Football will open on a Thursday

Indiana has released the 2009 football schedule, which includes six home games — including a Thursday-night opener.

The Hoosiers will begin the season against Eastern Kentucky on Sept. 3. Gametime will be 8 p.m.

Indiana will also play host to Western Michigan, Ohio State, Illinois, Wisconsin and Purdue.

The Hoosiers will go on the road to face Akron, Michigan, Virginia, Northwestern, Iowa and Penn State.

No other gametimes have been released.

You can view the full schedule here.


  1. A Thursday night game! Wow, the Big Ten Network just gets better and better! (Sarcastic eye roll)

    I’ll put money down that attendance at the Rock is below 20,000 for the Thursday night opener vs EKU.

  2. But on a higher note, it’s a very good slate of home games with Ohio State, Illinois, and Purdue coming to the Rock. Here’s hoping the Hoosiers can win them.

  3. We wouldn’t have had a huge crowd if it were on Saturday (Labor Day weekend). I’m pretty excited about having a Thursday game.

  4. How did we end up with Wisconsin at home, and Penn State on the road in back to back years?

    Did anyone follow up with IU to make sure that wasn’t a misprint?

    Hoosier Hound,

    Are you for sure this will be a BTN game? Nothing I see indicates that, and ESPN2 usually has the Thursday night college games on.

  5. Mike P.,

    It’s listed that way on the Big Ten master schedule, too. (Though I can’t seem to find a link to that right now.) Not sure what the deal is there. It’s quirky, to be sure.

  6. It has to do with the conference schedule rotation. We played Minnesota at home 2 years in a row a while back.

  7. Jimmy,

    That was 2004 and 2005 that we played Minny at home 2 games in a row. I had forgot about them, but you have to admit it isn’t what we deem as normal to play 2 teams in the same venue 2 years in a row.

  8. As a yearly season ticket holder I’m stoked for a Thursday night game! I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time!

    It would be nice if it were featured on ESPN or ESPN2 as a national game because it would be great exposure for IU and the new facility additions. Speaking of which, please make the rest of the stadium look like the new part! The new North Endzone is awesome!

    Anyway, I don’t think the attendance will be bad at all for this game. I’ve noticed over the years that more people come to the later games when the weather is hotter as opposed to the 90+ degree Saturday afternoons the first couple weeks of the season. 85 at 8pm feels a lot different than 85 at noon with the sun overhead.

  9. Which are the three? Eastern has been pretty good lately, so maybe that’s one; then probably Western and Akron; that would make two and three (or one and two); maybe Northwestern, except that’s up there. Michigan’s rebuilding, they don’t have a RB or QB with any experience returning, Iowa lost all everything Greene. Looks like a tough schedule. Wonder where it will rank, probably top 25?

    I imagine Eastern will travel well for that game, especially if tickets are cheap.

  10. I always wanted a Thur night game, especially on ESPN, but I have little ones now and have to work friday. I would have rather had a late Saturday game. By the way, general attendance will be low for this game but the students should be another story. If I was still a student I would have skipped my late class and had a few beers around the house and playing cornhole in the yard and went to Yogi’s and Nick for Happy Hour and trotted to the game. Yes, rare form my 8 pm!!!

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