1. Were with you Tom,the fan see it too. The Big 10 officials have been stupid for many years. Missing calls or making a call for the half court line that there is no way you can see under the basket.
    I remember a game from last year, when the official call a blocking foul on Bassett and he was sitting on the bench.
    The officials need to make a better effort or go back to school.

  2. I think part of the problem is that you’ve got refs who have been working Big Ten matches for a couple of decades — Ed Hightower, Donnee Grey, Ted Hillary, Jim Burr. And these four in particular have been (to say it very graciously) inconsistent the past several years.

    The Big Ten should really dump these guys and get some younger, though established, refs from other conferences.

  3. Interesting perspective from the Star article on the officals….

    boilerinohio wrote:

    Crean had every right to be upset with the officiating. I watch games from all over the country. I’m also a retired high school coach. Without a doubt, the officials that work the big ten as part of their games are some of the most inconsistent in the country. The one thing you expect out of officials is consistency, and the only thin consistent about them is their poor quality. If the same play is made on both ends of the floor, call it the same way.
    Face it IU fans, they aren’t expected to win, so you aren’t going to get the calls this year. If you win one big 10 game it will be in spite of the officials.
    How many 50 and 60 something officials does the Big 10 have trying to keep up with these kids? It needs to get younger and better officials in place. I honestly expect to see Jim Burr or one of the other older officals have a health issue right on the floor.
    I also think the regular season officiating is why the Big 10 often struggles in the early rounds of the tourney.

  4. What’s striking to me is that my friends and I can discern who is officiating a game just by the calls that are made, whether watching on TV or at Assembly Hall and can’t quite make out the officials’ faces.
    IU will come around again sure as the tide, but it will be a happy, happy day when Ed Hightower calls it quits.

  5. Amen to all of the above except “Bettor”. It’s just common sense that guys the age of those mentioned can’t begin to keep up with young kids in the peak of condition. Another one that I dread to see working a game is Welmer. He tries so hard to not be partial to us that he goes overboard to put the screws to us. That comment about us not being expected to win is something I have thought many times and have seen it happen over and over. Not a good excuse for pathetic officiating. TC had every right in the world to feel as he did in that game but as with everything else he has done and exemplified, he has conducted himself with class and professionalism.

  6. Have you watched Bob Knight on ESPN? He has a 5 minute show where he answers tough questions about the game of basketball. You may not like some of his ego problems but he dose know about the “Game”. One question he got was about officials. He said they are tired because they do to many games in a week. Right now some of these older guys are doing 6 games a week. Know wonder they make bad calls! He said many don’t know what traveling is all about. He had video of some key players at big schools traveling with no calls made. He had the big kid at N. Carolina traveling 6 times in one play. It was crazy that the refs let him get away with it but he plays for a highly ranked school and they just would not make the call. At IU right now those would be turn overs. Better games will come maybe this week we will beat Iowa!

  7. I hate whining about the refs but they were pretty inconsistent. The one call that stands out to me, or lack of a call, was the goaltending. That was 2 points and they then hit a 3 in transition, that’s a pretty big turnaround.

  8. it amazes me the perception that people have of the guys who ref. I always thought Hightower called it IU’s way, especially when Knight was here. I also read more than once that he and Knight were friends so I don’t think he has something against IU. I was going to Juco games when Welmer worked them and I have never gotten past his pants problem. Grey, Hillary and Burr that are mentioned from above, I think they are very inconsistent and they do call it the way of the BETTER ranked team in the second half.

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