1. FINAL: PU 81, IU 67.
    IU: Jones 16 pts, 5 reb, 4 ast; Pritchard 12 pts, 8 reb; Taber 10 pts, 5 reb; Story 9 pts, 4 ast; Williams 8 pts; Dumes 7 pts; Roth 4 pts; Lewis 1 pts.
    IU: 29-58 (50%) FG; 3-13 (23%) 3PT; 6-13 (46%) FT; 31 reb; 16 TO; 14 (25) fouls.
    PU: 28-49 (57%) FG; 7-13 (54%) 3PT; 18-33 (55%) FT; 29 reb; 14 TO; 5 (14) fouls.
    PU: E.Moore 26 pts, 5-6 3PT; Johnson 14 pts, 10 reb, 5 blk; Green 9 pts; Kramer 7 pts, 4 ast; Riddell 7 pts; Jackson 6 pts; Grant 5 pts; Calasan 4 pts; Hummel 3 pts.

  2. Proud of the guys, they played hard, and if Moore hadn’t had the game of his life, then they may of had a shot.

    I know I don’t want to blame ANY game on the refs, but I’m curious, did you guys think there was a lot of contact that did not get called. That was my impression.

  3. There were a few bad calls, but it’s pretty typical Big Ten home cookin’. I expect that sort of thing now with the current crop of old-timers still reffing the Big Ten.

  4. Agreed, referees travel so much during the week, that the fatigue they suffer goes straight into the calls. We need to hire some younger refs, but at least we aren’t Pac 10 refs, the desert heat has made those refs insane.

  5. The Clippers have a superstar in the making in Eric Gordon, Suns Coach Alvin Gentry the other day saying, “This kid is the best new talent in the league right now, and I don’t care who else you mention.”

  6. I agree with Alvin Gentry, but what the hell does Eric Gordon’s NBA status or Alvin Gentry’s comments have to do with last nights IU/Purdue Basketball game. I see in you absence from this board you didn’t do anything to make yourself any smarter.

    Do yourself a favor Aruss and stay on the Peggs board. You have lied by saying you would never post here again, you have no credibility anymore. Hell, you didn’t even know who Chris Howell is.

  7. Re: refs — as stated on here before 50+ yr. old refs can’t keep up with teen and 20’s conditioned athletes. I saw Ted Hillary last night working
    Texas-Oklahoma game and believe he worked at least 2 or 3 games during the previous week. Will be interesting to see if he works in any of the 3 BT games today. Here’s a couple of thoughts: what about adding one more ref so that you have better coverage all over the floor — especially under the bucket to really get a good view of charging/blocking calls? Too many officials watch the ball rather than the players — they’re too busy watching the game like a fan instead of watching for infractions. Another thought, maybe crazy rather than practical, but on ANY questionable charging/blocking fouls, assess 1/2 foul on both players with 5-1/2 fouls being the limit before disqualification. Sounds nuts I know but prevents the judgment call of whether the defender was moving into the offensive player’s path or not. In our game yesterday, Kramer clearly moved into VJ-III’S path coming down the lane, hit Jones with his chest then flopped — foul on Jones. Johnson traveled so many times he could have ended up in Cleveland by the end of the game. Refs didn’t beat us, PU did, but pathetic officiating — both ways. On another note, Kyle Taber deserves more recognition. Game after game he brings his blue-collar play, does a lot of little things, rebounds, scores on followups, gets deflections, etc. Not a threat usually on offense but does very well for a player who never got minutes with the last the last two coaches.

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