1. I have a question for anyone, but maybe someone at the HT would be able to answer this.

    I was watching ESPN2 and the Iowa/Michigan game and the announcers were talking about the future of the Hoosiers. They’re talking about new faces coming in next year…something like seven. What’s going to happen to the guys on this year’s team? You can’t have a 20 man roster can you?

    I was just hoping that someone could explain and/or clear things up for me.

  2. True, although Moore and Finkelmeier are walk-ons, taber is gone, and there are at least a few other walk-ons currently on the team (gambles, and another one that I can’t think of at least).

  3. I think someone like Hulls or perhaps even Creek will be redshirted to make space, as there may not be enough playing time to go around.

  4. I can see a current player taking a redshirt before Hulls or Creek but I think you might be right.

  5. I agree Mike that he is a good ball-handler, but if you think that Rivers will be starting next year, how much time do you think Hulls can get? I mean, if he is in practice and get’s to understand the game from Rivers, it seems that when Rivers leaves, Hulls will be that much better with more playing time. Besides, Verdell is more than capable of being a good backup PG, and the off-guard position is secured with Creek, Dumes, even Nick Williams.

  6. Zach,

    As of right now, no position is secure. Hulls is a smarter player than Dumes, Jones or Williams, and can control the ball better than any of the 3. The season will start with Rivers and Jones as the PG and 2 guard in my opinion. Williams will never be more than a bench guy to give others a rest (to selfish and out of control).

    Dumes I can’t say what will happen with him. I seen flashes of brilliance, and flash of stupidity that can be accounted for him being immature.

    As the season progresses, Rivers will be asked to move to the #2 guard and Jordy will work his way in as the PG. Another thing, Hulls plays defense.

    I think Creek is going to have freshman struggles finding his shot against a more talented defensive base in the NCAA and especially the Big Ten than what he is used to now. Jordy will just do what he does. Make plays, put his team in position to win, and distribute the rock.

    Remember when he signed and everyone that he was a mistake, and Crean messed up going after a guard. I told everyone Jordy was a better player than anyone could imagine and he would prove it this season. Hulls is now a McDonald’s All American and is a Mr. Indiana finalist for basketball this year.

    So I might be wrong about him next year, but I haven’t been so far.

    Of course, I am very biased toward Hulls, I have no problem admitting that.

  7. It would be great if Hulls played better D than Rivers but Rivers was one of the best defenders in the Big East last year.

  8. Mike,

    Let me start off with saying I have absolutely nothing against Hulls, I agree that he will be a great player for IU, but in my opinion, I just think that it would be better for the future of the program, and maybe even for Hulls, if he were to redshirt a year so that he can develop further under an experienced PG in Rivers, and then take the starting spot next year(This is assuming that Rivers has one year left of eligibility? Correct me if I am wrong).

    I like Verdell in either guard spot, but if you move him to the 2, where do you put Creek? Do you put him on the bench and redshirt him? Make him a backup?

    Also, you said that Hulls plays defense, but I would disagree and say that Rivers is a better defender because he has experience playing on a great defensive team in the toughest conference in the country. I haven’t seen him play as much, but I saw a good defender. I want to know how well do you think Hulls will defend against a Talor Battle or a Kalin Lucas in a Big Ten conference where he has no experience.

    To verify, I don’t think your course of approach is bad, I just think mine is better for the 2010-11 season and beyond rather than 2009=10.

  9. Interesting comment about “the best conference in the country”. Colin Cowherd on ESPN centered his show Friday on how overrated the Big East is. His arguments were that the Big East was in the big media markets and, hence, got an unreasonable amount of press. He then rolled out the numbers and, you know what, he was right. The have half the number of final 4 teams over the last 15 (or 20, can’t remember) that the Big Ten has. A third the ACC. Everyone but UConn gets killed out of conference. I can’t remember all the stats but he made a pretty compelling argument.

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