Morgan won’t play for Spartans

Junior forward Raymar Morgan — who apparently has mono and walking pneumonia — is in a shirt and tie as the rest of his Michigan State teammates warm up here at the already percolating Breslin Center.

The lower bowl of the arena — mostly inhabited by the citizens of the Izzone — is a little more than half full as we are a little over an hour from the tip of Tom Crean’s first game coaching against the Spartans in East Lansing.

How anyone can argue against first come, first served seating is beyond me.

Meanwhile, Indiana freshman Malik Story is doing a little dance near center court.

Winning changes things.

Crean’s welcome here

An excerpt from The Full Court Press, which is the official newsletter of the Izzone:

Please welcome Tom Crean back to the Breslin Center with a thunderous applause. He helped lay the foundation for the Michigan State men’s basketball program and has had a great deal of success since leaving the university.


Lucious can sky

Michigan State’s warmups involved a five jump shots from each player and then a dunk show for the students already gathered here.

It ended when 5-11 freshman Korie Lucious skied, windmilled and threw down a dunk that would have won just about ever dunk contest not involving NBA players I’ve ever seen. He landed and just stared straight ahead, while the fans were just breathless. Then, he smiled and the players began bouncing around. So did the students.

Lucious, by the way, is from Milwaukee and told The Detroit News that he attended several of Tom Crean’s practices at Marquette and saw several players throw up during them.

Maybe that’s why we’re not invited to practice: Crean simply doesn’t want us getting ralphed on.

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