Starr to try out for Jaguars

Austin Starr Looms over you.

Former Indiana kicker Austin Starr has been invited to attend mini-camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. Should he kick well the team could offer him a contract.

“My agent talked to a lot of teams, but Jacksonville wanted to set something up,” he said.

In January, thhe Jaguars hired Russ Purnell to coach special teams; he’d held the same position with the Indianapolis Colts since 2002 before being let go by new coach Jim Caldwell. So he is familiar with Starr.

Starr hit 21-of-23 field goals as a junior but just 10-of-17 last season.


  1. He simply couldn’t kick this year. Missed chip shots. Doesn’t kick straight, draws all his kicks in. With a young proven kicker like Scobee on the Jaguars I don’t see him making it there.

  2. Yeah, he wasn’t that good last year, but hopefully for him that was due to injury and he’ll find a spot somewhere in the NFL.

  3. Don’t the Jags still have that little knucklehead kicker Scobee? Remember the Colts game when he faked and injury then taunted the crowd afterwords? I hope Austin takes his job.

  4. I am from jacksonville, Fl. We have a good kicker in Scobee! We certainly don’t need this guy! 10-17 and he thinks he has a chance to make it? No way in hell! to TD, scobee a knucklehead? How bout the kicker on the colts before they guy you have know! I despise the Colts and hope like hell they don’t win the AFC South this year! Go JAGS! Vince

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