1. Great video- thanks for posting it, Chris. I really appreciate the behind-the-scenes view of the construction progress and the program’s view on development. I haven’t been able to see Memorial Stadium in person since renovation began, so I rely on this site as a primary source of info.

    After seeing the photos and video, I really like the design and facility upgrade- it fits with the classic campus limestone style and “Rock” motif, and the practice facilities look really great. I think if Hep was alive to carry the momentum he started we would be in the middle of a sea change in enthusiasm for IU football. However, Bill Lynch is a capable caretaker for the program- I think you can hear that in the video. And even if he doesn’t produce the bowl-winning teams we will need to truly bring this program where we want it to be, I beleive he understands what this facility upgrade will mean for IU football in the long term. I wish him the best in producing the top-notch program we know IU will one day be.

  2. The facility itself looks nice and with all the amenities it has to be one of the best (at least it’s the newest), at least for now.

    I don’t recall the numbers, what’s the new total seating capacity with the renovation project; how many new outdoors seats and how many suite seats are being added?

    If we didn’t sell out the previous games/seats, except maybe for TOSU and we know that was them and not us, what are we going to do with all these additional seats?

    Is anything being done about the parking? Were are people going to park for these additional seats, we all know parking already has been a nightmare. If we sell more seats, where are these people going to park and how are they going to get to the game; what about the traffic! Are there any plans to improve the congestion caused by game day traffic?

  3. Nice photo power point. The star had one and it never showed the view from the field toward the north end zone. if we saw the office and patio areas did I miss it? Maybe the Athletic office can do a promotional video, say like Mich State did for all of their great athlete areas. 5,0000 new seats? 53,0000 total? does that sound right?

  4. Capacity is going from 52,000 (49,000 last year) to around 53,500 I think. Taking out the old north and south bleachers negates some of the new seats.

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