Crean: good basketball coach, best Tweeter (ever)

Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean is on Twitter.

Since joining on April 16, he has provided 31 updates and accumulated more than 800 followers.

And he’s a good Tweeter.

Some of his hits include:

  • My wife hates when i am on the phone to much when driving. Almost side swiped a car today on the phone with a recruit.
  • When you have to eat in a hurry but dont want fast food you can never go wrong with a authentic Mexican restraunt. A meal served in 5 minutes! HUGE!
  • Unless there is something i missed YOUNG JEEZY will b performing at the little 500 next week. Bloomington is HUGE
  • Has coach izzo shaved his head yet???? I still say no way
  • Paul davis from msu and the clippers is trying 2 find the girl of his dreams on bravo. A indiana alum would never need a show 2 get a date

First off, he is so right about the Mexican places. One time at Casa Brava the dude handed me my enchiladas while I was still trying to decide what to have. They’re quick. And delicious.

Second off, if you’ve been holding out from the Twitter craze you now have a reason to join. Though I only excerpted the quirkiest tweets, Crean also informs you of what he’s up to (like where he’s recruiting) and what the team is working on (like getting to the rim).

Use the link above to begin following him.


  1. Crean is good, but come on Chris, how can you say he is a better tweeter than the Shaq Diesel?

    Just a few of his stuff:

    -Started my diet the other day, I haven’t cheated yet, I wanna b a calvin klein underwear model, pls dnt laugh

    -I’m sitting close to michelle pheiffer Schwwww, wow, ow, hot, smoking

    -And o yea ashton kushter, I aint forgot u punked me, the diesel is comin baby

    -One two Diesels comin for u Three four Gonna tweet some more Five six I play a lotta trix Seven eight tweetin is great Nine ten …

    Plus Shaq does giveaway stuff like this:

    -Whoeva finds me at graceland gets four tickets

    -The person who makes the funniest picture of lou admunson gets a big twitter gift, its on now

    Sorry, but I think the Diesel is the best ever on Twitter!

  2. That is funny about Davis. I saw that episode and he got clowned by that lady that runs that business. Apparently he doesnt have a ton of game off the court. I suppose that is pretty obvious if you are on there to begin with.

    Crean is a good tweeter though for being new at it. Got to get with the times!! I am sure the recruits are reading it as well. Bruce Pearl heads the “new age” recruiting group, but Tom isnt far behind!

  3. Coach is great at sharing, but thus far lousy at connecting. Since he’s only be on Twitter for less than a week, Crean is still in a grace period. However, it would be nice to see him start to follow locals as well.

    Coach seems most comfortable texting, rather than using a Twitter client (Twitterrific, Tweetie, etc). Text by phone isn’t the easiest way to interact with your network or follow people. I hope someone sets up Twitter properly on his computer so he might use that screen time to engage with fans.

    By the way, there are likely some NCAA implications for this use. John Infante wrote a nice blog on the possible NCAA take on Twitter use ( based on Bylaw, which governs use of social media with recruits. The limitations would deal specifically with interaction, not social connection, but that might be worth an article by itself.

  4. How long until this is banned by the NCAA? I’m sure there will be some reason why its not allowed.

  5. Brad,

    Compliance departments across the country are already trying to find out how this can and cannot be used by coaches. I’ll have a post on that a little bit later.

  6. I was wondering the same thing Brad, you can send direct tweets that are basically a private message, so I am sure the NCAA is going to be all over this real soon.

  7. Davis was such a stiff on Millionaire Match Maker. I do not care for the woman who runs the business though. She abuses all of her clients and thinks she knows all about love (but isn’t married herself).

    I think the NCAA needs to take a step back and re-examine the whole student contact issue. We live in an age where communication runs at warp speed and the volume of it is incredible. Kids these days are avid consumers of it. So it seems to me that the NCAA really doesn’t know what the burden of calls, emails, TMs and Twitters to the athletes really is.

  8. His entries are great and props to him for taking advantage of another tool to generate interest and indirectly recruit.

    However, am I the only one here who thinks Twitter is a little scary and insane? I’ll concede that our society is sadly obsessed with celebs, so that’s one thing. But, what about everyone else doing it? “Wisco is cutting the grass.” “Wisco is going to the cleaners.” I just don’t get why anyone would care about the mundane details of my, or most other people’s, life. Just a little sad, weird and narcissistic all rolled into one, in my opinion.

    That said, glad Coach is working the angle. People do care what he’s doing. Because he’s a bad ass and future Hall of Fame coach.

  9. I just started “using” Twitter and I find it a little weird (and I’m an email fanatic, Twitter seems not like texting and not like email – its more of an Facebook status update). I am enjoying Crean’s tweets though, it could be due to the “new-ness” of this Twitter thing, it could be due to my love of IU hoops, it could be both.

  10. I’ve been avoiding Twitter for months now but I might now have to convert…tho I will still think it as legalized stalking…

  11. Emily K,

    You can control who follows you and who doesn’t. You will only be stalked by those who you want to stalk you.

  12. Thanks Mike….will have to check it out. I suppose a twitter use allows oneself to be stalked by how much stuff they put out on public sites.
    Either way, Crean seems like he’s a comedic twitter person…hope I will enjoy his tweets.
    Lordy, already doing the lingo…. 🙂

  13. I like following exgr’s on twitter. Not to stalk them or anything but just to keep tabs on them. You never know; sometimes when you get home from the bars at 2am and you want to say hello to an ex.

  14. Wisco- When I mow my yard it is an event, 4.25 acres. Scott W now leaving to go to Walmart.

  15. Haha. While I do feel sorry for you, Scott, being the beginning of mowing season and all, you prove my point: I don’t care if you’re mowing your yard, even if I knew you I wouldn’t. Maybe your friends do, to which I’d say maybe you need new friends. But, anyway, I’m obviously not winning this debate. Go pop culture! Maybe one day we won’t need actual human interaction at all. Anyway, hope you have a Dixie Chopper with a cooler mounted on the side.

    And I don’t want to be stalked by anyone. Except maybe Jessica Simpson, of a couple years ago. Or someone comparable.

    Ultimately, I think Twitter is popular because it’s popular. Jim says Go Hoosiers!

  16. Wisco I know what your saying, it seams like everyone has to know your business. Just smile and wave, somebody is watching. I’ll be on my Kubota.

  17. Be careful Coach about telling anyone that you are on the “phone” with a recruit.

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