1. Had hoped for some more “highlights” of the kid. His shooting form isn’t what I expected, and it’s going to get stuffed all the time in college ball, but his numbers dont lie so we will see.

  2. From what little of him I’ve seen, he looks like a typical Crean guard. He can dribble, penetrate, dish, and shoot. What more do you want?

  3. I agree his form is wild off the right shoulder, but it is a quick enough release. He can really handle the ball and that is huge.

  4. i agree, spence has the better shot but it’s straight. atleast we saw that he could drop 20+ on a team that has a LOT of height on him

  5. great footage…at least we saw that hes quick and can handle the ball. i like what he will bring to iu

  6. The video didn’t show anything about what Hulls really can do.

    I know we have all heard the saying “he broke his ankles” when talking about a move. Hulls made a crossover against a DCD guard that left the kid laying on the court and an injury timeout called. I hate to see anyone get hurt, but that play is what Jordan does, that is he leaves people guarding air.

  7. The thing that I like about those particular clips is the sense of calm that he projects while running the team. He also understands the principle of changing speeds and directions very well. Getting to the rim is not just a product of overall speed, but the ability to change speeds (much like a picther might to get the batter off balance) and directions quickly.

  8. Mike P, You are so right! He directs and leads the #1 team in
    Hoosier land and the last rating I saw showed Bloomington
    South as the 5th best team in the Nation. I think this team
    they beat was like 4th in the nation. He is a kid that makes
    everyone on the team look better and when needed he can
    take over the game. He makes plays better than any kid I
    have seen and IU needs someone who can do just that. He
    will be an IU player we all will love for 4 years.

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