Nick Williams will transfer

Indiana freshman guard Nick Williams has decided to seek a transfer and will not return to the program.

His departure has been the subject of message board chatter for a few weeks, but Williams and coach Tom Crean continued to discussing the matter before deciding that it would be best if Williams, who was not pleased with his role last season, moved on.

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  1. I will take a negative on this one. I think Story and Williams were talented. Williams was the better and was the only on court visible leader last year. I am surprised and kind of upset about this one. Curious how everyone else feels. I think he could have been really good! I am also curious as to why he is leaving. I hope to GOD these guys were not pushed out because they were willing to come here, to help build the foundation and all. Just weird! and we have Jobe still here, I know he has only got one year left but he is awful…why could he have not left and opened up a spot. Jobe has a spot on scholly and flat out should not be here!

  2. I believe this is a case of a good player realizing better talent is coming in and it may be better to move on.

  3. A little disappointed too. What exactly about his role last year was he not happy with? He had every opportunity to have as large of a role as he wanted.

  4. I am just guessing that he realized what was coming in next year and decided he could get more playing time elsewhere. Who knows, maybe he just wasn’t happy at IU?

    No matter the reason I think Jobe shouldn’t be ridiculed just because he accepted a scholarship that was offered to him. It was offered and he accepted so he could come play basketball and get an education for free. He is trying to help the program as well, he just may not have the talent that some of the other guys have. That doesn’t mean he “flat out should not be here”. Give the guy a break.

  5. id like to see williams stay but i have no idea what he is complaining about his role last season. he could have been a good bench player next year, but he thinks he should be playing 40 min. thats fine, and I wish him the best. he was not pushed out.

  6. GOIU31, I know I was hard on Jobe and defended him during the year when people got on him but how is he here and Story and Williams leaving? Sorry for sounding like a jerk anyway, I just am really shocked by this!

  7. JPat,
    I really appreciate the effort all these guys made this year in very trying circumstances. I am STILL proud of them. I will be EXTREMELY disappointed if it comes out that any of them were “shown the door”. Until that happens though, I am going to give the coaches the benefit of the doubt. They have earned that.

    If Nick really wants to leave, then good luck to him and I will wish him all the best.

    The whole comment about unhappy in his role is kind of odd to me. Nick got plenty of shots. He was the go to guy when the shot clock ran down most of the time. I know his 3 did not go well, but I was really looking forward to him on next year’s squad, with a year of experience under his belt.

  8. pegs, we do not know if he felt he was pushed out. When rumors on websites are that Crean is still recruiting and a kid from Creek’s high school and all, maybe he did feel pushed but maybe not. My guess is he did feel a little pushed out but that is me.

  9. Relax, he was not pushed out. Kids leave every program every year for various reasons. Williams wanted to be at home and I bet Nick will go somewhere close to home as well. It happens, look at Scott Martin with Purdue, good player, great situation, still not the right fit. Larry Bird with Indiana.

  10. I’m guessing that Nick Williams decided to transfer because he is more of a small forward that shooting guard, and he knew he was going to see even less action next year since Watford will be assuming the bulk of that role next year. Let’s face it, Nick Williams is not a good fit with the players coming in this year. Anyway, let’s go get Deshawn Painter now that he has been release from his scholarship at Florida!

  11. Guys,

    The report is that Williams is leaving because he didn’t like his role. What role did he not have that he could have earned? It was all there for the taking. If he wanted a bigger role and Coach didn’t give it to him it had to be because he didn’t earn it. Come on! He had every chance to succeed and was one of the players Crean could have used next year.

    PS. I didn’t see him running with the team last week.

    PSS. I’ve seen great players at IU, he wasn’t one of them.

  12. I hope were not expecting too much from next years’ recruits because we could be setting ourselves up for a lot of disappointment. Maybe we won’t have the depth or experience that’s needed to win the big ones. Maybe the guys won’t work that well together as a team if unrest as evidenced by unhappy players (two transfers from this year’s dismal team) is abundant again next year. Doubtful if Painter chooses us.

  13. That’s fine. He wasn’t any good. Neither was Story. Anyone who thinks otherwise is being “nice” given the circumstances.

    Open up the scholarship for some 4/5 star recruits. Especially big men where we are lacking. We recruited too many mediocre 3 star guards last year.

  14. I get so tired of hearing people accuse the coaching staff for “running players off” just because they continue to recruit other kids, and more talented kids. HELLO, that is how you win. You HAVE to recruit ALL the time, because you never know when a kid is going to want to transfer. Plus what did these kids think was going to happen, that Crean was just going to fill the 2009 class with walk on’s and 1 star players so that they could continue to start and play 30 minutes a game, all while winning 6 freaking games? Come on, get real. The only reason SOME of these kids were at IU was because Crean had to fill the roster with someone. In an ordinary year Story wouldn’t have even been signed and while NW probably still would have, he clearly wouldn’t have gotten to start and play 30 minutes a game. He wasn’t that good.

  15. I’m sorry to hear that Nick is leaving because I think he might have had a good year next year but if he’s not happy here he should leave. Having said that, who might agree that after he sits out next year that he might just play for Mike at UAB?

    On another point, will the new recruits be at the tailgate at Mellencamp this Saturday? I’m looking forward to all of that and the spring football scrimmage. I’m taking my grandson with me and going to make a day of it — although he’s headed to PU, but loves IU. Strange deal but he’s going to major in veterinary science.

  16. “The only reason SOME of these kids were at IU was because Crean had to fill the roster with someone. In an ordinary year Story wouldn’t have even been signed” -Brad

    Do you subscribe to the Aruss school of clueless and idiotic statements?

  17. Brad, what I think Mike P is saying is that Knight, Davis, and Sampson would have taken Story or Williams in a heart beat. Williams was a top 150 kid and player of his state. He had it down to Arkansas and IU and chose IU. Story was a highly ranked kid in Cali and spurned USC to come to IU. These kids were GOOD. They were mediocre last year quite simply because IU had NO post presence and other teams concentrated on them. You best believe that Williams would have played 30 min a game next year at the 3 spot.

  18. I’m really disappointed. He has potential and I think would have gotten to play more of his natural #2-3 position next year with more depth in the frontcourt. Plus he followed Crean from Marquette, so I’m doubly surprised he’d leave if he was committed enough to Crean to follow him.

    I don’t think they forced him out to get someone else. The option is still there for Rivers to pay his own way, which would open up a scholly the same as forcing someone out.

  19. J Pat,

    You think Williams would have played 30 minutes a game next year? You best believe that would not have happened.

    He didn’t play 30mpg this past year and we had no 3 on the roster. He would have been competing with VJ3, Dumes, Rivers, Watford, Creek, Roth and even Elston for PT. Not saying he wouldn’t see the floor, but 30 minutes? Chances are he would have played less next year, not more.

    With that said, I’m not sure what he has to complain about with his role last season. Not many 3-star recruits play 27 mpg in a major conference. At most Big 10 level schools he would have rode the bench or even r/s.

  20. Gleas, he would have played a wing for crying out loud. It would have been him and watford maybe if Wat does not play the 4. Even the guys on the AM dial were smart enough to figure that out. He was the only true leader IU had. He would have played at least close to 30. This was a huge loss and everyone acts like it is NO big deal. This is a kid that followed Crean to IU. I LOVE Crean but this is strange!

  21. Does Duke have any football players graduating that also play Bball and have one year of eligibility left? Maybe Crean could recruit them and they could play the 3 or 4 position.

    Oh the turmoil of it all! Besides Story, Williams and Lewis, anyone else considering leaving or known not to be coming back, any more of those walkons? What about that Moore kid?

  22. J Pat,

    I’m pretty sure IU has a glut of players on the wing. I named most, if not all, above. Almost all of the PG Crean has brought in can also move to the two. If Williams didn’t play 30 mpg on last years squad, there is no way he would have next season. I can’t see any possible scenario, beyond injury, that Williams would have played more minutes next season.

    I’m not saying he wouldn’t have been a good contributor and that him leaving means nothing, but it’s also not like we’re losing an All-League candidate either. I do agree that something sounds a little off. I can’t figure how he wasn’t happy with his role last year, but obviously he and Crean didn’t think he’d be playing 30 mpg next season, or else he’d still be here.

  23. Gleas, the guys you named play guard. I am looking at small forward for him even though that was not his true position. I disagree 100% with you as he would be a second year kid and would have played at least as much as he did this year because of leadership and experience. We can agree to disagree, but GO HOOSIERS!! Hope you can make the football scrimmage on saturday!

  24. Nick dropped Marquette to follow Crean here and supposedly was unhappy with his minutes. The irony is he wouldn’t have played as much at Marquette as he did at IU. It’s a strange deal.

  25. See you saturday.

    JPat is right. Williams would play next year, and his experience would have been an asset.

    I’ll miss him.

    As far as ‘talent’ goes, we had all kinds of ‘talent’ 2 years ago, and I could barely stand to watch it. I want to watch the right basketball with the right attitude. These guys this year had it and paid their dues, I hate to lose them.

    Hopefully the freshmen have their mindset.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  26. Based on the his comments, I think that NW didn’t see 30 minutes a game in his future. I think he might be in a better position to judge that than any of us…

    From a programmatic point of view his leaving hurts because: 1) the best thing about freshmen is that they become sophmores, 2) his experience with Crean’s coaching would have facilitated freshman development, and 3) competition in practice is a good thing (I assume that if he had wanted to stay that he would have wanted to compete.)

  27. If Williams doesn’t see PT in his future, imagine what is going through Roth’s head…

  28. KevinK, I love the comment about the guys paying their dues this year and you hating to lose them. I should have just said that and left it there. Agree totally! Jeremy, well said about Roth. Think about Moore too.

  29. J Pat,

    There isn’t much difference between 2 & 3 anymore, it’s really pg, wings and forwards. But, if we’re labeling those spots, Rivers, Hulls, and VJ3 can go between the 1-2, Roth and Dumes are pretty much 2’s, Creek can go between 2-3 and Watford and Elston can go between the 3-4. That’s a lot of competition for Williams, so I think it’s pretty clear 30 mpg would have been out of the questions.

    Again, don’t get me wrong, he is a loss to the program and would have contributed, I don’t mean to sound like he wouldn’t have. Anyways, a good discussion and I’m with you on the “Go Hoosiers” :).

  30. Kevin,

    I respect what these kids did last year, and it was fun to see the IU fan base support them despite the loses. But, we’re very capable, especially with Crean, of fielding a talented team that plays with the right attitude and wins.

    I hope Crean gets IU back to where UNC, Duke, Kansas and UCLA have been in recent years. Those schools have top talent, but also play the game the right way and seem to have players with great attitudes.

  31. I am confused as to why Williams would follow Crean, was going to Marquette, to IU then leave after one year. I mean he started 29 games and top four in minutes played. But oh well, maybe he was homesick. Good luck to him.

  32. This past season, up in Chicago at that bar, Crean and Glass promised a championship, when did they say it was going to happen? One step forward, one step back.

  33. Gleas, I get what you are saying, to a certain extent but Elston playing small forward??? I have seen him play and I am not sure he moves quick enough or handles the ball well enough. We will see. As I said, we can agree to disagree on the minutes Williams would have played. GO HOOSIERS!!!

  34. J Pat,

    I’ve heard a lot of bloggers/commenters say Elston could take minutes at the 3, but I haven’t seen him play, so I definitely will lean to you on that.

    Just reading about him I agree that Elston playing extended minutes at the 3 in The Big Ten does not sound right.

    Anyways, good discussion, go Hoosiers!!

  35. Trust me when I way that Coach Crean does not want to loose this kid! However, he knows that he certainly is not going to make promises to him about PT, and he does not want someone around the program for the next few years who is only a program man when things are going his way. If Williams was their for the right reasons, PT would not be an issue!!!! That is how State was so successful this year…guess like ID (Ibok), Marquis Gray, etc. who were happy to be a part of the program, and who were ready to contribute when called upon. Coach Crean does not need the distraction of someone worried about when he is going to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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