country, women’s swimming, diving and basketball to name just a few. I guess it just depends on who your “everyone” is. Coming from someone who still uses their high school graduation year as their screen name 36 years later, I’m not surprised that IU football is probably what defines the university for you. I do know we are viewed differently by people who have lives outside of Bloomington.

    I anticipate that Fred Glass will bring the kind of energy we have come to enjoy with the late Coach Hep and Coaches Jack and Crean. That energy will be contagious and we will continue to see physical changes to the program which will help draw better talent.

  6. jay, you hit it on the head. this clown had many chances to make things right with sampson and he failed, yet he wants to blame others even as the door hits him on the way out. his legacy is that he has stuck us with lynch. failure is his legacy ands its one that keeps on giving.

  7. I realize I am in minority, but I care a lot more about IU soccer than IU football. And like it or not, IU is thought of as basketball school across the entire county.

  8. Coming from someone who still uses their high school graduation year as their screen name 36 years later, I’m not surprised that IU football is probably what defines the university for you

  9. Resolve to enhance overall marketing approach to include Baseball, Womens BBall, Wrestling, ect.

    Since we have non competitive football product, resolve to market other areas of the AD to draw positive attention to IU’s Athletics.

    For example, Josh Phegley is a Pre-Season All American but who the hell knows that besides baseball fans?

    Unforgivable not to leverage this young mans talent to draw positive attention to an AD otherwise known for poverty and suspect leadership calls.

    If IU had a Pre-Season All-American in football or basketball he’d be plastered all over IU marketing channels. . .

    I guess I don’t get it!

    Throw your money away promoting a football program that’s not even worthy of being called a program.

    Kind regards,

    j a c k

  10. Coming from someone who still uses their high school graduation year as their screen name 36 years later, I’m not surprised that IU football is probably what defines the university for you

    Would you prefer that I use the year that I graduated from IU with a BA or the year that I graduated with a Masters as my screen name.

    Makes no difference to me BTW I havent been to my HS since I graduated 35 yrs ago. I simply use that screen name. But if the non revenue sports are such a HUGE part of the fabric of Bloomington, why is there LESS than 500 people at a soccer game and even less at a swimming meet.. how many people go again to womens bb or track? A University athletic program is defined by BB and Football or else its called D3.

    Of course IU FB is nothing more than a D3 school anyway.

  11. who cares if you have a masters or not. If you really care about IU you would support all of the student athletes. How does your negativity help our programs get better. Who would want to come here when someone who graduated twice from the school has nothing positive to say.

  12. “Would you prefer that I use the year that I graduated from IU with a BA or the year that I graduated with a Masters as my screen name.”

    No one cares about your degrees. You’re being judged on the insightfulness of your posts here, not your degrees (or your grammar)

  13. My resolution is that coach Crean survives public criticism for what will probably be the worst basketball team in IU`s proud history. Love him or hate him, he`s doing things the right way. Patience is a virtue and Hoosier fans have to understand this. We will get better!

  14. I think bhss73 says enough.

    You are right GaryB. He’s already getting hit with it and we haven’t even started the big 10 season….

    Great points Jack.

    And you are right dankhoosier. IU is known as a basketball school unless you’re talking to a soccer family in a high school. Then we are definitely still a major soccer school.

  15. the people that hate crean are a very tiny minority and dont even deserve any attention. i have been a lifelong IU fan, but frankly i dont know what it is about the “other” sports that results in lackluster appeal. growing up in IN, i dont recall soccer being a big sport, usually played by the privileged kids, not by mainstream kids. Swimming? almost the same. so im not surprised that there is little interest for the general student population to take interest, afterall they do represent Indiana as a whole. Football and baseketball are what makes NCAA athletics relevant. Not swimming, soccer, and even baseball, unless you are a traditional powerhouse. programs that get lots of support, also have a history or winning. even with iu ball being so weak this year, there still is strong support. obviously not the swell we had last year with Gordon, but it’s still there. mainly because we have history and most importantly we have a coach that offers hope. that is the single biggest factor that iu football does not have and the ADept cant recognize that. it will continue to be the downfall of iu football, and a continued drain of money that results in 10-15k per game at memorial stadium. even the millions of dollars dont mean anything when you dont have hope.

  16. 1. In the name of transparency and to bring closure to the Greenspan/Sampson-era, I would like to see IU release the entire file relating to its NCAA infractions case: depositions, interviews, correspondences, the whole shebang. Let’s lay it all out for the public to see and form educated opinions upon, put it behind us, and make sure it never happens again.

    2. Make peace with Bobby. Erect a statue or name a building after him.

    3. Bring back the janitor lady from the Farm Bureau basketball intro.

    4. Unite the clans, William Wallace! Bring the student section together in name, identity, and seating.

    5. Lose the big heads behind the baskets. I know Crean loves them, but seriously, Oprah, Snoop, and Sarah Palin have no business in Assembly Hall. It’s more than a bit gimmicky underneath our beautiful banners.

    6. Make 2009 the year the football team’s GPA exceeds the number of athletes arrested.

    7. Drop Chick-Fil-A’s concession contract at Assembly Hall. Why in the world did we award them a concessions contract if we knew they wouldn’t operate on Sundays?! Can a brother just get a coke near his section?

    8. Go an entire year without cutting a severance check.

    9. Throw Tijan Jobe an ally-oop at least once every game. It just might work, he’s really tall.

    10. That every team, every game, gives the fans a performance deserving of their passion and support. That every fan, every game, gives every team the support deserving of their efforts and many sacrifices for our great school.

    Happy New Year!

  17. Crean may or maynot be a good coach. Time will tell. The people in charge of hiring him are at fault. They should have never offered him or anyone else that kind of money. I don’t care what other schools are doing or paying. They aren’t IU. History shows that it doesn’t take a big paycheck to have a great coach and a winning team. Just look at the banners hanging in the Hall. As long as they spend that kind of money on a coach I will never support any of the sports at IU. OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT IU NEEDS MONEY FOR. If they can afford to pay out that kind of money for one man, they don’t need any of mine.

  18. For 09/10 and on into the future: I think Fred Glass should focus on the positives of the athletic program which are new facilities in both football and basketball. Also plans for minor sports facilities upgrades. Maximize their use and potential for recruiting, etc.

    Focus on exemplery behavior for student athletes (last year b-ball and this year f-ball is inexcusable and embarrassing). Should be a tough policy on student athlete behavior.

    Continue good financial/fiscal practices.

    Make annual and honest assessments of each coaching staff without just focusing on W/L records. Sure winning breeds success, but as long as I have watched team and/or match sports there always has to be a loser in a game.

    Success can also breed winning. Success is born of enthusiasm, patience, accountability, hard work, and perseverance. Firing coaches is too easy in todays climate. An AD must look at the larger picture in each situation and decision. Not just a knee jerk decision based on media and trustee pressure.

  19. I will make a prediction: the B-10 channel will go out of business this year. As much as some of you are against IU sports in general, look at the this “channel” and I would think its an embarassment to the whole B-10. The B-ball team will improve, but that channel has death written all over it. I also think that F. Glass will be able to heal the wounds of the BK era. BK will be seen or be known to attend a b-ball practice yet this season. Not to help or to gloat, but just to sit and watch.

  20. Glass should ban all athletes, coaches and the support staff, from reading these posts. Not all posts are terrible, just a few. It was my understanding that blogs were meant to lead to good discussion and provide a venue for people to exchange ideas. Many of us make our statements in such a definitive fashion that there can not be a discussion. Others make just plain stupid, or uninformed, statements that don’t deserve comment.

    1. Make sure all facility projects are completed.
    2. In the future, hire excellent coaches, coaches with integrity.
    3. Maintain fiscal control.
    4. Keep investigating a roudball arena.
    5. Plan to never allow facilities fall so far behind the competition.
    6. Create a family atmosphere so students, fans, alumni and current athletes, feel a part of the entire athletic department.

  21. Were there any olympians this year with IU connections? What sports were represented? Is roudball a new sport? How do you play?

  22. Dave,

    Rouball is a totally new game, similar to basketball. I porbably should use spell check!

    There were at least 2 Olympians, one diving and one track.

  23. Agreed Jay. And to elaborate on my previous comment on athlete behavior. Maybe not zero tolerance but darn near. You cannot tell an athlete who is friends are going to be, but you can tell them that illegal activity and agressive behavior will not be tolerated. This comes from the AD. The AD then hires coaches who teach young men how to be responsible adults. You fail, you leave. That is how IU stands….or should stand.

    I would be willing to bet that a large percentage of the drug bust winners that are highlighted in this newspaper will tell you that they know so and so from the football or basketball team……and vicie versie. Not true for all but it is very common. And it may be true on many campuses but should NOT be in Bloomington. Should be on page one of Fred’s agenda. You play sports at IU and you are held to a higher standard. Comes with the scholly.

  24. My resolution would be to get some support for IU women’s basketball. They have a great coach in Legette-Jackson, and team that could be very competitive in the big ten this year with a little more support. They’ve already knocked off MSU in front of 7,000 MSU fans.

  25. I would have posted earlier but couldn’t find my calculator to add the sum of 12 and 14 for anti-spam purposes. I agree with Chronic’s list but would add a couple more. Get rid of the Oklahoma Sooners wanna-be football uniforms, and put the block ‘I’ back on the helmets. And how about a mascot? Someone that could kick Purdue’s mascot’s butt. Someone the size of Jared comes to mind.

  26. IU-
    The football team has been good in the past, really good actually; I guess you have never heard of Anthony Thompson.

    I want to see more of Chappell and less of Lewis next football season. Chappell is a quarterback and Lewis is not..end of story.

  27. I think we should violate more rules to get the best players in the country for football and basketball. I also think we should get rid of every athletic program except for football and basketball and use all that money to pay players to come play for us.

  28. Also, IU is ranked 5th in the BT in national championships. No way in hell we are the “laughing stock” of the BT in athletics. Go about 115 miles northwest to get a laugh (PU).

  29. Ever see the “outside the lines” episode of the indian guys who get braught over to pitch. Thats what IU should do with all their sports.

  30. FIRE LYNCH im boycotting IU until they fire this disgrace of a coach. Its okay to have a bad coach but one if not the worst coach in D 1 in unacceptable!

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