1. Verdell Jones showed a lot of heart this season and especially today. If he hadn’t been on the court I’m not sure they score 30.

    That will change next season with more talent. It has to. No team can win with just one or two player that can get their own shot.

  2. Uhm…Fire, I think you got lost. The football posts are to your left. And Crean is spelled L-Y-N-C-H. Not that I’m wanting him fired, but it’s knee-jerk reaction in these parts that when you say football you have to have someone yell “FIRE LYNCH.” With a little emphasis on *jerk*. Happy to be of service!

  3. These young men showed that they are of great character and guts. At the end of this season I have a great deal of pride as opposed to the embarrasment of last season. Tom Crean is just what we needed.

  4. RSR–
    I cannot believe that someone is out to dump Tom Crean. Consider how far he brought a group of mostly untried, un-recruited freshmen; by the end of the season they played with a lot of heart and energy–and came close to beating some teams in the top half of the Big Ten. Consider how he brought along Marquette–the team and the athletes. In two years I believe all Hoosier fans will be cheering for the Crean and Crimson!

  5. RSR, ignore FireCreanNow. He’s been doing this all year. He’s just looking for attention.

  6. Thanks to all the IU players, coaches, and staff. As tough as this season was for us fans, it was far worse for you. You did your best in very difficult circumstances. I look forward to better things next year.

  7. I was able to catch most of the game while dining with family last night at BDubs. As the clock wound down, myself, my table, and about 90% of the restaurant broke out in applause. I’m really proud of these boys, who even facing the challenges they faced (and we all know it was a challenging year!) did not give up. I saw a LOT of great improvements through the season, and can’t wait to see what next year holds for the Crean and Crimson! Indiana, We’re All For You!

  8. Thank you to the 08 Team. They deserve a lot of credit for their hard work and representing IU well…not with wins, but any true hoosier fan, or even any basketball fan can understand that.

  9. Thanks for the season guys. The W/L didn’t matter, it was the pride of watching kids play the right way again!

    It will get better, for you and the fans.

  10. Crean should go, along with half the roster. If they can’t win at this level, they never will.

  11. Thanks for a GREAT season! I am fired up for next year already. Thanks Taber for all you have went through but it shows your are a true “Hurryin Hoosier”. Crean & Crimson Forever!

  12. Us I.U. fan knew how this season was going to turn out. The kids played their butts off all season, thank you for that. Hats off to Taber for sticking with it for five years. The wins will come with the help of next years class.
    Also, thanks to Chris Korman and the guys for the live game blogs. Even though I personally didn’t know any of the bloggers, I felt like I was watching the game with a room full of friends.
    Good regional game at Blackford, Tipion (Elston -I.U.)vs Ft. Wayne Luers (Thomas – O$U)

    Go Hoosiers!!!!

  13. I am the ONLY true Indiana fan here! I care and you interlpers dont! Fire Crean NOW!!!

  14. Chats, Scott!! Not blogs! (We sure don’t want to get anyone in trouble!! They were chats!)
    And I second Scott’s thoughts on the chats as well. Prior to tax season, when I could watch, I had TV, Don on my radio, and my HTO crew on my laptop. It’s been a blast, and I can’t wait for football season, hope to see you all there!

  15. Thanks to the HT crew for some excellent coverage of the team during this trying, yet inspirational year. Thanks to for this chat room and blog forum where we can all hang out and post.

    Looking forward to next year, but 1st gotta head down to Seymour to see South win the Regional tonight and see future IU start Jordy Hulls! Go Panthers!

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