Let the All-Starring begin

South’s Jordan Hulls will play for the South in the North/South Indiana All-Star Classic at 4 p.m. Sunday in Batesville.

The game, sponsored by Hoosier Basketball Magazine, features Hulls, Tipton’s Derek Elston (Indiana), Batesville’s Colt Ryan (Evansville), North Montgomery’s D.J. Byrd (Purdue) and Marion’s Scott Wood (North Carolina State).

The girls game is at 2 p.m., with Miss Basketball runner-up Kelly Faris. Faris is headed to Connecticut. IU recruit Aulani Sinclair of Eminence is also scheduled to participate.

Hulls is also expected to play in the Derby Festival Classic in Louisville, the Hickory Husker game and the Indiana/Kentucky All-Star weekend.

Full rosters for the men’s game after the jump.


Coach: Dave Mahurin, Rockville

D.J. Byrd, North Montgomery, 6-5, G, Purdue

Derek Elston, Tipton, 6-9, F, Indiana

Matt Kenney, Mooresville, 6-3, Valparaiso

Tommy Kurth, Penn, 6-foot, G, Valparaiso

Stevie Loveless, Frankfort, 6-6, F, Undecided

R.J. Mahurin, Rockville, 6-8, F, Indiana State

Jake Odum, Terre Haute South, 6-3, G, Indiana State

Justin Reid, North Central, 6-8, Undecided

Drew Schauss, Centerville, 6-4, Brevard

Andrew Smith, Covenant Christian, 6-10, C, Butler

Scott Wood, Marion, 6-5, G, North Carolina State


Coach: Bob Nobbe, Hauser

Kendal Brown, Evansville Harrison, 5-9, G, Southern Illinois

Tanner Case, Hauser, 6-7, C, Undecided

Matt Gehl, Jac-Cen-Del, 6-2, G, Undecided

Jim Faehr, Lawrenceburg, 6-2, G, Undecided

Jordan Hulls, Bloomington South, 6-foot, G, Indiana

Tyler Koch, Winchester, 6-5, F, Wright State

Blake Metcalf, Plainfield, 6-9, C, Albany (New York)

Jordan Myers, Forest Park, 6-8, C, Southern Illinois

Errick Peck, Indianapolis Cathedral, 6-6, F, Cornell

Colt Ryan, Batesville, 6-5, G, Evansville

J.D. Stephens, Batesville, 6-3, G, Undecided


  1. I am hearing that nick williams is transferring, have you guys heard anything like that or when we can expect the official announcement.

  2. Many of the current players are trying to figure out where they fit in the program, then discussing the situation with parents and advisers. Happens every year on every team; this team, as I’ve written too many times, is unlike any other. And the post-season drama will be exacerbated because of it.

    I’ve said all along I thought at least two or three players would leave the team.

    It’s worth noting that this time of year is somewhat hectic for coaches, who generally travel for recruiting and/or vacation and then all convene for the Final Four. Per NCAA rules, they don’t spend too much time with the players on the court and so are trying to deal with other things.

  3. Nick Williams transferring would be a huge hit in my opinion. I really, really like his game and think that if you give him a couple years, he’ll be a very good player. I can’t imagine that a player who followed a coach to another program would transfer away from that coach. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. I thought you were only allowed to play in 2 all star games after your senior year. I am clearly wrong since Hulls will be playing in this game, the Indiana/Kentucky game, and the Derby Classic. How many are they actually allowed to play in?

  5. How were these all-stars selected? Being from Ft Wayne I don’t see many kids from northern Indiana.

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