A couple of recruiting notes

Over at Quick Hits, the home for prep sports coverage in the Bloomington area, I’ve detailed how June 15 (the first day college coaches can directly contact rising juniors) was for Bloomington South’s Spencer Turner and Dee Davis.

Turner, who was at IU’s Elite Camp, said he heard from nine coaches at six different schools, including Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Davis, who has been offered by Purdue and Xavier, could not remember everyone he heard from. But he did name Xavier’s Chris Mack, as well as coaches from Michigan and Ohio State.


  1. This could be a product of my living out of state, but I must be missing something here. Why are these recruits from Bloomington reporting contacts from coaches at multiple Big Ten and Midwest schools, but not IU?? What am I not understanding about that??

  2. Hey Eric,

    For the same reason Knight let all the good South and North players in the 1990s get away (e.g., Chris Miskel to Butler) — they have their heads up their ….

  3. Eric,

    I am pretty sure that Spencer Turner just attended the elite camp at IU.

    As for D. Davis, he was supposed to attend the camp but said he got the dates mixed up. With Carlino already coming to IU in 2011, and Crean hot on the trail for Marcus Teague, I am not sure if IU is really on Davis’ list of hopefuls.

  4. RAM, I’m not sure that letting one player go to Butler constitutes head-up-### syndrome as you imply, and I’d further assert that signing Jordan Hulls indicates a level of interest in area recruits by the current coaching staff.

    Mike P, I read that Turner was at IU’s camp, so I guess that counts as a contact. It just seemed to see all of those Big Ten schools plus Xavier mentioned and not IU.

  5. Probably because it still isn’t for sure that Turner is Big Ten caliber and because Davis is point guard…a position that we already have Hulls and Carlino, leading in the chase for Irving and down to the final two for Teague. I’m sure if Irving and Teague choose to go elsewhere this fall, then Davis will become a priority.

    And just because they are from Bloomington doesn’t mean IU should just automatically go after them. If they don’t fit the style we are trying to play or don’t appear to be talented enough, then we shouldn’t just go after them for the he!! of it. That being said it IS a tad surprising that we didn’t even call them…unless there is a limit to the number of recruits you can call in one day.

  6. Mike P,

    I think Davis is on IU’s radar, but as a backup to Teague and Irving.

  7. I didn’t say Davis was not on IU’s list, I said IU was not high on Davis’ list. I also don’t think he is a priority for IU. Like you said, he is a back up to Teague & Irving.

  8. While talking about South, who do you think will be their starting five next year?

  9. Dee Davis (PG), Matt Carlino (SG), Spencer Turner (SG), Erik Fromm (PF/C) & T.J. Bell (SF).

  10. The bench will be good, they have a few kids (Forney, Whitlatch(sp?)) among others who could start on a lot of high school varsity teams.

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