1. Illinois hasn’t played very well away from home lately, specifically their shots haven’t been falling and they’ve looked a little lethargic; will this trend continue or will today be a breakout game? Last game out they snuck one away from Northwestern by cranking up the defense and pressing the cats the last ten minutes. Could the Hoosiers handle a full court press? Will there be the familiar call and response of I-L-L, I-N-I in those quiet moments at Assembly Hall and just how many cheap tickets did their fans purchase? Will any orange make its way onto the screen? Will this sound like a home game for the Illini on CBS national television and will Verne get the players names confused and call out Trent Frasor? Will the Hoosiers be looking ahead to their next game? Let’s find out.

  2. Will Dave stop acting like a reporter? WILL he be slapped the next time he pulls something like that off again? The answer to that question: yes. YES. YES!

  3. Crean has kept it close whether Dumes will play or not. I think he’s served his time.

    Since this is a nationally televised game, I say bring him off the bench today as one final reminder. Maybe it’s just because I want to beat Illinois, but I think he’s been through enough and should be play…

    I wonder what the rest of Hoosier Nation thinks…

  4. FINAL: ILL 65, IU 52.
    IU: Roth 13 pts; Story 9 pts; Jones 9 pts; Williams 8 pts; Pritchard 6 pts; Taber 5 pts, 7 reb; Moore 2 pts.
    IU: 18-44 (41%) FG; 5-11 (45%) 3PT; 11-24 (46%) FT; 23 reb; 13 TO; 10 (14) fouls.
    ILL: 28-56 (50%) FG; 3-10 (30%) 3PT; 6-8 (75%) FT; 35 reb; 11 TO; 9 (20) fouls.
    ILL: Davis 16 pts, 10 reb, 3 blk; Tisdale 16 pts, 6 reb, 3 blk; Frazier 9 pts, 7 reb, 7 ast; Legion 7 pts; Keller 6 pts; Jordan 4 pts; Meacham 3 pts; McCamey 2 pts; Brock 2 pts.

  5. 13 missed free throws? daaaaamn! make half of those and step up the defense just a tad and its a whole different ballgame.

  6. I totally agree, I think it’s time to bring Dumes back, he’s served his time. I also think it’s time to start the best five players. I wouldn’t start either of the freshman at point guard. Why do we insist on putting the ball in the freshmen hands, especially at the start. Dumes needs to start at the point and Roth or Story at the 2. We have let the freshman turn the ball over a little to much. Now, it’s time to put the ball in Dumes’ hands and bring the freshmen off the bench. Dumes will keep the defense honest and they cant double team him because Roth will burn them. I want be sold on Crean until I see the best line-up and it doesn’t consist of Jones or Moore. HHO

  7. HoosierHoopsOne,

    Interesting thoughts, but let me ask you why you are so hot on Dumes being the PG instead of the 2 guard?

    Dumes is the leading scorer per game. He also leads the team in turnovers per game. Yes you are reading it right, he turns the ball over more times than anyone else on the team. VJ3 is tied with him. He only has 1.4 assist per game, VJ3 averages 3.4 and Moore has 3.1.

    Dumes doesn’t need to run the offense, the offense needs to be ran to set him up better looks and a open shot.

  8. cappy25,

    That is a “duh” statement.

    My point is simple, it doesn’t make any sense to have the player who leads the team in turnovers per game be the one responsible for controlling the ball and setting up the offense. I am sure you can agree with that?

  9. It’s frustrating, but I think Mike is right. Plus, Dumes at point would make it harder for him to get looks. And hopefully the experience will help VJIII for the future.

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