Big Ten concurs with Crean, reprimands Dumes

Here’s the release:

Park Ridge, Ill. – The Big Ten Conference office announced that it concurs with the suspension of Indiana University men’s basketball student-athlete Devan Dumes for violating the Big Ten Sportslike Conduct Agreement during the Michigan State game on Feb. 7, 2009.

Indiana University head men’s basketball coach Tom Crean suspended Dumes indefinitely for unsportslike behavior. In accordance with penalties established in Big Ten Conference Agreement 10.01.1.A.1, the conference office also publicly reprimands Dumes for his actions.

“The behavior of Devan Dumes during the Michigan State game is unacceptable,” Commissioner James E. Delany said. “Dumes’ actions have no place in the sport of basketball or the Big Ten Conference, and we support his indefinite suspension.”

The Big Ten Conference considers this matter concluded and will have no further comment.

And here’s a PDF of the Big Ten’s Code of Sportsmanlike Behavior.


  1. Why has the Herald Times not reported on Dumes’ (his legal name is Devan Evans) arrest after the Minnesota game?

  2. I agree with CTC and the Big Ten, this was an uncalled for action and has no place on this team or in the game.

  3. Mike, since I blogged below, I watched it again with my wife and I agree that a one game suspension might be what is needed, but would you really like him off the team?

  4. At least we have a coach who respects the code of conduct. I doubt that the previous two idiots would have been so quick to discipline this player ( or any player).

  5. i wonder what discipline was given to the wisconsin playert for the elbow to purdues jackson and michignan flagrant foul which broke purdues kramers nose. these should be similar suspensions

  6. IUron, I had the same questions. I think the Wisconsin incident wasn’t an accident and for the ESPN announcers to say Krabbenhoft was innocent was just pandering to the Wisconsin coach and crowd. I have seen several incidents with Krabbenhoft in the past and the word “dirty” is an understatement. I don’t mean to be a comedian here but after I saw the actual game time play happen and the replays afterward I caught myself actually pulling for PU in that game. As far as the Manny Harris incident with Kramer, I’m not sure that this was intentional but if it was, the flagrant foul call was correct. I give Kramer credit for coming back and playing the rest of that game. In all, I think all Hoosiers can be proud of coach Crean for acting proactively and firmly. We are fortunate to have such a class man for our coach and I think we can expect this consistently.

  7. In defense of Dumas, I think the young man tried to take on more responsibility for the offense of the team than he should have but it was self-inflicted pressure and is part of every day life.
    Coach Crean has responded in an appropriate manner.

  8. J Pat,

    Read again what I said. I didn’t say that Dumes had no place on this team, I said that his actions (intentional throwing of elbows) have no place on this team.

    I like him, he is a good player, but I don’t tolerate poor sportsmanship by any player, especially a player who represents a team I root for.

    He is getting exactly what he deserves, and hopefully this is an incident he will learn from and we will all move forward from it.

    If he doesn’t learn from it, continues to do these same things, then by all means, yes, I would want him off the team.

    On a side note, my 9 y/o son beat me playing Madden ’09 for the first time yesterday. Tied 21 all with less than a minute left.

    3rd & 2, he brings out a 2 tight set with dual backs. He puts his wide out in motion, I switch to a corner blitz sending my linebackers up the middle leaving only my strong safety to cover the single wide out.

    He runs a play action, that I bite on with the safety, the wide out in motion was on a straight jet and now has a step on me. The boy drops the ball right over his receivers shoulder, and 62 yards later he is up 28-21. I get the ball back with :41 on the clock and no time outs. He goes to a prevent D, and keeps me in bounds on 2 straight plays and forces me to run the time off the clock.

  9. Mike, I did misread and understand now. I needed clarification for myself. This has created a far bigger stir than I think it needed when compared to actions of players in past years and I cannot figure out why. I cannot defend what he did after watching it 2 days in a row several times but maybe action should be taken against the MSU players that were screwin with him. If you do this to Dumes, you need to evaluate what the refs are missing with other kids like Lauderdale(I think that is his name) from OSU. He is very dirty!

    He learned from the best right, your son knows his football. The only reason I am halfway looking forward to next year is to talk to you more in the stands!

  10. I am sure there are plenty that are missed every game. Dumes got away with one to the “man parts” of MSU player, and thought he could keep on doing it.

    As for the boy, I guess I taught him well.

  11. The poll question should be” Does IU beat Minnesota WITH Dumes?

    The answer is still no, and that makes this decision even more of a no-brainer.

  12. I’m not defending Dumes, Coach Cream made the right decision. But, how many times have the officials let games get out of hand before calling fouls? We have all seen games that the officials let them play, but start calling every foul in the last five minutes.
    The officials need to be more consistent on their calls.

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