Indiana gets commitment from 2010 recruit

*There’s some discrepancy over Williams’ stats, and he may not have averaged nearly as many points.

Sometimes, the recruiting process moves slowly.

Other times, it happens as it did today for Indiana and David Williams, a 6-7 wing from Jacksonville, Fla.

The Hoosiers offered a scholarship. He accepted.

In doing so, Williams (who averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds a game last year for First Coast High School, which won its first ever district title) became the first player to pledge to join the 2010 class.

“Indiana is just a school that everybody knows, and it is every player’s dream to play at a place like that,” Williams told me moments ago.

Williams plays AAU basketball for the Atlantic Celtics, an organization that Indiana assistant Roshown McCleod was close with before being hired late last summer. Indiana head coach Tom Crean was accompanied by McLeod in Florida today and the duo saw Williams work out at the high school.

“I knew coach Ro and knew that he would be part of an exciting team that would want to get up the floor,” Williams said.

His high school coach, Charles J. Showers, said he thought Williams would thrive as a big guard in the Big Ten.

“He liked the style of play in the conference,” Showers said. “He’s a big-time player who likes to play against other big-time players. That’s what he was looking for, and he found it with a great program.”

Showers said Williams has a 3.8 GPA and was a leader for his high school team.


  1. This makes NO sense. I am pissed right now. We have limited scholarships for the next two years and we give one to this kid. What the hell Crean!

  2. Without having seen him play, I think it’s best we wait to judge him. As was proven this year, transfers happen and we won’t really know the scholarship situation for 2010 until this next season is over with. And if I remember correctly, a certain point guard gained a lot of ground with the recruiting services in his senior year. Let’s wait and see.

  3. This makes No sense. I am not happy right now. We have limited scholarships for the next TWO years and we give one to this kid. Crean has me befuddled.

  4. Andy, give the kid a chance. Dwayne Wade was on noone’s radar either at one time. If we would have waited on Hulls, he would have been at Duke. I don’t think Crean would have offered unless he saw something in the kid. I for one fully support the coaching staff. Lets all wait and see. You have to have talent to average 21 pts. and 11 boards in any league.

  5. Crean is at Indiana. He doesn’t need to take a chance on an “up and comer” when there are plenty of legitimate top-notch prospects that are interested in the program. That being said this kid does sound a lot like Calbert Cheaney, being left-handed, 6’7″, and holding a 3.8 GPA.

  6. i get the impression that coach crean saw this player he may have enormous potenial.he maybe 6-8 before he gets to iu.

  7. Jessan Ashley-Grey redux. Crean should scout for himself and not rely on McCleod. Just because Roshown knows him does not make him worthy of a scholly. We do not need to be giving precious schollies to Roshown’s peeps.

  8. Sounds like he could turn out to be a Terrence Williams (UofL) type player. Those stats are very good. He is very versatile and a point-forward.

  9. The more I am hearing about him the more I like the signing. I know we have all been caught up in the “oh my God we have a top-rated recruiting class”, but there are A LOT of diamonds in the rough out there. And if you are taking a chance on a kid it seems like a 6’7″ wing with PG ball skills who still has a ton of potential and is a great student seems like a solid chance to take.

    I know you all want it to be Eric Gordon we are signing every time you see a commit, but you should try and get over that way of thinking. This kid is obviously a ball player. Roshown got it on Crean’s radar and Tom saw it himself and decided to try to scoop him up before word got out too much.

    From what I have heard he has Deshaun Thomas game with maybe a better handle but perhaps not that type of scorer yet. According to Evan he has great defensive abilities as well.

    Its funny that very few had even heard of Jordan Hulls before we offered him as well. Now he is a top 50 guy nationally. Besides, NONE of us have seen him play, but Coach has. That should be enough for you to take a moment before talking out of your A$$.

  10. Crean saw him play last year for the Celtics — since they are one of the programs that coaches follow closely at all times — and again today in a workout at the school.

  11. Hey Teague, come to IU and play with a 2 star recruit. That’s real appealing isn’t it? Makes you jump right up and call Crean and verbal right? I’m trying to see both sides here, but this is a guy we would sign if this was last year and he was an incoming freshman, but this isn’t last year. This indicates to me how far we have fallen in the eyes of recruits. Nobody signed for 2010 and we offer a 2 star recruit. Give me a break. I hope this kid turns out to be awesome and proves me wrong; but I’m not betting on it. We don’t need any more projects. Crean seems to talk the talk, but I’m starting to wonder if he actually does get it.

  12. Woooahh Mark. While recruiting services are actually fairly accurate in the aggregate, they arent always right. It is a fact that the kid has grown very recently and could be a far different guard at 6’7 or 6’8 than he was at 6’5. Now I agree I was hoping for bigger names as well, but with the recent growth spirt, he may be a completely different player.

  13. Was he being recruited by Billy Donavan at Florida, or FSU or anyone else from the ACC? Maybe he’ll fit as a role player with this year’s class of “stars’, there’ll need to be some role players.

    Heard Teague’s going to Purdue.

  14. I’m pretty sure no one commenting on this post has seen this guy play. If you like and support Crean as the coach of Indiana University, then you should rely on that reasoning in your support of his decisions, especially when it comes to recruits — a topic in which it’s extremely difficult to gain a lot of knowledge when on the outside. Recruiting is about more than just luring 5-star players to a school. You also need those solid players that will fill a needed role and who will stick around for four years. Maybe this is one of those guys. Please stop rushing to judgement. Crean knows more about basketball than anyone who’s posted on this site.

  15. Good call Casey, I think Crean knows what he’s doing. He did get us a top 10 recruiting class for next year…

  16. Ben,

    Exactly. And given this year’s apparently highly talented class, we’ll certainly need players in the future who are solid in all areas, but not necessarily spectacular. Those are the types of players who won’t expect to outshine more highly touted players, and who will undoubtedly do many of the little things that can turn a good team into a great team. And who knows, maybe he’ll turn out to be a great player. Recruiting is always a gamble. Tons of huge prospects turn out to be flops.

  17. I’m just as surprised as everybody else because we haven’t been hearing about this kid. Bigger names have been on our radar and Williams hasn’t been. But I do think its a little early to be pissed. Way early. My bet is David can play a little and 6’7″ wing players are nice to have. But the real deal is that Crean is our coach and we’re going forward with him, so I suggest that everybody take a deep breath and support the man.

  18. Crean’s track record points to the fact that he’s good at finding diamonds in the rough (Wade, Hulls), and that’s all I need to know.

  19. I trust Crean’s judgment, but I was hoping for a higher ranked player, and someone who was more in the 6’11 range. Maybe he’ll be a Robbie Hummel type player.

  20. i heard from a source that he is like jamarcus ellis but not without the stuff he i could still get ferguson irving in 2010

  21. Wow…that must have been one hell of a work out the other day! I guess that is pretty much a big “No” to the question: Is IU looking to continue recuiting any other players for the ’09 class now that Nick Williams is leaving, e.g. Deshawn Painter? Let’s just hope we can land Irving and/or Ferguson for ’10…

  22. No Bettor, Crean doesn’t realize this. And he’s really glad he has you to remind him.

  23. I’m with you, Jordan–thank goodness we have all of these fine basketball talent scouts to help out the coaching staff. Certainly the posters on here know more than Tom Cream and his assistants.

  24. Andy,

    Seriously, do you honestly have any idea what you’re talking about? Fortunately, I don’t live in Indiana anymore, so I don’t have to listen to all of the IU fans that think they know everything and reality know very little. Andre Patterson was highly touted. Bracey Wright and Marshall Strickland were both highly ranked recruits. Recruiting is a combination of hard work and luck.

    I actually live in Kansas now. The fans here are awful. They were prepared to fire Self if he didn’t make a deep tourney run going into the ’07-08 season. Now they love him and he will probably when them their fourth title next year. It took Self 5 years to win a title and he didn’t have to start from scratch. It also took him 4 years to land a solid big man.

    Just do yourself a favor and reserve comment until you actually have something useful to base it on.

  25. I love reading the idiots who doubt Crean and his judgement. I bet you are all the same ignorant asses who thought Crean was stupid for signing Hulls when NONE of you have the first clue.

    Here is a piece of advice, look at Crean’s track record and then SHUT UP!

  26. Why don’t you look at his stats from his junior year of high school. 10.9 pts per game. 55% from the free throw line. 2.6 assists, 6.7 rebounds. The 21 points 11 rebounds reported here was what he averaged during the district championship tournament. Do you think this warrants a scholarship offer from Indiana?

  27. Again, it doesn’t matter what I think. I’m not the one handing out scholarships. If Crean thought he was good enough, that’s good enough for me. Plus. Williams hasn’t even had his AAU season, which is where Jordan Hulls blew up, so how about we wait on judging him too?

  28. Hey Andy, did you see that the guy picked IU over KENTUCKY, FLORIDA, CLEMSON, and SOUTH CAROLINA!? HMMMM.. The kid must be doing something right.. Maybe he’s been domintating recently on the AAU circut, which just started.. I mean why would these other schools want the guy? Stop being such a whiney b****.

    I have 100% faith in TC.

  29. H-T guys, could we get some clarification on whether the 21/11 were for the season, as your article seems to indicate; or for the district tournament, as the relentless-negative Andy asserts.

    Tim, your post is great. I remember Self losing in the first round 2 straight years when he first got to Kansas, and look where he is now with that program. And besides, this kid may be an inch or two taller and weigh 10-20 pounds more by the time he gets to IU. Calm down people, not everyone has to be the superstar.

    For those of you old enough to remember, recall that Chris Reynolds was supposed to be a much better recruit than Calbert Cheaney, who had offers from several mid-majors in addition to Indiana. How’d that turn out???

  30. WOW! this is a surprise, but I have faith in Coach Crean and his staff. Maybe this is the type of player I.U. needs, one that will stick around and develop over four years. lets give this kid a chance.

    Welcome to B-town David, I’m glad your a Hoosier.

  31. Forget his stats and rankings. I’m sure he’s a good enough player for IU. My only problem with this recruit is he’s not from Indiana. Aren’t there comparable Indiana kids we can offer scholarships to in that class? MSU went to the championship game with 9 players from Michigan. I’d like to see us build a team with a similar philosophy and locking up the state borders.

  32. Aruss,

    Currently, most of those Indiana players have been going to Purdue or Butler, or leaving the state. It’s tough competing out there on the recruiting trail and Crean has his work cut out.

  33. Aruss,

    To answer your question, there is a better player in the 2010 class from Ft. Wayne Luers. His name is DeShaun Thomas.

    Thomas has verballed to OSU. However there is a standing offer from IU on the table, and the talk from Luers fans is that Thomas is going to reopen himself to recruiting next month when college coaches are allowed to come watch him play on the AAU circuit again.

  34. Well I hope we get this Thomas from Ft. Wayne. I don’t mind so much Indiana kids going to other schools in Indiana; but it makes me want to barf when they go to TOSU. Mike, do you think this talk of him re-opening is legit?

    Also about David Williams–he appears to be an excellent student and a leader, which is an intangible that we need, and Crean is emphasizing. Not everyone has to be a superstar, but they all need to be real students and citizens.

  35. Eric,

    It seems to be a pretty hot topic with the Luers fans, and I haven’t heard one of them who think he won’t. The argument now seems to be what school he is leaning toward.

    You have to remember he gave a verbal commitment to tOSU as a frosh, when tOSU was coming off a championship game run with Conley Jr. and Oden.

    So yes I do think there is a legit shot that he will open up his availability during this AAU season, but I have no clue as to where he might end up going.

    He might just be testing the waters to see what is out there.

  36. And wherever he goes, he’s probably another one and doner, not that that’s bad, he would just be a piece for IU in rebuilding, and IU may not want someone for such a short period. Some coaches stay away from one and doner’s because of the mixed message it sends and how it doesn’t really ‘build’, it’s only a temporary fix. Then again, he might fit scholy wise, but who knows where IU will stand by then. It would be nice to keep him in-state wherever he goes.

  37. Dave,

    Having seen him play, I’m not sure if he is a 1 and done kid. Would he be a 4 year player? I seriously doubt it, but I don’t feel he is a 1 and done.

    Of course he is only a junior, and he is awfully good already.

  38. Let’s see, we have a really good coach who watched the young guy play in AAU and in an individual workout; a very well regarded assistant coach who has coached the young guy and seen him develop; he averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds for a team that did well in FL HS season and tourney; his HS coach really likes his game: grew 2 inches, finishes well, left handed, good midrange game, strong rebounder, versitle defender, etc.; the young guy is a good student, 3.8 GPA, and citizen; he really wants to come to IU. But Rivals has never heard of him! So who do you trust…Crean or some idiot “fans”? Welcome David!

  39. Hey Dave,

    What is the source of your claim that Teague is going to Purdue? I doubt your credibility. You seem like a troll.

  40. Bashing on a teenager because a lack of publicity, recruiting guru rankings, or some stats pulled out of cyberspace is completely asinine. To all of you that are doing it….Get a life! I thought Kentucky and Illinois fans were delusional morons.
    You all need to trust Crean’s judgment, it’s his job and he gets paid well for it. If the kid turns out to be a flop after we actually see him play then jump all over it like the insecure chodes you are.

    Welcome David! GO HOOSIERS!!

  41. Second your thoughts STLBAM. Welcome to Indiana David. Also who has seen this kid play? Oh, none of you.

  42. Good enough for Coach?

    Way good enough for me! TC knows what he’s doing.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  43. I would bet a decent amount of money that this kids rating on Scouts and Rivals will go up, solely based on the fact that he is going to Indiana. Those sites probably have seen him play very little, but because a program like Indiana likes him they will give him another look and he will be rated much higher next time they do their rankings. Those sites are based more on perception than reality, if the people running those sites were legit they would have jobs lined up from schools looking to them for their divine judgement

  44. I have seen David play since he was in seventh grade. His middle school team had another pretty good player named Patrick Young. They didn’t light the place on fire. Patrick signed with Florida last year. Both kids played for the Lee Bulls travel team until last year when David left to play with the Atlanta Celtics. David was frustrated that he had to play the four position and wanted to develop as a point gaurd. Last year at First Coast he was a solid performer and was the third leading scorer and ball handler behind two very quick gaurds – Fields and Mcree both are low level D1 gaurds or JUCO type talent. David is not a dominant type of player. He is smart with good size and no apparent weakness. He runs well for his size. He shoots well for his size. He handles well for his size. He jumps well. The key is he is not dominant in any phase of his game. He was a second team all city player this year and may because of Indiana’s offer make first team next year. In Jacksonville you have five kids in this height range that are as good or better than David – Patrick Young, Stacey Poole, Aaron Bowen, Admir Sabehovic and Wayne Martin. I think this offer is on potential – good kid, hard worker, still growing, solid frame with no apparent weakness. The fact he grabbed the offer so quickly tells you who had offered and what he expects.
    Here is the local article –
    Basketbal player David Williams, a 6-foot-7 guard at First Coast High School, became the fourth area junior to verbally commit to a Division I school for the 2010-11 season when he told the Times-Union he would sign a letter of intent to play basketball at Indiana.

    Williams joins Wolfson’s Aaron Bowen (Marquette), Paxon’s Patrick Young (Florida) and Englewood’s Admir Sahbegovic (Jacksonville).

    Verbal commitments are non-binding, but if Williams signs in November, he will become the first Jacksonville basketball player to play in the Big Ten since Orange Park’s Larry Richardson played four seasons (1996-2000) at Indiana. Those were the final four years for Hall of Fame coach Bob Knight at IU before he departed for Texas Tech.

    Indiana coach Tom Crean and assistant coach Roshown McLeod were in Jacksonville on Wednesday and watched Williams in a 90-minute workout at the Buccaneers’ gymnasium. Later that evening they extended a scholarship offer to Williams and he accepted a short time later, though he has never visited the Bloomington, Ind., campus.

    “It’s kind of a relief to have it out of the way,” said Williams, who indicated he would make an official trip to IU this summer. “I like the style of play at Indiana and the way they run the floor. I really like the coaching staff there and I know coach McLeod pretty well as he’s been my AAU coach in the summer [for the Atlanta Celtics].

    “In the Big Ten, you’ve got to come to play hard every day, every game. They have a lot of big guards in that league and that was a big part of my deciding to go there.”

    Williams hasn’t drawn much interest from the high school basketball online recruiting services so far. One service,, has him listed as a zero-star prospect and does not have him included among their top 150 juniors. This past season, Williams played alongside guards D’Angelo Fields and Shavez McCree ,who averaged 18 and 16 points a game, respectively. Williams averaged around 13 points, seven rebounds and five assists per game, excelling on defense.

    “I thought David was the best defensive player I’ve seen in this area in the past several years,” Wolfson coach Bruce Rosebrock said.

    Williams would be the first basketball player from First Coast High School to sign with a Division I program, said Bucs coach Charles Showers.

    “We’ve had several sign with D-2 programs and JUCO schools but never at a D-1 program,” Showers said, adding Williams is solid in the classroom with a 3.8 GPA.

    Hope this helps your board. By the way the Dave Telep report has David ranked as a low mid-major which at this time is his level.

  45. So the Wolfson coach thinks holding Aaron Bowen to 42 points makes him one of the best defenders in the area? Did he laugh when he put the phone back on the hook?

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