Headed to the Derby Fest

H. Williams Kellenberger is handling the driving as we cruise down I-65 toward Knights Hall on the campus of Bellarmine, where tonight three IU recruits — Christian Watford, Maurice Creek and Jordan Hulls — will take part in the Night of Future Stars event.

We’re not sure what this will entail, but the title was sufficiently enticing to us to make the trip.

Check back for reports starting around 6:45.


  1. You guys either arent married or are hard core sports reporters!!!! Thanks for great coverage, i was down on hugh after the all area football team came out and i still dont see eye to eye with him , but he has really picked things up since then!

  2. Hey fellas,

    Sorry for the late posting. We were court side during the event but didn’t really have a table or anything to write from. We’ll get you a post soon.

    Hugh’s taking the marriage plunge in about a month. I expect him to work twice as hard after that happens.

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