Thigpen signs with Eagles

Former Indiana running back Marcus Thigpen has agreed to a 3-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to his agent Rob Sheets.

He’ll be given a chance to earn playing time as a returnman and as a slot receiver.

Thigpen played receiver for the Hoosiers as a freshman. The 5-9, 200-pound Detroit native had 32 receptions for 432 yards and two touchdowns that season (2005), but then moved to running back. During his sophomore season he led the country with 30.1 yards per kick return and three touchdowns.


  1. Andrew Means returning to baseball
    from by Doug Gray
    From Lance McAlister’s blog

    “Andrew Means will be returning to the Reds on Wednesday, April 29th…While Andrew is disappointed that he did not get drafted in the NFL Draft (he did received 9 free agent contract offers Sunday evening) he is excited to rejoin the Reds and pursue his goal of playing in Cincinnati in the future. I cannot thank the Reds Organization enough for how fair and accommodating they have been throughout this entire process.”
    Joe Speed, Vice-President of Baseball
    Sterling Sports Management

  2. Marcus will make this Eagles team as a kick returner. Wow…Maclin and Thigpen make this team the fastest in the NFC East!

  3. I hope the best for him but I just do not think he has the moves and cuts to do this and falls down so easy. He is blazing fast so you never know!

  4. “He’ll be given a chance to earn playing time as a return man and as a slot receiver.”

    All I can do is shake my head and think of the speed and talent IU had in Thigpen that was wasted by trying to make him a running back instead of playing him in the slot.

  5. Lynch coached him the last 2 years and could have moved him easily. Hep put him there because there were not many good RB’s.

  6. Reminds me of the frustration of our best record with ARE being 5-6. Such is Hoosier football.

  7. Jimmy,

    It was Hep’s choice to move him over to RB as a sophomore. McCray and Payton were both freshmen. Other than that we had Sears, who was really more of a fullback.

    I don’t believe it was in Hep’s big plan to leave Thigpen there. I am pretty sure Thigpen was only to play RB for 1 season so Hep could get McCray and Payton up to speed.

    No matter who moved him there, it has been and remained obvious that Thigpen was more dangerous in front of the line, not behind it.

    He should have been moved back to the slot.

  8. Here at IU we like our 4.7 40 QB’s to be playing the slot. Not the 4.39 guys. Duh!

  9. Please correct me Mike, what did Kellen run? Oh wait, it doesn’t matter anymore because he is sitting on his couch now…

  10. Jaun,

    It was somewhere in that neighborhood. My comment was a shot at calling Kellen a QB. He might have played the position, but I don’t really consider him a QB.

    You’re right though, it doesn’t matter now. LOL

  11. Ha! True. Funny how he holds so many records at IU.. This is gonna be a long season. However, I don’t really think Kellen would have contributed much from the slot. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect this fall…

  12. Juan,

    It is amazing what you can do when you have a James Hardy to throw to. Looking back on his redshirt year and the bowl season, I admit I was drinking the kool-aid.

    I did question how he would do prior to last season without Hardy, and that was before the suspension.

    What happened was what I thought. Without a legitimate big play receiver, and some more than questionable play calling, Lewis regressed to an average QB at best.

    This season is going to be long and hard. I feel we are better set with the QB spot, and are deeper at receiver than ever before. The line and running game HAS to step up this year.

    I’m really not sure on the defense at the moment. Lot of time left till August.

  13. I feel more comfortable knowing we have at least avoided a QB carosel. For the time being anyway.
    I guess all we can do is sit back and say,

    Go Hoosiers!!!

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