The Knight went down to Georgia?

Bob Knight

Evoking all sorts of images from that Charlie Daniels classic, Bob Knight is reportedly interested in taking the head coaching job at Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Furman Bisher, who’s old enough to hold grudges against anyone with Japanese lineage for Pearl Harbor, first reported that Knight wants the Georgia job, but won’t ask for it.

Now, the AJC’s Tim Tucker has this — the Bulldogs would welcome Knight to Athens. 

“I’d like to play for Coach Knight — as long as he doesn’t hit me,” freshman forward Trey Thompkins said.

Thompkins said he was kidding, of course. But maybe he wasn’t, and just didn’t want his first meeting with Knight to be physical.

Knight has also been connected with the Alabama job, though it seems unlikely that Nick Saban, the only man with an ego large enough to challenge Knight’s, would let that happen.


  1. The kid was probably only half kidding. Knight’s ways are too old school to be relevant now, hence he quit at TTU in the middle of a season because he can’t win anymore. (at least nothing beyond a game or two in the tourney) Stay retired Bob and be happy in your ESPN job. Also, don’t take the job just so Pat and Stew can have jobs. It’s time they find work on their own.

  2. I can’t understand why he would submit himself to undertaking
    a major program like Georgia in his retirement years.
    I hope he just enjoys his family, hunting and fishing and an
    occasional appearance on TV.

  3. So, what this means is that there were be Georgia T-shirts and other stuff around the stores now?


    (as Texas Tech stuff started appearing after he took over at TT)

  4. yeah, i do enjoy all the idiots around with their texas tech apparel. i bet they don’t even know which state lubbock is in!

  5. He’s got a sweet gig going right now with ESPN….he doesn’t need the headache of coaching at Georgia.

  6. Can’t wait to buy my Georgia t-shirt so I can be the recipient of harsh, unfair and unnecessary blanket judgments from people like you.

  7. Why would Georgia want to go to Coach Knight. He was a great coach, but he’s not going to be again. Georgia needs to move forward.

    Enjoy your retirement coach.

  8. UGA doesnt need someone who would be there MAYBE 3 years…They (and bama) need someone who can spend some time turning both those programs around. Also its worth adding that they are both football powerhouses and its basically the inverse of Indiana trying to be competitive in football every year…just not gonna happen.

  9. “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Furman Bisher, who’s old enough to hold grudges against anyone with Japanese lineage for Pearl Harbor…”

    This is a typical liberal cheap-shot on a sportswriting legend. Why would you criticize the man who famously helped push back a slave rebellion at his son’s plantation in antebellum Jaw-ja?

    Furman Fun Fact: The son whose plantation he helped save was none other than Strom Thurmond, another “old South” hero and virulent, racist idiot.

  10. Would love to see Knight Coach basketball players and atheletes they have at Georgia.I guess winning a couple games in the tournament isnt good?Knight has plenty to offer kids that are willing to listen, bring back the discipline and you will win.

  11. I think IF RMK coaches again, he ends up at a smaller school ala Rick Majerus at St. Louis. Somewhere that he can teach the game, which he loves to do, but there won’t be a tremendous pressure to recuit and win at a high major level.

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