1. FINAL: IU 68, IOWA 60.
    IU: Dumes 27 pts, 5-5 3PT; Williams 14 pts, 9 reb; Story 9 pts; Taber 7 pts, 8 reb; Roth 5 pts; Jones 4 pts, 6 ast; Pritchard 2 pts, FO.
    IU: 23-47 (49%) FG; 7-13 (54%) 3PT; 15-25 (60%) FT; 29 reb; 11 TO; 11 (20) fouls.
    IOWA: 20-48 (42%) FG; 6-20 (30%) 3PT; 14-21 (67%) FT; 27 reb; 14 TO; 12 (24) fouls.
    IOWA: Gatens 22 pts; Peterson 12 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast; Davis 8 pts; Cole 7 pts, 6 reb; Fuller 5 pts; Bawinkel 3 pts; Kelly 2 pts, 5 ast; Palmer 1 pts.

  2. Alright we already have won the same amount in the big ten as the football team with walk ons! Nice to see the b ball team can beat the tenth best in the big ten and not lose by 52 like the football team, GO CREAN! FIRE LYNCH!

  3. Do you think writing FIRE LYNCH on a blog is going to get him fired? He’s the coach for at least one more year. Get over it.

    Now, congrats to Crean and the Hoosiers!

  4. Congrats to Crean and the boys. All I can say is, WOW…I feel like IU just won a final 4 game. I even got teary eyed listening to Crean.

  5. This is the only IU site with any comments to speak of about our win at this time. Very sad. But I love the team .

  6. let’s get to the point people: Dumes is TOO nasty. ONE missed shot. wow. tell me IU doesn’t have depth.

  7. They did it, they did it, THEY DID IT!!!!!
    I sure wish I could have been at the game!

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