It’s not Jordy, it’s Mr. Hulls

So Jordan Hulls is Mr. Basketball.

We all knew this weeks ago, and I got confirmation on Thursday. But the Indianapolis Star is really high on being the “first” to report it, so we could not publish anything until this morning’s paper.

What was once a really tight race between Hulls, Derek Elston, D.J. Byrd and Stephan Van Treese became an absolute wipeout.

Hulls received 131 votes from high school coaches and members of the media. Rochester’s Bruce Grimm Jr. was next, with 26.

Then Elston with 18, Byrd with 16 and Marion’s Scott Wood with 15. Some 20 other guys received 12 votes or less, and I’d like names on those votes because, for the life of me, I cannot name 20 guys worthy of winning Mr. Basketball after the top five. That’s some funny business.

But, back to Hulls. He took the award like I expected him to, with grace and reverence for what it means to be forever linked to names like Greg Oden, Eric Gordon, Damon Bailey and Kent Benson.

I was amused, this morning, to find out that Larry Bird did not win Mr. Basketball. Steve Collier, of Southwestern, did — he went to Cincinnati and was not drafted into the NBA or ABA. Oops.

A few days ago, I said I voted for Hulls. This is why.

I did not see a player the entire season, either in person or on TV, that did more to make his team better. I saw talented player after talented player force his way into situations, playing like he was better than his teammates. Hulls did not, because he knew and respected the talent of players like Dee Davis, Spencer Turner and Erik Fromm.

When Hulls needed to, he scored. He had 27 against Detroit Country Day, and 30 against Warren Central (most of them after Warren Central took an early lead). But when the triangle-and-two defense was used against South, Hulls went to the corner and did what he could. He scored 17 points in two games against North, but the Cougars won both.

History will remember Hulls as a Mr. Basketball winner who did not have the numbers to win, so the assumption will be he won because South won state and he was going to Indiana.

But that’s not entirely fair. Those of us who watched Hulls all season long know South won state because of him, and a half-dozen other games. We know that Tom Crean and Tim Buckley saw that in Hulls, and wanted him as they attempt to rebuild the Hoosiers.

Hulls’ ability makes him capable of scoring 30 points a game, or having 10 assists a night. But his intellect made him aware that it was better to score 16, and involve Turner; to have five assists, but share point guard responsibilities with Davis.


  1. I’m still waiting for all of those who said Crean was making a mistake by offering Hulls last summer to step up and take a bite of some crow!

    This kid you guys wanted to bash last year, wanted to argue with me (and dynasty) about how he wasn’t the type of player we needed.

    Where are you guys now?

    Let’s look at what Jordy got accomplished this year.

    With his Team
    Led BHSS to #1 in the state
    Led the Panthers to a 26-0 season
    Led them to a 4A State Title
    Finished 3rd in the Nation behind two prep schools.

    Was the leader in scoring, assists, steals, 3-point field goal percentage and free throw percentage for the Panthers.

    Finished second in free throw percentage, second in 3-point percentage and third in assists for his career at South.

    Indiana Basketball News 2009 Player of the Year,

    IBCA’s Boys Academic All-State Team for 2008-09,

    2008-09 Gatorade/ESPN Rise Indiana boys’ basketball player of the year,

    Leading vote-getter for the boys’ Associated Press all-state team,

    Played in the 2009 North/South Indiana All-Star Classic,

    Played in the Derby Festival Classic and will wear the #1 jersey in the IBCA All-Star games as well as in the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star high school boys game due to him being named the 2009 Mr. Basketball for Indiana!

    By all means though, Crean wasn’t thinking clearly and Hulls didn’t deserve the offer he received last summer!

  2. Man your arm must be sore after all that back-patting you just did!

    Anyway, I am happy for Jordan and cant wait to see him in pinstripes a couple miles away from his high school. Talk about living the dream!

    Good to see Maurice and Christian having good games down at the Derby. Every one of our recruits have mentioned how they are ready to get to Bloomington and start getting this thing back on track. My guess is that they all become hardworking kids their frosh year.

    Here is to good times a comin’!!

  3. How did B. Grimm end up with 26 votes on almost no pub. Quick can you name his college choice? Middle Tenn. State? If he had won, it would have been another Collier choice, or Roy Taylor… Or even the Zeller kid, where’s he at now?

  4. Bruce Grimm Jr. put up some massive stats on the season, along with one of the single best shooting performances I seen this year in the 3A championship game. B. Grimm Jr. almost beat Princeton by himself.

  5. Is Gordy expected to grow any, I mean, he’s so short. I know he can’t help it and it’s mostly genetics, but when was a 6′ point guard or shooting guard for that matter a major impact on the college level? Put him up against an older, more experienced point guard like that kid from NC or UConn this year or Xavier last year, and I wonder just how well he and the team will perform. Besides IU, who else was heavily recruiting him?

  6. At first glance, Jordy reminds me of Tom Coverdale except I think he’s more athletic. Can’t wait to see this guy develop into the leader I believe him to be while donning the Crimson & Cream.

  7. Hulls is the real deal. THe kid is a true PG in that he distributes the ball and shoots when he is either open or the team needs it. In this day and age it is hard to find a player willing to pass to set up other teammates.

  8. Hopefully the kid learns some lessons after Rivers beats him up in scrimmages/practices in the pre-season. He might be quick enough but Freshmen aren’t tough enough to play the point full time against top competition.

    As for Duke looking at him…..when was the last time a Duke point guard did something? Jay Williams? That’s awhile ago.

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