Discuss it here: Detroit Country Day at South

For live audio streaming of this game, see The Herald-Times’ high school blog, QuickHits.


  1. It’s at least an unwritten rule, if not a written one that Mr. Basketball goes to the best SENIOR in the state. I believe Thomas is a junior.

  2. Thomas is Class of 2010 and agree that Mr. Basketball goes to a senior. Hulls will be a lock for the award, but I suspect that Holmes is going to have to win the State title for it to be happen.

    Some question Holmes’ ability to “win the big game”, but this year it is gonna happen, just like it did for Manning and his critics who said he couldn’t win the big game. We shall see.

    Awesome game today…congrats BHSS! You made Bloomington and perhaps the State of Indiana proud today!

  3. Guys, this was one of the best games I have seen in a long time, Hulls is just flat out a baller, and Dee Davis will be the stud everyone wants his senior year. Also, Ray Jr can play, but Dee Davis USED HIM UP!

  4. This was the best high school basketball game I’ve ever seen. I went to the game without a rooting interest as I just wanted to see a great basketball game. Wow, did both teams deliver in a big way!! Congrats to both teams for playing a very hard fought game with good sportsmanship on both sides.

  5. It was a great game, and it seems the usual outcome when you match top teams from Indiana vs top teams from other states. Indiana wins with teamwork. I remember when Anderson went to De Matha HS in D.C. and kicked their butts and Anderson wasn’t even the best team in Indiana. I must say, South is very good, not as good as North was when they won state, but very good. I also don’t think they will win state,,,,

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