Hulls on being at the top

Does anyone here watch Entourage? If you do, you know Vince. If you don’t, Vince is an actor who, at the show’s beginning, was on the cusp of becoming not just famous, but Brad Pitt-famous.

But there was a scene in which he said he didn’t want to be the king. Why? He says he’d rather be the prince. Everyone wants to kill the king — but the prince just gets to walk around all day and tell girls he’s going to be king one day.

It’s a funny line in a show known for them, but it’s also indicative of where we are as a society. We build people up, so we can tear them down.

Right now, Jordan Hulls is king. He’s the best player on the best team, Bloomington South, in the state. He’s the favorite to win Mr. Basketball. He’s headed to Indiana, where he’ll be a part of the Hoosiers’ resurgence.

I didn’t ask Hulls if he’d rather be the prince, but I did ask him about the pressure. And a few other things. This is what he had to say. You can read the story that ran in today’s H-T here.


  1. All the press and hype around him, and Jordy is still just as humble as he ever was. It is always about the team with him, never about himself.

    I want to hear now from those who had never seen him play who said this kid was a mistake only being ranked a 3 star player when Crean offered him.

    Do you guys still think he was a mistake?

    The leader in scoring and assist (I think) on the #1 team in the state, the #6 ranked team in the country (USA today), he very likely could win Mr. Indiana for basketball, and has been nominated to become a McDonald’s All-American.

  2. Hulls grandmother sings in my church choir, and I’m the pianist there. So I see her about twice a week — just the sweetest lady. Apparently they have athletic genes run in their family. I can see why Hulls is as humble as he is — a nice kid.

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