VIDEO: Matt Carlino in Bloomington

Matt Carlino, a 2011 Indiana verbal commitment, was in Bloomington on Saturday to practice with Indiana Elite One.

He’ll be playing this summer with other Indiana recruits like Bloomington South’s Spencer Turner, Washington’s Cody Zeller, Arden Christ School’s (Asheville, N.C.) Marshall Plumlee and the Princeton trio of the Chavis brothes (Rontray and Dontray) and Jalen Packer.


  1. Wow he is not good. He is a soph going on junior next year! I’m gonna raise my name!

  2. Sorry, but to me he looks like the average Indiana high school basketball player, nothing special, (based on what I saw on this video). Is there a relationship between Crean and Carlino’s parents? What are his ties to IU? or does Carlino have incriminating photos somewhere on the BB Coaching staff because right now I don’t get it.

    Also, I agree with afuss… The AAU should be banned. I think they do more harm than good and I think you’d see fewer transfers without the AAU hanger-ons constantly in theses kids’ ears.

  3. There are shady people in business, so let’s ban business. There are shady people in religion, so let’s ban religion. There are shady people in badmitten, so let’s ban that too. Get where I’m coming from?

    I think this little clip isn’t sufficient evidence of anything, other than our unending desire to pass judgments based on the slimmest of information.

  4. Matt Carlino has been out for most of the past month after surgery on his nose. Keep that in mind. As we continue to follow Carlino this summer, I am sure there will be videos that do show why he was recruited so early by Indiana.

  5. Haha. I like how people can make an assessment on Carlino based on the 2min video in which he didn’t even take a shot. Why aren’t you guys NBA scouts?

  6. Let’s remember he’ll be 17 next month. And surgery isn’t the only reason he’s been out! HIs team lost and are done. A lot of hype on this kid-hope he can live up to it!

  7. What a bunch of clowns you guys are. He led his team to the state title game in Arizona, in the highest level that state has. He also averaged something like 20 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast, 4 stls, and all of this as a sophomore. I’m not even sure why some of you morons come on here if you never have anything positive to stay.

  8. Easy, they are either Knight fans who do not like IU or they are fans of one of the other schools.

    There is nothing you can take from this video one way or the other.

  9. I just wasted 2 minutes of my life watching this video. It doesn’t show anything and isn’t worth posting HT. And anyone who attempts to make some assessment from it is a clown. His stats speak for himself, and hopefully we can attract some of his teammates from Indiana Elite One to come with him.

  10. I think it’s the HT’s fault for even posting this video that shows absolutely NOTHING from this kid, but I KNOW he is nasty.

  11. This kid is good, ya knuckleheads. A grainy 2 min video of him bringing the ball up the court and the rest being other players………is not something one can use as a viable reason to judge his skills. Goodness.

  12. If the HT doesn’t post, they are worthless. If they post they are worthless. Ernie Pyle must be smiling!

  13. I did some checking on my own and I am apologizing for my earlier comment. I did not mean to demean the kid, but based on this 2 min. video what is there to see? I have learned that this kid is tough minded, hard-nosed and has an attitude when he plays…. I like that. Sounds like a Chris Kramer up at PU. If that is the case I am happy that IU got this kid now.

  14. As per my comment, I was not putting the kid down. I was merely saying that the video didn’t really show much of anything. I’m sure he’s very good, this video just doesn’t do him much justice.

  15. Put a dunk on this video and everyone would go crazy over this young man. Give Crean some credit, I think he knows what he is doing.

  16. There is nothing you can realistically tell about any player from any video clip,unless your the one that actually filmed it.There is a hole lot more to a player than an edited image.You could have even made Pat Knight look good with a little editing and special effects.Don’t get me wrong I love the video,because of the influence that I have by producing it in a way that I can express what I see in a player myself.You also gain from video is a seance of familiarity and a visual image that allows you to have a personal connection with what you hear and read.
    Your going to learn allot more about a player, and his true potential from great writers like Hugh Kellenberger, Jody Demling or Chris Korman.These guys live this stuff,they have seen enough talented players that they can compare a prep prospect to.They see their attitude, what their truly about, how much true compassion they have about the game.There is a hell of allot of Me players out there that could care less if they win as long as they look good.

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