A busy day in HoosierLand

You may not realize it if you live anywhere near here and can see out a window, but it’s baseball season. The Hoosiers have begun practicing (inside the friendly and covered confines of the Pavilion John Mellencamp built) and they have high expectations: Baseball America is predicting they’ll earn an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.

Tom Crean met with the media today to discuss Wednesday’s 6:30 tilt with the Iowa Hawkeyes. We’ll have a story on it in tomorrow’s paper. Or you can read/hear/watch what was said by clicking here.

Soccer coach Mike Freitag surprises nobody by filling the vacancy left by one Hoosiers legend, Todd Yeagley, with another: he hired Aleksey Korol.

Tomorrow’s National Signing Day, which is a holiday in many places. We’ll have coverage of what Bill Lynch has to say about the 18 players expected to sign with the Hoosiers.


  1. Wow come on lynch get some good players! Oh wait anyone who knows ANYTHING about football knows he cant coach his way outta a nutsack!

  2. How do you coach your way out of a nutsack? Sound like you have a lot of experience with the ball sack, or nuts if your perfer!
    How about we get excited about this class!


  3. That is a prediction of the 64 team NCAA tournament, not the College World Series, which is just the last eight teams. You can’t automatically qualify for the CWS just like you can’t automatically qualify for the Final Four. I blame the BCS, and it’s ridiculous automatic qualification system, for confusing you.

    Furthermore, the automatic qualifier designation essentially means they are predicting the Hoosiers to win the Big Ten. Which would be sweet.

  4. Don’t see us winning the Big Ten. Michigan still is the class of the Big Ten and Purdue is ahead of us.

  5. Thanks, Hound. I should know that, having covered a season of baseball but I do get confused with the College Cups and World Series and Regional Semifinals or Elite Eights and the Championship Subdivision and all of that.

  6. Jimmy,

    A good class? By whose standards? If you look at it by previous IU classes, then yes, this would be a good class.

    If you look at it compared to the rest of the NCAA, then you would realize that it isn’t a good class at all.

    BCS Conferences
    SEC – 11/12
    Pac 10 – 9/10
    ACC – 11/12
    Big 12 – 10/12
    Big Ten – 8/11 (IU is 9th)
    Big East – 6/8

    Non-BCS Conferences
    Indep – 1/4
    MWC – 3/9
    CUSA – 3/12
    WAC – 2/9
    Sun Belt – 0/8
    MAC – 0/12

    In the major conferences, IU is at the bottom of all of them.

  7. Mike P,
    Did we expect anything more? IU has been bad for ages, it won’t get better overnight. What is better is the class compared to the last few that IU has had. At least there is improvement…we can’t expect instant success from a program that hasn’t had any for two decades. Now that we have an administration that is full throttle on football revenue generation, we can see what we can do. If Lynch doesn’t come through this season, we may be going shopping for a new coach come 2010, I would rather not pay off another contract. Comparing IU’s class to others is an obvious answer, it’s not that good, but compare it to the past classes, and it’s very good.

  8. Its our best class in a long time. We obviously still have a long way to go, but when we’re usually ranked 11th in the conference and 85th nationally, I’ll take 8th/9th and 58th anyday. Its a good start for us.

  9. Bettor – IU will be better than Michigan and Purdue this year in baseball! They have a great 3 man rotation this year and arguably the best lineup in the Big Ten. Did I mention that they could potentially have 5 guys drafted high (even 2 potential first rounders)?

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