Hummel done for the year?

It appears as though Purdue’s star forward Robbie Hummel could miss the rest of the season with the fractured vertebrae that has limited his availability for much of the season.

That’s what the Journal Courier of West Lafayette, among others, is now reporting.

After his team had been thrashed 72-54 on Tuesday night, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo commented that without Hummel (who was playing in his second game since returning from originally hurting his back) the Boilermakers were a good team; with him, a special team.


  1. Wow, this is big news. I watched the PU-MSU game and thought he looked fine, though Painter made sure to give him plenty of rest during the game. After the way Purdue destroyed MSU in that game IU definitely needs every break they can get to have a chance up there.

    Still, you never like to see players get hurt, even Boilers.

  2. That’s too bad. He’s a heck of a ball player. The typical native Hoosier. I REALLY wanted him to come to IU.

  3. I feel bad for the kid, not bad for PU and the fans. They have continued to kick us while we are down on the blogs and papers. It is ironic!

  4. I wish Hummel all the best. I hope he can come back strong. I also agree with the comment about no sympathy for the ignorant Purdue fans who make idiotic and unneccessary comments on blogs about IU. It shows their lack of class and their ignorance of basketball, the game.

  5. Knight or Keady? Indiana or Purdue? Sampson or Painter?

    You can’t separate one from the other, Robbie Hummel is Purdue fans, Purdue fans are Robbie Hummel. It’s Purdue baby, it’s Purdue.

  6. Dave, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. Of course Robbie Hummel is a class act, someone all Hoosiers can be proud of. He typifies Indiana basketball. We wish him the very best.

    xxx is IU fans, IU fans are xxx. Not a pretty thought if you fill in xxx with the name of any of several disgraced 2008-09 IU players.

  7. That’s unfortunate. Hummel reminds me of someone who would’ve been on the Hoosiers ten years ago. He just works hard.

    As for people complaining about Purdue harassing IU fans or “kicking us while we’re down,” stop complaining. If Purdue was in our situation IU fans would heckle them relentlessly too. We’re rivals. That’s the essence of a bitter rivalry. You’re not nice to the other fans when it comes to basketball. We’re not victims. We’re just on the wrong end of the rivalry this year. No biggie. The conflict just adds to the rivalry down the road.

  8. Hey Casey I will ride Purdue even this year. This was suppose to be the YEAR for Purdue. One player and it all goes away… This is where Painter’s mid major coaching talent will be exposed. Iszzo was almost right, if everyone is playing they’re pretty good, but take away any part and they’re suddenly average.

  9. Casey, I am not sure that is the case. PU has always taken a backseat in state and does not have the banners. I am not complaining anyway, I just do not feel sorry for them at all. Besides, PU has underacheived this year and it is funny to me after all of the trash talk. They can win by 30 today and I will smile because we will beat them like a drum just like the past several years starting next season…and on the field too.

  10. Talking trash or bragging about beating IU this year is pointless. Remember, this team is practically a high school with really only 3 players on it that should be on a Div. I roster in a major conference.

    Lest not forget the 7-21 2004-2005 Purdue team, i.e. Keady’s final season. This team had NO EXCUSE to suck, as they were a talented team with Teague leading the way. IU at least has a legitmate reason for being down this year, unlike that Purdue team under their legendary coach.

    And, I might add that the 2005-2006 Purdue team under 1st year coach Matt Painter, went 9-19. Again, with a far more talented team than IU has today.

  11. I question Painter’s decision for playing Hummel today. There is no reason that he should have played with PU up so much AND considering that he was in obvious discomfort. However I admit I don’t know what the team doctors advised Coach Painter regarding the risks of playing Hummel.

  12. Mark, I totally agree with you. Painter must be sure that he is healty and can play, if he wasn’t, Painter just became my 3rd most hated coach (Calipari, Weber).

    I think that when I heard of his injury, they say he had a stress fracture. The way you improve from a stress fracture is that you DON’T PLAY.

  13. This prove Painters coaching ability, lets play hummel and risk his future even after he’s down on the floor late with that head knock. IU was not coming back, but anything for the win, right Matt

  14. besides lookin like napoleon dynamite, he seems to be a good kid. i wish him the best, despite his PU status.

  15. Purdue did not need Hummell to play to beat our pathetic Hoosiers. Will next year really be better? do we have anyone coming in that is height of over 6’7″? Would any big man want to come here to play?

  16. Actually the Boilers have a winning record against IU in every major sport. Grew up in Bloomington, went to Purdue.

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