Terps coming to Bloomington

You can always count on the Big Ten/ACC Challenge to manufacture a few interesting matchups.

Indiana announced today that the Hoosiers will play host to Maryland, their opponent in the 2002 NCAA title game, on Dec. 1.

Very intriguing game, since it could be argued it’s been downhill for both programs ever since that moment.

Obviously, Indiana’s presumed rise back to national prominence has been well-documented. But Gary Williams fought off the alums gunning for his job and is after Lance Stephenson, maybe the second-best (or best) remaining prospect in the nation.

And let me tell you, all of you will absolutely love Greivis Vasquez if he’s still with Maryland (he might declare for the NBA Draft). Dude was cussing out Cameron Crazies as a freshman.

No time or channel for the game yet, but we also know that Michigan State will head down to North Carolina in a rematch of this year’s title game, and Duke will play at Wisconsin. Purdue will play host to Wake Forest.

Here’s the full schedule:

Monday, Nov. 30   

Penn State at Virginia
Tuesday, Dec. 1   

Maryland at Indiana
Michigan State at North Carolina
Northwestern at N.C. State
Virginia Tech at Iowa
Wake Forest at Purdue
Wednesday, Dec. 2 

Boston College at Michigan
Duke at Wisconsin
Florida State at Ohio State
Illinois at Clemson
Minnesota at Miami  


  1. ‘Purdue will host Wake Forest in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge Dec. 1, it was announced Wednesday.’

  2. I remember the rematch at Conseco. I watched Cov and IU play one of the most exciting games I have ever seen in person! Wonder if next year is the year that the Big 10 wins the challenge?

  3. I hate to be negative, but based on past events, what can possibly lead you all to think the Big Ten won’t take another whooping in this?? If we win 4 games I’ll consider it, relatively speaking, a success.

  4. There was no “whooping” last year, Eric. The Big Ten held their own, and if Illinois didn’t lose a close game at home to Clemson, it would have been 6-5 BT over the ACC.

    The Big Ten should be just as good next year (if not better), thus the optimism.

  5. Eric, experience and talent wise I think the Big 10 will be as strong as they have been in a while.

  6. Jeff, yes, I remember the score last year. That was a resounding victory, relatively speaking. Maybe it will be competitive again, but for people to immediately proclaim victory seems irrationally optimistic. And most years it has been a whooping. I’m not some closet ACC fan; I’d rather the sky fall than for UNC, those powder-blue-wearing morons, and their cheesy-grin-wearing coach, to have tied IU with 5 titles. Who knows, maybe IU can steal one for the Big Ten.

  7. Oh, and of course, I remember it was the Fighting Illness who gagged their game with Clemson down the stretch and cost the Big Ten the overall win! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy than Weber!!!

  8. I’ve grown rather tired of laying a beat down on the Big Ten at the beginning of every season. I wish it was a Big East – ACC Challenge. Then you guys can play a conference more like yourselves in the SEC. Without the spanking early in the season your basketball programs could hype themselves as much as your football programs.
    IU – I predict a fair beat down when you cross the Terps. Expect a blow out if they sign Lance Stephenson and keep GV!

  9. Maryland is beatable. Not saying we’ll win….but they’re beatable. It’s gonna be a whole different team for IU next year, no one knows how they’ll gel together….yet.

  10. gmoe, it is a ratings share TV deal thing. The Big East does not have the following of ACC and Big 10. Ask any media type! Anyways, the Big east did not fair that well in the tourney and the conf is too big and top heavy, like the ACC. Post again a year from now and it just might be different. You sound like the guys on the CBS boards right this second. ACC this and that. Let’s talk football, ahahahahahaha

  11. “Gary Williams fought off the alums gunning for his job” -Hugh Kellenberger

    Is this what qualifies as journalism in Hoosier country? An outright lie by one of your bloggers? Please name a single alum of the University of MD that was “gunning” for Gary Williams’ job. Since you will be unable to find even a single MD grad who would like GW gone, I suggest you check your facts next time before you embarrass yourself further.

    What you are obviously referring to is the Washington Post’s series on Gary Williams and the MD basketball program. The Post, a media outlet, were highly critical of the man. That’s a far cry from claiming MD alums were gunning for him–which is preposterous.

    Last but not least, this is another outright lie: “Greivis Vasquez was cussing out Cameron Crazies as a freshman.” This never happened. Period.

    I hope the readers of this blog don’t take anything seriously that this lying hack Hugh Kellenberger writes. What an amateur.

  12. Again, Gary Williams did not “fight off alums gunning for his job.” That was pure nonsense. MD Alums are 100% behind him and this was evidenced after the Washington Post hit piece ran, when the Comcast Center crowd wore “We Love Our Coach” shirts against VTech (the first game after the series ran).

    Hugh, why can’t you admit that you were wrong, that what you were referring to was Gary fighting off criticism from the Washington Post (not the fans)?

    As for Vasquez cussing out Cameron Crazies his freshman year, do you have any links to articles that you need a subscription to view on that issue??

  13. gmoe. UNC won the title but the rest of the ACC crashed and burned in the tourney. They didn’t fair too well against the Big Ten when it counted except for the Heel. A one team conference.

  14. It’s been well documented (like by, oh I don’t know, ESPN… ever heard of them?) that Gary Williams’ job was in jeopardy and, without a doubt, there were alums that probably wanted to get rid of him. I’m with Hugh on this one.

  15. I brought several MD alums I am friends with to COnseco to see the last matchup w MD.

    I can tell you that to a man, each of these MD alums want GW gone based on his inability to recruit players needed to win the ACC every now and then. Rest assured Barno is breathing his own exhaust

  16. Iu gets another rougher than they should oppo. in a 7th place finisher to IU’s 11th. Duke got the easy [of course] game duke [2] vs. Wis.[7] Penn st[4] vs. Virginia [11]. The rest of the match ups are fairly close to last year finishes and who “should” play who.

  17. Barno, your belligerent arrogance more than matches the supposed amateurism you ascribe to Mr. Kellenberger. Maybe you should take some sedatives.

  18. You know that Barno is wrong just by his assertion that Terp alums are 100% behind Williams. No large group of people is in 100% agreement on any topic, especially one as fraught with emotion this.

    Vasquez’s temperment is well known. He’s had run ins with MD fans at Cole Fieldhouse and poor mouthed Memphis (How’d that work out?. So why is it so hard to believe he exchanged pleasantries with Cameron Crazies?

    As far as gmoe is concerned, sure the BTen has never won this challenge and its been lopsided. But I don’t think the ACC can claim to be the superior basketball conference. That’s BS. In the NCAAs BTen teams eliminated FSU and Clemson and advanced the same number of teams to the sweet 16. Penn State, who all the experts dissed entirely, won the NIT while Virginia Tech and Miami of the ACC were eliminated in the second round.

  19. My first thought is why do we care what a bunch of east coast turtle lovers think?

    My second thought is this game isn’t till December, a lot can happen in the next 7+ months!

  20. Let me give you guys a little insight. Being that I live in the great state of Maryland, Baltimore to be exact, I can tell you that Gary Williams, at one point this year, before it looked like MD was tourney bound, was public enemy number 1 for a large portion of the Terp’s fan base.

    The major knock on him, is that he can’t recruit in MD. PG county, near DC, is probably the hottest place in the US to recruit right now, but Gary continually loses out on the top guys. Same with Baltimore, there are about 5 top 20 overall players coming out of the area the next 2 years (one being Will Barton, who’s on IU’s radar), but until the whole “Fire Gary” sentiment started being brought up, the guy refused to go watch recruits play in person.

    The guy is probably one of the top 5 x’s and o’s coaches in the country, but his weird recruiting habits leave much to be desired for alot of rabid MD fans.

    And Vasquez is NBA/Europe bound, so we wont have to worry about him next year. Also, it’s the Comcast Center now, not Cole Field House.

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