Crean and Dumes discuss elbowing and atoning

Indiana coach Tom Crean had Devan Dumes, who is suspended indefinitely for throwing a couple of elbows at opposing players Saturday at Michgan State, face the media today.

Accountability is of utmost importance in his program, he said.

It is worth listening to the entire interview — about 15 minutes — if you have the time.


  1. devan dumes threw not a couple, but three elbows saturday. two when he had the ball and then one on the run into goran suton’s groin, the worst one of all; there was no reason for it.

    when a pup pees in the house, you wipe his nose in it right then and there and teach it not to do it again. tom crean did the right thing suspending dumes indefinitely. that was not only for dumes’s benefit but also to send a message to the team and the public that there is a new sheriff in town and he has a zero tolerance policy.

  2. you dont know what MSU players were doing to him, i highly doubt the the groin and last elbow shot was unprovoked. the first was a flop. he still deserves the punishment, but dont be naive

  3. It doesn’t matter what was said or done, the one who reacts is the one who gets caught.

    If you are going to play on the big stage on a Big Ten team, you got to keep your cool and not do something so damn stupid that it hurts your team! PERIOD!

    I like Dumes, but his actions (or reactions) are uncalled for and their is no good excuse for them.

  4. Yes, there seems to be an epidemic of thrown elbows recently in Big Ten play. Both Novak and Harris were suspended for one game for elbows thrown at Ohio State and Purdue. What Dumes did is unacceptable.

    However, I find it quite intriguing that, when ESPN finally swithced to the IU-MSU game, that Dumes was already on the bench with two fouls and the score was 2-0! And guess who was the lead official…..none other than the most worthless ref in the Big Ten, Ed Hightower. I’m not certain and have not researched it, but would be willing to be that it was his crew officiating at the games where the other elbows were thrown! Ed, the lead official, in the TV Ted incident at IU when Ted T’d up Knight when he went on the court to see how badly Recker was hurt against Illinois. Ed did not intervene as he should have being the lead official.

    Officiating in the Big Ten is at an all time low in my opinion! You see guys get the ball in the post, butt the defender five feet backwards and the call goes against the defender. There is nobody out there that dribbles the ball anymore. The ball is constantly palmed but no call is ever made except for carrying it. The last time I checked, the rule book states that palming the ball is a turnover!

    I’m not sure what happened to spur on Dumes’s elbows but rest assured that something did. Officials have allowed Purdue and MSU players to hang all over opposing players for years, without making the appropriate call. Even Kramer, who is one of the dirtiest defenders in the conference, said that Harris’s elbow was not deliberate.

    Until Delaney takes a long look at himself in the mirror, and comes to terms with the horrible officiating in the Big Ten and takes steps to correct it, you are going to see all of this crap on a weekly basis, which has turned college basketball into “rugby on hardwood” in my opinion!

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