Means headed back to baseball

Indiana wide receiver Andrew Means knew that if the last pick of the NFL draft was announced and his name had not yet been called, he would be too emotional to make a decision about his future as teams began calling him with free agent offers.

So he set the parameters before the draft even started: if a team picked him, he’d go with football. If not, he’d concentrate on baseball.

“I just thought if I wasn’t picked I should return to baseball and try to work my way through the minors as quickly as I could and become a Cincinnati Red,” he said Monday. “It’s like anything: I just wanted a team to make a commitment to me by using a draft pick. The Reds did that, they’ve been supportive of me the whole way. Now, it’s time for me to return that to them.”

Means, who was an 11th-round pick of the Reds last year, will head to Sarasota, Fla. Wednesday for extended spring training and expects to be assigned to Single-A Dayton when he is in baseball shape. He left the Reds organization about three weeks ago — after partaking in about three weeks of spring training — to pursue a football career.

“For whatever reason that didn’t work out,” said Means, who heard from more than 10 NFL teams who wanted to sign him as a free agent. “I’ve played two sports my whole life and at some point you’ve got to make a decision. I’m just excited to see what I can do when I concentrate on baseball and bring all my tools together.”


  1. It is a shame that Means didn’t go to the Reds last year instead of coming back to have his senior season wasted playing football.

    Thanks for being a Hoosier Andrew! Good Luck.

  2. Why is it a shame? He came back to play a sport he had a passion for. Sure he may not have had the season he had hoped for, but clearly he had talent to play professionally as he had teams vying for him as a UFA. He’ll still do well for himself on the baseball field. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  3. What? He played baseball in the summer, and then played football in the fall. He didn’t “waste” anything.

  4. He wasted time that could have been better spent preparing for his baseball career.

    Personally I enjoyed watching him, but I feel his time was wasted, and it wasn’t wasted by him.

    That’s my opinion.

  5. Good luck, Andrew. If all future IU players have your grit and determination, then IU has a very bright future. Please make your presence felt in the IU football program, in some shape or form, for many years to come. Now go realize your dreams with the Cincinnati Reds!

  6. The baseball season is short, and he played in most of it…if a kid likes football more than baseball and has the talent he does, why not try to be drafted in football? If he never did this, he would have regrets his entire life!

  7. You guys miss the point, it is not a knock against Means, his talent or the fact he played football.

    Now that I have explained that, maybe I have pulled your head out far enough for you to understand what is being said.

  8. I don’t think anyone missed your point, Mike. No one thought you were knocking Andrew, but as usual, you are bashing the IU Football staff…but you are entitled to your opinion, I just wish you would stop relating all the IU Football player news into a “rip Bill Lynch and his staff” session…it seems you have an agenda.

  9. Anti-Husky,

    I come from a football tradition built on winning! I am not going to accept losing seasons full of lame excuses as OK.

    If you accept being a loser, that is your right, but I don’t!

  10. Mike and I do not bash the coaching staff. We have said on more than one occasion that we want Lynch to succeed. I think the obvious has been stated. If every NFL team that talked to Thig wants to make him a slot WR then maybe the IU coaching staff really did not use him in the best spot to display his ability. I stated many times he should have played a slot WR, my wife will tell you it drove me nuts. I am a lazy boy recliner coach but if I could see that, why did the IU staff not see it???

  11. to finish, Means was not utilized last year to his full potential. If I am a coach and I have a kid that was drafted in any league I am going to do my best to make it worthwhile for him…I would get him the ball!!! Not bashing IU coaches, just stating my opinion!

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