IU recruit Sinclair scores 52

While the Indiana women’s basketball team has struggled recently, things are looking up for Hoosier recruit Aulani Sinclair. The Eminence senior scored a career-high 52 points in her final home game for the Eels last week, a 91-26 win over Baptist Academy. Sinclair was 24-of-44 from the field, including 4-of-13 3-pointers. She also hauled in 13 rebounds and dished out three assists.

Wednesday night, Sinclair and the Eels knocked off Greenwood Christian in a first-round sectional game, 57-38. Eminence won just one game before last week. Now they have three wins and are into the sectional semifinals Friday night at Shelbyville (Southwestern).

Sinclair entered the month of February ranked fourth in the state in scoring (24.9 ppg) and second in rebounding (13.9 rpg).


  1. As my mom used to say when she was growing up, Shelbyville, Shelbyville, Shelbyville is it, SH for Shelbyville, IT for it.

  2. Ball Hog? Are you High or what? Sinclair is the real deal !!!!! I have seen her play, She is probably the most un-selfish player that I have ever seen with that kind of tallent. She plays w/ 2 & 3 Girls on her all night long! Mabe her bteam would have won more games if she was a BALL HOG !!! You Dumb A** !!!!

  3. hey now fan/mommy, no need to get all wacked out. A kid shooting 44 times is a ball hog, end of story.

  4. I have been to a game at Eminence, and it’s (the gym) actually a gem. They used to host our girls basketball sectional there and it certainly has a hoosiers feel to it.

    A couple of years ago, Eminence had a pretty good team with 3 really solid player good enough to move on to the next level. The best one was sophmore named Aulani Sinclair. She was the real deal then, I haven’t seen her play since. In a couple of years IU fans will consider her a steal.

  5. There was a guy from Chelyan, WV. A smaller town town than Eminence. Do you know his name? Respect is due everyone not just big cities or schools.
    By the wat, his name Jerry West.

  6. Then you’d know their school size and talent pool can’t surpass the Baptist Academy or anyone else. What’s their total class of ’09? 30-40? One of the true small schools left in Indiana; maybe not for long.

  7. Read Feb 14th article; Achilles heel stings Eels in sectional loss. Sinclair ended up w/ a season total of 1776 carrer points. Coach Jack was there to wittness the event. This girl is a Shooter !!!
    Not to mention; a “Defence Animal” under the board!

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