Illinois 65, Indiana 52

Mike Davis dunks, much to the displeasure of Kyle Taber.

(Click on the photo above and be rewarded by seeing a photo gallery from this game, comprised of work by Chris Howell, who was officially given the title we all knew he deserved on Saturday when he was named top sports photographer in the state.)

Well, this nationally-televised game probably tells the story of the year for the Hoosiers as well as anything could. Indiana was severely over-matched and fell behind 36-15 in the first half before finding a way to get within six in the second half. Certainly Illinois got a little complacent with such a big lead, but Indiana also figured out ways to close the gap. Tom Crean employed the line and three defense (in which forward Kyle Taber and Tom Pritchard essentially zone the paint and the three guards chase) while also opting to play off of Chester Frazier. So it was Frazier, of course, who hit a pivotal deep 3 to make it 57-48 with 4:56 left.

Indiana missed 13 free throws. Do some quick math and you’ll see that those shots could have sent this game to overtime.

Click here for the box score.

Click here to read the Associated Press game story.


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  1. Where did Big Tom go? Anyone? Bueller?…………..BUELLER?

    They don’t even look for him anymore…..

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