Avery, former UK commit, visits Indiana

LOUISVILLE — Michael Avery, a 6-foot-4 guard from Lake Sherwood (Calif.), visited the Indiana basketball program Friday morning.

Avery, who is in Louisville this weekend to play for the 16u Indiana Elite Team Indiana team at the Grassroots Shootout, made national news when he committed to Kentucky as an eighth-grader in the spring of 2008.

But that verbal commitment went to former coach Billy Gillespie, not new coach John Calipari.

Avery, who is a member of the class of 2012, said he asked his AAU coach Mark Adams if he could visit the campus and talk to the Indiana coaching staff.

Avery said that Crean said he likes that Avery keeps his head up and is always looking to make passes.

He’s going to continue calling Crean and checking in, trying to continue to get to know the coaching staff and the program.

Avery does not believe an offer has been made.

Right now, he is wide-open. He has also been to Georgetown, UCLA and USC. He is not sure if he’ll make another quick decision.

Committing early to Kentucky helped him to deal with pressure, because the commitment got so much national attention (and played a role in the NCAA changing its legislation to include eighth-graders under recruiting rules).

Avery scored eight points in his team’s opener on Friday, on 4-of-5 shooting. He played good defense on the perimeter and inside the paint, and also led the team’s break at times.


  1. with young guys like this you say thank you very much and hope you keep us in mind. for god sakes don’t start text messaging them wondering how they did on their social studies test or in driver’s ed. tom crean has a lot of other fish to fry than this freshman, who probably committed to kentucky more for the school than for the coach. if he committed to billy gillespie, why wouldn’t he stick with john calipari? it’s nice he thought to come visit iu, and his list of other schools is impressive, but there are literally a thousand other kids tom crean will consider between now and 2012. what a business to be in, chasing after young high school kids and kissing their fannies.

  2. OK, here is problem #1.
    A 16 yr. old from CALIFORNIA is on the Indiana Elite AAU team. Does anyone else see a problem here? When exactly does a kid from California get to practice with the Indiana team? Why would the “Indiana Elite” not have only Indiana kids?
    Do you see why I despise AAU basketball?

  3. prophet, you can trust me indianas aau programs are clean. otherwise, crean wouldn’t touch any of the players on the teams.

  4. Well Gee Johnny if they are clean, then how is all these kids [of mostly meger means] have the money to travel all over the country spring/summer. The NCAA has rules against money being supplied to future recruits, so when the money is funneled by [who knows, law firms-future agents, etc.] then is any AAU team clean, or is it understood that “everybody does it”?

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