IU, Virginia agree to home-and-home series

Scott Stadium

That’s Scott Stadium, home of the Virginia Cavaliers.

Indiana will be heading there on Oct. 10. Virginia and Coach Sweatshirt (Al Groh) will come to Bloomington in 2011.

Here’s the official release from IU media relations:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass announced Monday that Indiana and the University of Virginia have agreed to a home-and-home football series starting this fall.

“This is a great matchup for our players, alumni and other fans,” Glass said.  “Like IU, the University of Virginia is one of the country’s premier public universities from a premier conference.”

Glass noted that while this will be the first time that IU and Virginia have competed in football, they already compete for the best students in the country.

Academic excellence is a cornerstone of both campuses, with high achieving students, elite honors programs and outstanding faculty. Both boast premier scholarships for first-year students who have excelled as scholars, leaders and citizens – notably the Wells Scholars at Indiana University and the Jefferson Scholars at UVa.  IU and Virginia both enroll students with test score and GPA averages well above the national average and the averages of their states, and are routinely ranked by national publications and organizations – including both being selected by Kiplinger’s in their list of ‘100 Best Values in Public Colleges’. Indiana and UVa are schools committed to serving their states – with residents making up more than 60% of their student bodies, and are home to academic majors that are recognized among the best in the nation.

The Virginia game fills a slot in the Hoosiers’ schedule recently vacated by the University of South Florida.  USF asked to defer a game with Indiana so it could begin a series with Florida State University.

Glass said he was surprised, but pleased, to have an opportunity to impact IU’s football schedule in his first year as Director of Athletics.

IU and UVa will meet next season in Charlottesville, Va., on October 10. Virginia will travel to Bloomington for the return matchup on September 10, 2011. It will mark Indiana’s 16th meeting against an ACC opponent and its first since a 2001 showdown with North Carolina State in Raleigh.

“This is a great opportunity to face a very good team from the ACC,” Hoosier head coach Bill Lynch said. “We have tremendous respect for the Virginia program and we look forward to two challenging games.”

Virginia finished the 2008 season with a 5-7 record and a 3-5 conference mark. Former New York Jets head coach Al Groh owns a 56-44 record in his eight seasons at UVa. Groh has led the Cavaliers to five bowl games, including a 2007 appearance in the Gator Bowl, and three bowl victories.

The Hoosiers signed 18 student-athletes on National Signing Day. Head coach Bill Lynch’s second recruiting class included one four-star recruit and 12 three-star recruits in the Rivals.com and Scout.com rankings.

Indiana opens spring practice on Tuesday, March 24. The annual Cream & Crimson Spring Game will kick off at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, April 18, at 2 p.m.


  1. I am glad to see us pick up a school like Virginia. A solid program from the ACC.

    I know IU will probably get beat up on, but starting to schedule teams like Virginia and going away from teams like Indiana State, Western Kentucky or Murray State is where they need to go.

    Playing weak schedules doesn’t make you better, it gives false hope, and when that hope gets shattered by a team you think you should beat, the crash and recovery time is much longer.

    If you know you are playing higher caliber teams, it lights a fire inside you to push to be better, to work harder, to come out on top.

    Good job Mr. Glass.

  2. I see positives and negatives, we will see how it plays out! However, I will look more foreword to this game than one vs a smaller school!

  3. The negatives could be missing out on a bowl game, or an embarrassing loss, but after the Purdue game last year, no loss could ever be more embarrassing than that.

    I would like to see IU pick up more games like this, maybe a home and home with UNC or with Wake Forrest? Let’s bring back the SEC opponent and get the rivalry with Kentucky going again, maybe get a H&H with Arkansas or Vandy.

    It would be nice to see them look at the Big 12 North, maybe a series with Colorado or K. State.

    If they could phase out the little guys, and fill the out of conference schedule with BCS conference schools, in the long run, done right, it could lead to a positive outcome.

  4. Wow! We live in Northern Virginia. My wife is a UVA alum and my kids are considering both UVA and IU for college. This is really great for us and we’ll be looking to attend the game in Charlottesville, which is a college town much in the mold of Bloomington.

    This is a reasonable upgrade in the schedule. The Cavs aren’t some super-power like Texas or Florida, but are solid. They’ll provide a good measuring stick for IU’s progress (or lack thereof).

    For those that don’t know, UVA has a much smaller enrollment than IU. It is the number 2 rated public university in the country and is very, very competitive to get into. Their new basketball arena is super nice.

  5. YES!!!!!! FINALLY OPPONENTS WE CAN GET EXCITED ABOUT PLAYING!!!! Time to get some revenge for all those ACC/Big Ten hoops beat downs we receive.

    Thank you, Glass & Lynch!

  6. I will let him use the “I couldn’t help myself” excuse for that 1 post. If he continues to post, then we will have problems.


  7. This could be a road-trip worthy game. The Charlottesville area is beautiful. UVA’s not been a traditional powerhouse to my knowledge, so it’s a good match vs. a BCS opponent. Games of this caliber, a game against at CSD opponent, and a couple of MAC schools make for a nice non-conference schedule for IU.

    Say what you will about the MAC teams on the schedule, they always come gunning for a statement win vs. IU and provide a pretty good test for the team.

  8. IUninethree,

    Your statement about the MAC schools coming gunnign for IU is exactly what I was talking about when I said IU needs to schedule better opponents.

  9. So is the home game in 2010 or 2011? I think you made a typo on your post when you said 2010 at the top, because the press release says 2011. Is that right?

  10. Its not like Virginia is a bowl team every year, they have fallen on some tough times, so its very conceivable that IU could win this game. I’m excited about this game, these are the type of opponents IU should play, opponents that occasionally go to bowl games and will prepare us for Big Ten play, not FCS teams that don’t help us in any way.

  11. awesome. I am an IU alum, big IU fan and live in Cville. I can’t wait. Would love to see the 2 schools square off in Men’s soccer as well.

  12. I am so glad to see a game like this. I know there is a chance we may get beat badly, but I think these types of games allow IU to compete in the Big Ten. The MAC games are important, but they do not draw the fan support as the games against BCS teams. Also, if I were a recruit, I would rather play teams like USF and Virginia than Central Michigan and Akron. No offense to those schools, but IU is a program in a major conference, they should play some other teams from other major conferences.

  13. If we are going to go back to scheduling solid opponents instead of presumed cupcakes then we need to get Kentucky back on the schedule. The UK vs IU game will fill seats in the stadium. I’ve been a season ticket holder for numerous years, so I’ll be there regardless. But, the rivalry with UK at one point was more heated than the rivalry with Purdue. Mr. Glass, call UK and get them back on tap!

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