Kellen Lewis dismissed from Indiana football team

Senior Kellen Lewis, one of the most successful football players in Indiana history, has been dismissed from the program.

The school announced the move with the following news release:


Bloomington, Indiana—Indiana University football coach Bill Lynch announced today that Kellen Lewis has been dismissed from the team for violating team rules.

“We are disappointed to have to make this decision,” said Lynch. “When you have expectations of those on your team that are not met, you need to do what is ultimately in the overall best interest of your program.”

IU Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass supported Lynch’s stance on the situation.

“Today’s action underscores that no individual student-athlete, regardless of talent or popularity, is above the expectations of Indiana University,” added Glass.

Lewis, who holds 16 major school records at quarterback but was used as a wide receiver during the recently completed spring practice session, could possibly transfer to a Division I-AA (or lower) program to finish out his remaining year of eligibility. But he could also enter his name in the NFL Supplemental draft this summer and hope to be selected by a team intrigued with his speed and elusiveness.

Lewis could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Lynch and Glass refused further comment through a department spokesman.

Lewis missed all of spring practice in 2008, also for violating an unnamed team rule, and had to earn his way back onto the team. He later told reporters that he had not been attending off-season meetings or workouts and had become lax with his school work, in part because of the fame his success had brought him.

He threw more touchdown passes (48) than any player in school history and is third in passing yards (6,395) and second in total yards (8,072) in the Indiana record book.


  1. Really sad to see him go, really sad. As I said after the spring game, I think he was 3rd best at best on the field and IU is deep at WR. I am not worried and wish him the best!

  2. Yeah, the team should be ok as we are deep at WR and seem to have better leadership, but its sad to see Kellen’s career end this way.

  3. Kellen was probably worth a win or 2 so now we will be 1 and 11 instead of 3 and 9 Goodluck Kellen in the XFL! Oh ya that no longer exists!

  4. Kellen, I hope you read this, athletes like you need to stop messing up your lives and STOP SMOKING WEED, MY GOSH.

  5. I never understood how his “fame” caused him to be laxed in practice and in the classroom. Granted, he’s talented and athletic, but being one of the better quarterbacks within the IU football program’s history is not exactly the same as being a top quarterback in almost any other program. AND, it’s not as if he led the team to widespread success or a jaw-dropping record. I just don’t understand.

  6. Stay out of trouble, kid. Don’t make mistakes in the next few months and years that you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting.

  7. It’s always a shame when young people waste their lives and their opportunities. Kellen should have learned his lesson already. Stupid. I don’t know what else you can call it but stupid.

  8. You know it’s spring time when Kellen Lewis gets kicked off the Indiana football team.

  9. His fame messed him up before??? I’ve never even heard of the guy, and live in Bloomington. What’s that say about Indiana football?

  10. What a loser he is. A worthless piece of crap. It’s good to see him go. This will be Lynch’s last season and then another 5 years or so of paying a coach to not work. We should have fired him this year and hired the Ball State coach.

  11. Kellen Lewis must be related to Plaxico Burress…except Kellen has shot himself in the foot with this latest blunder!

  12. Kellen had every opportunity to become a good player and have a chance to play NFL football and he threw it all away, presumably for drugs. I’ve heard a lot of stories about Kellen and some of the former basketball players partaking in activities that Crean and Lynch didn’t approve of.

  13. sadly these are seldom isolated incidents. Does IU have a larger problem here?

    I certainly hope not!

    Go Hoosiers!!

  14. I agree that Kellen has made some idiotic choices, Jeff. Especially after being given a second chance.

    On the other hand, while I’m not 100% about Bill Lynch either way, I feel this decision shows yet again he is a man of integrity. This may indeed be his last season, but I just find it as an odd time to bash on him when it seems like this should be the sort of leadership we want at IU.

  15. I guess Kellen will now have all the time in the world to hang out at the local bars and not have to worry about early workouts or attending those pesky classes!!

  16. I wish KL the best, but he clearly had a second chance and did not take advantage of it!! I hope this is a case of “addition by subtraction!”

  17. Well I guess the State of Indiana will be supporting his kid for a while longer.

    Look for Kellin at your local Krogers in 3 yrs as a bagger.

  18. rjh, what exactly is the pun there? zach, now that’s funny.

    and whoever it was suggesting we should have hired the ball st. coach, i think we should have made a run at cincinnati coach brian kelly. indiana is probably considered a step backwards for your career at this point. jeez. it wasn’t that long ago cincinnati was on the verge of disbanding the football program due to futility.

  19. I can see Glass is going to change the environment! This is a problem that has festered long enough… now the athletes can see there will be consequences for their decisions…

  20. Very disappointed. He had a second chance and blew it! Good luck Kellen, obviously, we are better off without you. It’s going to be a tough year but I support the team anyway.

  21. This just makes me sick. Even though he didn’t really shine in the spring practice game, I did think the combination of him at WR and Ben Chappell at QB was going to work. We do have others who can fill the WR spot well, but what a waste. I do wish Kellen the best and hope he can get himself straightened out and find success again.

  22. Tom Crean (tweeting (like a maniac tonight)) on Lewis:
    “Opportunities like Indiana ar VERY SPECIAL AND HAVE TO BE TREATED AS SUCH.”
    “You have to work as a Head Coach and as a staff to make sure you have NO SOFT SPOTS IN YOUR CULTURE!”

    Solid assessment, coach. Go Hoosiers!

  23. While Kellen obviously has problems because he has been dismissed, but we, in no way, have credible evidence as to what those problems might be.

    Lynch, whether you agree with him or no, is an honest man who wants to win. He has only tried to do the best for his team, whether it has worked or not is arguable. But let’s not use this dismissal as a means to attack the coach.

    And let’s not use it as a means to attack the player. People make mistakes, especially young adults, and clearly Kellen has made his. But let’s not trash him, instead hope he finds a way to learn from them and that he can make a good man of himself, whether he is playing football or no.

    Best wishes Kellen. When you were good we backed you. I am sorry we haven’t done the same when you haven’t been.

  24. John, I think it says more about you then IU football. If you did no more then read the headlines in the sports page for the last 2 years you would have heard of Kellen Lewis.

  25. I know the coaching staff can’t baby sit the entire football team, but didn’t someone have any idea this was going on? I realize that students need to be personally responsible so KL will now pay the consequences…what a wasted opportunity for the young man. He obviously learned very little from his previous dismissal. I guess he realized he had numerous other opportunities in this current economy. I hope the rest of the team gets the message load and clear.

  26. A decision that was a year too late and probably cost us wins last year. With KL finally gone, look for a tighter team with Chap now being the unquestioned leader.

  27. Man, that does suck. I feel bad for the kid on one hand and contempt on the other. Lynch gave him a 2nd chance after last season and he pissed it away. Very sad. I hope he gets his drug and party lifestyle problem in check.

    I was at the scrimmage a couple weeks ago and took pics of him getting interviewed while down on the field after the game. He looked pretty decent at wide receiver. I was excited to see what he could do outside. But, he’s let us down for the 2nd time in a year. So….ciao, Kellen! Good luck in getting your life in order because that is 100 times more important than football!

  28. “A decision that was a year too late and probably cost us wins last year. With KL finally gone, look for a tighter team with Chap now being the unquestioned leader.” – Aruss

    The end of existence as we know it is near. The time to repent is HERE!

    I actually agree with a statement from Aruss.

  29. I have identified one of the major issues here… The weed in Bloomington is WAYYYY too good. Someone needs to ship in a few kilo’s of schwag.

  30. Mike P???

    Is that really you?

    I am just curious which win(s) you think the KL situation caused us last year? In which of those games was he going to be worth 35+ points?

    Not seeing it.

    I think he is/was more of a symptom than a problem.

  31. Senior Kellen Lewis, “one of the most successful football players in Indiana history”, has been dismissed from the program.

    I think that is an overstatement. Especially if success is defined by WINNING.

  32. KevinK,

    Winning games is not just what happens on the field. Kellen being gone all spring last year, allowed back and then made the starter a week before the first game did majorly mess up the chemistry of this team.

    Those things create losses. This is also one of those hindsight is 20/20 things.

    I agree it was a year too late (hindsight) and the team will be tighter and have better chemistry with Chappell as the leader this year. Lewis costing us wins? I can’t say he cost them directly, but he didn’t do a damn thing to help either.

  33. It’s a win-win if you ask me. If Kellen leaving helps us develop other talent quicker, all the better. If his release helps us lose more games and get Lynch fired, it will be a blessing in disguise.

  34. What I don’t want is perpetual below-mediocrity, Jimbo. Although you and Aruss are happy with 3 wins a year and a bad bowl loss every decade (“Hey, that’s just Indiana football”, you say), most of us here are willing to take one step backwards in order to take two steps forward. Things need to get worse in order for them to get better sometimes.

  35. I certainly don’t think it’s right to hope that your team loses. That sort of defeatist attitude doesn’t help anything.

  36. MikeP,
    I agree with your most recent post completely.

    Just had to dig you a little for admitting to agreeing with you know who.

    and I agree with Jeremy too that we should not root against IU to spite Lynch.

    I hope he/they win big. I’m very skeptical right now that’s all.

    Go Hoosiers!!

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