Little 5: The Scoop endorses ….

Our wacky Zachy.

Oh, yes. That is my friend and yours, IDS Columnist turned Spandex Model/Biker Zach Osterman.

As you can see, he is quite intense. That or he’s trying to mug for the camera. It’s unclear, especially if you know Zach. He’s full of antics. I once shut his hand in a van door — the door actually got all the way closed and latched before he realized it — and you should have heard the blow back on that. Honest mistake, dude.

Anyway, we know he’s riding in Little 5. Because if there’s one thing to know about Zach, it’s that if you know him he’s going to make sure you know all about him. Kid’s a talker.

Zach is a member of Team Sammy. Or something like that. It’s Greek, and my keyboard is American. So you see the problem.

What we wish for our friend is a day full of memories. A win would be nice. A safe ride is even more important. Mostly, though, we hope he simply enjoys being a part of this great college weekend; he has worked hard, and he deserves it.


  1. I just hope he doesn’t have another helmet shattered tomorrow. One a season is enough for a Mom. Maybe I should get him a spare before the race? Just in case.

  2. As it turns out, he had 2 helmets but needed elbow pads. There will be black grit in that wound for a long time (even after withstanding a scrub from a stiff bristle brush…and he didn’t wimper once!).

  3. In case you never found out, they qualified 24th and finished the race 20th. Not too shabby.

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