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Derek Elston

Tipton’s Derek Elston goes to the basket during Sunday’s North/South Indiana All-Star Classic in Batesville. Monty Howell | Herald-Times

BATESVILLE — Derek Elston, a 2009 Indiana commit, looked like he had not played a competitive game in nearly a month.

Which is, well, true.

Elston, who’s been bulking up in preparation for next season, scored seven points and pulled down 12 rebounds for the North in a 124-97 loss.

For a Q&A with Elston, read after the jump.

Q: First all-star game of the season. How do you think things went?

A: It didn’t go the way we wanted it to go, but it was fun and it was my first time playing in a long time, so that was good.

Q: What have you been doing since Tipton was eliminated?

A: I’ve really just been lifting. I haven’t been working much on basketball for a while. I play a little bit, and shoot here and there. But I am just trying to get stronger for next year. There are some strong guys out here, some big boys, and I am not there yet. It’s helping, a little bit.

Q: What are you working on in the weight room?

A: Me and Ethan (James), our 7-footer on the team. Right now, I am just trying to get him stronger for next season, so he can hopefully go DI and do what he wants to do. Then, hopefully, IU will take care of me strength-wise. I am just doing it for him, right now.

Q: What did you think of Jordan (Hulls, a fellow 2009 Indiana commit)?

A: He made some kids look pretty wobbly out there. He can handle the ball. He has that thing on a string and he’s one of the fastest kids I’ve ever seen. It was fun to watch him.

Q: Are you playing in any other all-star games?

A: After this week, I have Spring Break. When I come back Saturday, I’ll be in the top 60 and then, hopefully, I’ll make the all-star team and then go play against those guys. That’s really all I know. My mom takes care of all of that.

Q: Your thoughts on Mr. Basketball?

A: If I got it, great. If I don’t, I would think that Jordy would get it or somebody else who is a real good player. If I got it, good. Great. But if I don’t, no worries.

Q: When do you come down to Bloomington?

A: I have about a week and a half of summer off, then it’s right down there for lifting and working with those guys.

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