There’s Orange in the Hall; Dumes update

Unlike most Indiana games this season, today’s tilt with Illinois sold out a few days in advance. When I heard that, I immediately wondered if the Illinois fan base snapped up some of those $5 tickets.

That’s exactly what happened. It’s going to be an interesting atmosphere in here today. And the Stripe Out will be dotted with Orange.

As for Devan Dumes…my guess is that he won’t play. While most of his teammates were warming up austerely, he was dominating a 12-year-old in a game of one-on-one. Also, he’s not wearing a uniform right now, while most players are.


  1. I sat in section F in the corner and there were a handful of Illini fans, 20 maybe and I only saw one other group of orange, 10 or so to the far right. I did not see any across from us. I had NO view of the balcony. I was surprised there was not more orange there. It was funny watching them behind us, they got scared!

  2. They brought a solid group of fans (especially in the balcony), but its not like they took over or anything. I was up in the balcony, and there were plenty of IU fans up there.

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