1. I’ve been following EJ and the clippers all year but it’s been hard since the LA Times doesn’t have a beat writer for them yet has 3 covering the Lakers. Anyhoo, he was definitely lost at the start of the year when he wasn’t playing but they’ve had more injuries than IU football and could barely dress EJ, Thornton and 5 scrubs.

    EJ’s numbers would be even better than they are if Baron Davis wouldn’t shoot 3 for 17 most nights. Why is the pg shooting so much and so bad? When healthy they have a good line up but their coach is also GM and he sux as a GM so they have no bench. EJ has the defense down but still needs work on his ball handling. Even at the NBA level, they marvel at his strength.

    Definitely my all-time favorite hoosier. Even with a broken wrist last year, if we let Sampson finish the year that team does special things. Let’s be honest, after this year’s debacle would it have been so bad to let him finish and us have a post season ban for this year?

  2. Looked to me like EJ just stopped playing after Sampson left, real team player! He is also not the only Hoosier on that team that seemed to not be interested in IU basketball with the departure of Sampson. Aruss, you are entitled to your favorite player, but you must be very young to think that it’s EJ, that’s just my opinion, and I feel like you can have whatever player you want as your favorite. I can’t help but think of Scott May.

  3. jamie j, I agree that he and several others did quit playing when Sampson left. I have said that all along! Glad to get your take.

  4. In EJ’s defence, its hard to play when just about all your teamates quit on you and the team. EJ was one of the only few that didnt cause problems for Coach Dak. Hes a special kid that didnt let his head get as big as it could be.

  5. Aruss,

    I think you are spot on in your assessment of EJ in LA and how this season has played out for him.

    As for him being your favorite player all time, like other, I agree that it is your opinion to be had, but seriously? I can think of a dozen past players (just in my life time) I would rather have as part of my team over EJ, and one of them finished his career last year with EJ here.

    You want us to be honest about the end of last year and what we are going through right now.

    Last years team might have went on and done something, my guess is a final round loss in the Big Ten tourney and then a bow out in the Sweet 16.

    Besides you, I don’t know any Hoosier fan that would want a championship banner hanging in the Hall with the embarrassment that the program has suffered based on Sampson’s actions.

  6. It’s amazing to me how quickly Hoosier Nation has turned on Gordon.

    To my understanding, EJ was nothing but a class act while at IU, even while the program imploded around him. He was burdened with impossibly high expectations, but wasn’t a thug.

    The reason IU collapsed at the end of last year had more to do with Sampson and other players on that team than with EJ. Give the kid a break.

  7. DD,

    I would have to agree, I don’t think EJ gave up as much as the limits to what he could do (wrist injury) finally pulled him down enough that it gave the appearence he had quit like some of his team had done.

    I still say there are a dozen or so players I would rather have over EJ, but that is nothing against his playing abilities.

  8. DJ White is more of a favorite Hoosier player than Gordon.

    That is nothing against Gordon and all the crap he went through, but DJ stayed through a lot more and became a real Hoosier legend IMO.

  9. All time fav is a bit strong but every IU fan should have a strong and loyal respect for EJ. Last year’s team fell down around him. Repeatedly commentaries over the last 11 months have detailed that the only two players who were continuing to play hard were EJ and DJ (I’d assume Stemler also but who knows).

  10. I am a first time commenter on this blog space, but I feel like EJ needs defended here a bit (as much as multi-millionaire 20-year olds need defended). He is one of the few who showed up for practice (we’re talking about practice?) after the Sampson finale. DJ wasn’t there by all accounts (as much as it pains me to say that about DJ), but Mr. Gordon was not part of that mutiny. He was the leading scorer in the B10 as a freshman, set all kinds of records as a freshman, and spurned Illinois (which gets him points automatically.) Also, by all accounts he isn’t one of these hot-shot, I am owed because I am a star kids who went to the Clippers (historically one of if not the worst NBA franchise ever). All I am saying is he does not deserve all the criticism he is receiving on these pages, and thanks for the line….

  11. Why is everyone saying EJ is getting a lot of negativity and needs defended? There are plenty of programs out there that can help you with reading comprehension.

    There are 2 people who have commented that it APPEARED that EJ quit on the team, and honestly, his play gave that appearance. What we know now is he was playing with a fractured wrist, and probably playing the best he could without causing more damage.

    The rest is people saying that EJ would not be their all time favorite player in IU history. I fail to see where that could be considered criticism of him.

    If you look at the past I can’t say that EJ would be my favorite player over Scott May (2 Undefeated regular seasons, 1 undefeated Nation Championship), Isaiah Thomas, Steve Alford, Keith Smart, Calbert Cheaney, I could go on but I think you got the point.

  12. I have a childhood friend that knows bball like I have never seen, he is up high in the athletic dept in an SEC school. We talked through the year and he agreed with me that Gordon just did not have the fundamentals he should have. Most likely because he was given the green light to shoot so much growing up. People blamed his wrist but he could not handle the ball before that, way before. IU went from having the best shot selection kid ever in Cheaney to having the worst ever in Gordon. I have never seen a kid jack up worse shots in my life. I was more excited to have him play at IU than anyone can imagine, most since Bailey. Factor Sampson out of the equation here, Gordon just was not as good as he was made out to be as far as I am concerned. He also failed to leave a mark at IU except for leading freshman scoring in the conf. I am still waiting on him to truly take over and dominate a game at IU. I do not want to hate on him and I wish him so much luck in the NBA but he gets NO love from me. I can think of at least 25 or 30 players better than him in my lifetime. I would rather have had Bassett jacking 3’s up last year when looking at percentage. That buddy of mine was at the first rd game and could see during warm ups that he was over it. I read the same thing on blogs from IU and Ark. Gordon hung it up along with the others. He could have put the team on his back, right, like DJ tried to do but for some reason…that did not happen.

  13. He wasn’t as good as you thought he would be? Really? He put up ridiculous stats last year, and is doing the same thing in the NBA. He’s done great so far, and he has been very efficient with the ball. And how did he “hang it up”? He played hard, but it was pretty obvious that he was injured. I can understand not having him as your favorite player, but why does he “get NO love” from you? Because he couldn’t live up to your inflated expectations and didn’t play flawless ball as a freshman? He’s a heck of a player, a great guy, and he represented IU well.

  14. I didn’t say I didn’t like EJ, or that he was a bad player. He was a great player, and I think had a father that kept him grounded. I just believe that when Dac took over the team, it made them all mad, and they just wouldn’t do much for him. I’m sure EJ’s injury affected his play. Right now I am looking forward to the team we have, the new recruits coming in, and the fact that I think we have one of the best coaches in college ball. I think he has done an amazing job with a team of Freshmen, just imagine what he’ll do with some bigger guys with experience.

  15. Damon Bailey and EJ came to IU with more expectations than any players in IU history. Its hard to compare IU freshman to 4 year greats of old. We all loved those great players and with the exception of Thomas most all finished 4 years at IU. Given a
    good coach and a 4 year career at IU it is hard to imagine how
    great EJ could have been. High School was great for him and last
    year his team and their terrible problems would have been hard on anyone. All of us are scared by what happened. Now is a new day for IU basketball and it is a new day for EJ. Both have brighter futures. The NBA will continue to take potential all time record breakers as long as we allow kids to jump after 1 year in school.

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