1. Why even bother posting this? This is laughable, lazy journalism at its finest (on the part of Deadspin) with no merit whatsoever.

  2. Nick, I agree. What is funny is that he pick on B town and it was just rated top 10 in Forbes. I wonder if he has picked up a mag to see how our class next year is rated. Writer must be living under a rock!

  3. Have you been to Bloomington? What multi-talented player is going to go there to play for Tom Crean?

    O I don’t know one of the best group of recruits in the Nation……..I know Deadspin isnt a real “news” site but that is just a pitifully lazy story

  4. I never heard of deadspin before I read this crap.
    Apparently, they have never looked at next years recruiting class.

  5. – Bloomington was just recently rated the 10th-best college town in the nation by Forbes magazine.

    – Tom Crean received coaching tips from Tom Izzo, lured Dwayne Wade to his program, and legitimized Marquette basketball.

    – IU is a hoops school through and through, and has the fourth highest average attendance in the Big Ten despite being last place by a long shot.

    – IU has a nationally ranked top-10 recruiting class in place for next season.

    – A new basketball practice facility with a multi-million dollar price tag is currently being built next to Assembly Hall.

    So to answer that question, tons of outstanding players will make Bloomington home over the next decade. This is unequivocally one of the worst internet-based “articles” I’ve ever read–and that says a lot.

    Ask anyone with basketball knowledge whether they think the Hoosiers will be back soon and they’ll say yes. Obviously this guy is not one of those people.

  6. After reading through some other stuff on Deadspin, I think I have finally found the perfect place for Jason Whitlock to publish the drivel he writes.

  7. Why the %&$* is a Pac10 guy writing a story about IU? What a joke. He can’t even spell “Hoosiers” right (see second paragraph). This guy is a joke. But,vits obvious he wrote this to get a rise out of IU fans.

  8. Mike P, you are killing me. I am a Whitlock fan. I saved the 3 stories he wrote on Mike Davis. I will share them with you if you want!

  9. I didn’t know JACK wrote for Deadspin. That said, bald assertions and wholly unsupported conclusions were made for the internet; only there can they evade fact and logic.

    Now, I may be a Big 10 guy, but I’m pretty sure USC football will suck next year. Why would any decent football recruit want to live in an earthquake valley with poor air quality?!?

  10. J Pat,

    I really hope you are being sarcastic? I read Whitlock when he post on Fox Sports net. I always want to see how he can make any subject (even Phelps hitting a bong) a race issue.

  11. Complete nonsense.

    Bobby put up with lots of crap if the players were good. Remember when the whole team got busted for pot and the only ones he punished were the scrubs?

  12. Mike P, I think he tells it like it is for the most part and that is what works for him, like hating IU works for Kravitz. I respect the way that he can tell it both ways, white and black. I have read him for years, you know he is a Ball St grad, muncie kid.

  13. You have got to expect jealous people will take their shots at IU while we are down. Of course they will disappear into the woodwork by next year and beyond.

  14. West coast drivel at it’s best. When you are down you have to take the licks. Justice will prevail. CK…..were you at the CTC show last night?

  15. J Pat,

    I know he is a Ball St. grad, and he wrote for the HT for a short period.

    Still don’t like him. I don’t like reading things that create separation in a person ethnic make up, unless the article is dealing with a racist act committed against another.

    I have a feeling if Whitlock was told he had to write an article that didn’t center around the race issue, he could never make his deadline.

  16. As an IU Comparative Literature grad, I’m a little embarrassed about the responses to this “story.” Do you people have any critical reading skills? Folks, this is SATIRE. Look at the other headlines at the top of the page – this is SUPPOSED to be FUNNY. He’s jerking our chains for laughs, and I can hear lots of choked barks coming from strained collars out there. Of course if you want to imagine him as being serious, and a Purdue fan; and that would set a fun tone for next weekend…..

  17. For those of you that are not familiar to Deadspin I would also like to point out that their founder & fearless leader is a graduate of Illinois and a fan of all things Illini. Keep that in mind when reading any posts about the Big Ten.

  18. First off, the Deadspin piece was not journalism. There was not an iota of reporting; nobody came to an IU game or called Tom Crean or talked to anybody from another Big Ten school or even called a real reporter or said, “Back when I covered Big Ten sports” as a way of showing they had some credibility.

    Second of all, I posted it so you guys would know it’s out there. That’s the purpose of a blog, which is short for Web log, which is a list of things going on across the Internets.

    And, finally, WW I did not attend the Tom Crean show last night as I got caught up running some errands that took longer than I thought they would.

  19. How soon we forget. It wasn’t that long ago that the mighty North Carolina Tar Heels were losing to Binghampton en route to their worst season.

  20. I understand the need to inform us of this kind of junk, but all you did was inflate traffic to a site that spews hate for IU. You stroked a trolls ego.

  21. I believe that cat who wrote this knows exactly what’s going on at IU.

    The days of being a top rated program to consider are indeed O.V.E.R.

    Just for you Chronic! !

    j a c k

  22. Zach, I read the whole thing last night. The writer never really says why he thinks IU will not be good in he future other than Bob Knight being gone. I loved Knight but the writer must have forgotten the last few years Knight was at IU. If Davis can coach middle of the road players to the Champ, Crean and IU will be just fine!

  23. Well, it’s clear after reading this article that Rick Chandler is now the most discredited journalist in America.

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