Cream and Crimson spring game

FINAL SCORE: Crimson 28, Cream 27


With 43 seconds left, the Cream went for a two-point conversion to win the game. They ran it up the middle with Burgess and were stuffed for no gain. It looks like the Crimson will hang on, 28-27.


A penalty for excessive celebration and a long Doss kickoff return have given the Cream the ball at the Crimson 46 to start their final drive. And Bryan Payton took it the distance around end on the first play. It’s 28-27. It looks like they’ll go for two.


Teddy Schell has connected on an 48-yard pass to Chris Banks to pull the Crimson ahead, 28-21, with 1:01 remaining.


The members of the media collected here in the press box at Memorial Stadium are somewhat less than excited about the prospects of overtime.


Burgess just had his second long TD run, 35 yards this time, making the score 21-19 with 2:20 left. The Cream went for two and got it on a pass from Chappell to Evans. It’s tied at 21.


This is less than an exciting exhibition at this point. The crowd, not that big to start with – a few thousand I suppose? – has dwindled. It’s still 21-13 Crimson with 3:35 left and the Cream has the ball in its own territory.


The Cream offense just broke through on a 30-yard TD run by Trea Burgess. That cuts the Crimson advantage to 21-13 with 9:57 left.


Adam Follett just connected with Belcher for the first score of the second half. It’s 21-7 for the Crimson. A bad afternoon so far for the Cream offense that has most of the first-string offensive players, including the first-string line.


End of Third Quarter: Crimson 14, Cream 7


With just under four minutes left in the third quarter of this rapidly moving game, the score is still Crimson 14, Cream 7. We have Andrew Pimentel playing QB now for the Cream.


Connor Creevey in at quarterback for the Crimson. Who?


No scoring and not much offense early in the third quarter. Chappell just got the offense going for the Cream with a long completion to Doss, but the drive stalled and Hagerup is punting.


Halftime stat leaders:

Crimson –

Rushing: McCray 4-76, Willis 8-42.

Passing: Follett 3-6-23-1, Schell 3-3-49-0

Receiving: Belcher 2-34, Adetona 2-24


Rushing: Payton 9-43, Burgess 5-14

Passing: Chappell 8-11-90-0

Receiving: Lewis 3-44, Turner 2-12, Schweighardt 1-23


Halftime score: Crimson 14, Cream 7


Ray Fisher just returned the kickoff 50 yards after the Cream score. The Crimson, after a Schell to Adetona completion and a 17-yard McCray run is at the 17.

Darius Willis finished the lightning-fast drive with a 17-yard run. It’s 14-7 Crimson with 3:36 left in the half.


The Cream is finally getting it going on offense. Chappell has completed two long passes in a row, one to Chris Schweighardt and one to Kellen Lewis off play action. It’s 2nd and 5 at the Crimson 28.

On 3rd and 3, Chappell rolled right and found Lewis for a 21-yard gain.

Chappell finished the drive on the next play with a 7-yard pass to tight end Troy Wagner in the right corner of the end zone. It’s 7-7 with 4:47 left in the half.


Follett just overthrew an open Matt Ernest on what could have been a 25-yard gain. The Crimson has to punt. 10 minutes left in the half. Still 7-0 Crimson.


Darius Willis got about a 15-yard gain on the first play of the second quarter, then a 10-yard gain on the next play, but it was called back on a penalty. He looks good so far.


End of first quarter, Crimson 7-0


Demetrius McCray has put the Crimson on the board with a 4-yard TD run with 4:03 left in the first quarter. A long pass from Teddy Schell to Demarlo Belcher set up the score. Crimson, 7-0.


The Crimson got a long run from Demetrius McCray on its first play, but Adam Follett threw a pick on the next one. Kyle Dietrick made the interception.


It looks like the Cream has most of the No. 1 offense, while the Crimson has most of the No. 2 defense. The Cream was stopped on a 3 and out on its first possession.


The annual spring game is about to get started on a sunny day in Bloomington. We’ll provide some live updates as it proceeds.

The Cream has the ball first with Ben Chappell at quarterback, starting at the 40.


  1. O line looks very avg, just like the past. They run blocked well but it was IU playing D. The WR’s look as athletic and deep as I ever remember. MIKE P, Chap looks good. I got on him because he missed #1 over the middle and then he completed 3 or 4 in a row for a score to #87. He has better QB instinct than Lewis ever had but needs to feel pocket pressure better I think. That will come with experience. Defense looked OK I guess but many were out. Doss and Fisher look great in the return game, I was impressed with special teams on a whole. Gotta run, more later. I am sunburned!!! Oh, Finch looked much better than last year, smarter abd faster…

  2. J Pat,

    Thanks for the update man. I went to that coaches clinic in Indy today. I forgot what it was like to do drills all day, especially my big ass running receiver patterns. I can proudly say I did not drop a single pass, though they did get on me for not cutting up field fast enough.

    I know you didn’t want to believe me when I told you Chap is a better (not more athletic) QB than Lewis could ever be, every once in a while I get one right.

    I noticed in the 2 scrimmages he seemed to not be picking up the backside pressure (when they actually got there) as he made his reads. I’m guessing he just needs a little more time being back in the pocket, and maybe a couple good hits to get back to form.

    As for Finch, that ankle is healthy and he is back to being allowed to play his style at safety. Being the free he gets to read and react to the play and not just to the receiver. A move they should have made last year!

    I’m mostly interested in the line play and how the backs looked (especially Willis) even though I know the defense wasn’t 100%.

  3. Willis (13-80) and McCray (10-88) looked great. The D seemed to play more man coverage than usual as well.

  4. Jimmy,

    Less concerned about stats as I am about how they ran.

    Were they making good reads?

    Hitting the holes running down hill instead of stutter stepping?

    Were they able to keep moving forward after contact and pick up the extra 1/2 or full yard the hard way?

    Thanks for the input.

  5. Mike P.,

    I’m not Jimmy or J Pat or even Aruss, but I’d say that the running backs did do all of the things you asked about fairly consistently. The offense is clearly more downhill.

    But I think there was no possible way to project how well the offense line will do against a legitimate defense.

    Let me put it this way: the coaching staff has succeeded in making the team more of a power run threat. Whether or not that will lead to success is still very much in question.

  6. Power run threat? I would honestly disagree. I have not been to the other two scrimmages, but we went for 3 quarters today. Running out of the popgun with no fullback is not going to be a power running team in the BigTen. (I do think Payton and Willis both have big upside if used properly.)

    I will agree that the O-line was difficult to gauge today.

    Most of the receivers showed good hands today when the ball was on target.

    It was pretty warm, and I thought the teams looked a little lethargic. Maybe no one else saw it that way. Just my impression.

  7. Chris and KevinK,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I know I didn’t see yesterday, but I did see both previous scrimmages. In those the backs were definitely moving north/south a lot more than east/west. I would have to agree with Kevin though, with no fullback, having a “power” running game is going to be hard to accomplish, especially against Big Ten linebackers.

    During recruiting season last year I had Chris ask about the staff not recruiting a true fullback. The answer then was that the spread doesn’t utilize a fullback enough to recruit one. Fair enough. There is the old saying about hindsight being 20/20, but I would rather my foresight to be 20/20 so I am always moving forward.

    Now on to the lineman.

    Things I would be looking at with the lineman would be foot work, and their flow.

    If the play was going right, were all the lineman blocking together to give them the push that direction?

    Once they made their initial blocks, did the lead side look up field and try to pick up blocks into the secondary or were they content with just getting their first assignment?

    Did anyone look lost as to their assignment?

    Were they lost on 1 or multiple plays?

    I would be looking for who on the line got beat by a DL or LB?

    Was the same guy(s) or side being beat consistently?

    Were the beat by athleticism (speed, agility, etc.), by fundamentals or just by being lazy?

    I’m not trying to judge what this team will do come September based on 3 weeks of practice, that is still a long way off.

    I am looking for positives & mistakes in fundamentals, guys who forget their assignment on plays and for those guys only playing half ass. These are things that can be coached and fixed, some easier than others.

    Again, thanks for all the input guys!

  8. I had my 3 year old and 4 year old so I did not look that close at the O line. I thought the run blocking was decent but pass blocking…needs work for sure. They seem bigger to me but I sat low. The backs cut so well, better than I can remember. I agree that it will need to be really precise with NO fullback. They squeaked through the hole and were shifty but when hit, went down. They are small backs. Willis looked good to me but Mcray did too. Lewis was not utilized in gadget plays like I thought he would be. I think there are at least 3 better WR than him right now. I will say that I saw harder hits and well timed hits from the D secondary than I can ever remember.

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