Bob Knight is on NBC

From NBC’s new show, “Parks and Recreation.” It’s set in Pawnee, Ind. and it’s about, apparently, the parks and recreation department in the fictional small town. Amy Poehler stars, and I’ve seen one guy in the commercials that I recognize and remember being pretty funny.

But, it is comedy. And Indiana. And that usually equals Bob Knight.


  1. The funny part is that I heard on some “news” show/miscellaneous other TV drivel that Lafayette is the town that the show is actually based on. This is a possibility as, currently, the Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department is trying to get a smoking ban on all of the parks in the city. Now, people wouldn’t be able to smoke in the park, but go the the sidewalk and then, it would be fine.

  2. I also heard on a news show that it is based on Lafayette Parks and Rec.

    The show is absolutely hilarious. It is just like The Office only it makes fun of the government setting instead of the office setting. I love making fun of the government.

  3. There is a large Indian in the title come in for the show, [Montpelier, IN]? The show is making fun of small town bureaucrats in general, especially women. It doesn,t matter which town or state, they start in a neighborhood asso. and the next thing… they have a comittee talking about dog crap. Its rather sad, but funny!

  4. It will be interesting to see the personality of the character who has Bobby’s picture on his office wall develop, like, does he actually idolize the guy, are they relatives or something? Maybe he’s a big supporter and goes to all the home games… maybe they’re hunting buddies, or play golf together… maybe he’s a buddy with Woody Musberger too. Maybe they go to the same clothier or barber. Or just maybe they ride their bikes out to the quarry and take a dip together. Or have the same therapist.

  5. The dude on the left is in “Observe and Report”. Which I thought was hilarious. I’ll be willing to bet most fans of that movie hang out in the parking lot during home games. At least they have a good sense of humor.

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