1. FINAL: MINN 62, IU 54.
    IU: Jones 18 pts, 7 ast; Williams 15 pts, 6 reb; Roth 11 pts; Story 9 pts; Moore 1 pt.
    IU: 16-37 (43%) FG; 6-20 (30%) 3PT; 16-22 (73%) FT; 20 reb; 27 TO; 12 (19) fouls.
    MINN: 22-55 (40%) FG; 3-13 (23%) 3PT; 15-19 (79%) FT; 29 reb; 19 TO; 9 (17) fouls.
    MINN: Carter 22 pts, 6 reb; Joseph 9 pts; Sampson 8 pts, 7 reb; Iverson 6 pts; Abu-Shamala 5 pts; Nolen 4 pts, 5 ast; Westbrook 4 pts; Hoffarber 2 pts; Bostick 2 pts.

  2. i love tom crean and all, and am optimistic about the future of IU basketball under him, but can’t help wondering, if there were more emphasis on avoiding turnovers and hitting free throws, if IU might not have three or four more victories this season and an outside shot at an NIT bid.

    not to stir up the bob knight nation, but one thing RMK used to emphasize the preciousness of each possession of the ball.

    i hope it’s not a matter of these young guys trying to maintain possession but being so bad or ditzy at ball control or lack of ability or judgment that they simply can’t help but lose it so much. good freshman players these days should be heady enough not to throw or dribble the ball away 26 times a game.

    i suspect some of the guys getting a lot of playing time this year will have pine splinters in their fannies by a few games into next season, what with who’s coming in in the next recruiting class. coach crean is going to have to make some cold hard choices about who, of this valiant group, remains on scholarship.

  3. Pritchard goes scoreless against Minn. Anyone have suggestions for him? Yeah, I know Minn has a big front line that was getting after anything inside, but IU has to have some point production from Pritchard. He appears slow afoot & unable or incapable of creating space for himself in order to get a shot off. Any thoughts?

  4. MWolfe, I do not think he really wants the ball and he seems tired and a bit scared.

    Jadlow, I was actually thinking that if Dumes played, IU would have won the game.

  5. J Pat, exactly right! TP is scared & I think it is because he knows he has few offensive tools. In H.S. he was so much bigger than the competition, he didn’t need to learn how to create a shot for himself. With equal or better competition he now has his hands full. A hook shot would give him some movement and create space to shoot or pass, open up passing lanes as the ‘D’ moves to defend the hook. Yes I agree he looks tired and slow. He’d want the ball if he knew he had a better opportunity to get a shot off and help the team.

  6. It’s okay, only three or four of these hardworking guys will be on the roster next season, and like johnnycee said, they’ll be sitting the pine.

  7. Think about it, Pritchard realizes that with Dumes gone, he will be the main focus of the opposing Defense. Constantly getting double and even triple teamed can really get you down.

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